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Chapter 1983: Double-edged Sword (2)

“Miss Ye, rest a.s.sured. Even if the Crimson League sends someone here, it’s possibly because they want to take the Temple of Shadows back in again,” Ling Yan added when he saw Ye Qingtang’s hands ball up into fists.

That’s right. The Crimson League might allow the Temple of Shadows to rejoin after confirming the news. However…

That was under the premise that they found out the Ancient You Clan was really going to threaten the Crimson League.

Ye Qingtang felt a headache coming on.

She wanted to just push him onto the ground and beat him up, but she still had some use for his brain.

As quickly as the thought entered her mind, Ye Qingtang left Ling Yan’s room in case she really lost control over herself and beat him up.

Little Azure Dragon only came out after Ye Qingtang left.

“You’ll eventually be beaten up to death one day,” said Little Azure Dragon.

Ling Yan raised his brows, smiling without saying a word.

Ye Qingtang wasn’t certain about when the Crimson League would act. Before anything happened, she secretly contacted You Qiong.

You Qiong had acted according to Ye Qingtang’s plans and returned to the Ancient You Clan, recovering his status as an elder. As for how he managed to do that, he hadn’t offered any explanation to Ye Qingtang yet.

The Great Elder of the Ancient You Clan still was capable.

You Qiong brought some news over from the Ancient You Clan. Since then, the Ancient You Clan had gone even more overboard. They went after the major forces in the Central Mainland and the forces were either ma.s.sacred, if not, they would have to back down to the Ancient You Clan. The Ancient You Clan’s sphere of influence increased consequently.

They were about to become an enormous influence, the first in the Central Mainland.

Ye Qingtang secretly watched the Ancient You Clan’s every move and on the other hand, she instructed Xue Fu to send Jiang Shaobai back to the Jiang family so that they could take care of him.

As time pa.s.sed, the Central Mainland’s demographics also completely transformed. Even more ancient clans suffered and the only few existing ones who hadn’t sought help from the Temple of Shadows had hidden somewhere unknown.

Almost the entire Central Mainland was under the Ancient You Clan’s control.

The ancient clans within the Temple of Shadows were worried. They weren’t foolish. They could somehow sense that the Temple of Shadows and themselves would eventually be the final target of the Ancient You Clan.

However, Ye Qingtang didn’t seem to have planned anything yet. They couldn’t help but feel worried.

One month pa.s.sed and the knife that was balancing on top of everyone’s head was going to fall at any time.

Ming Di had already suggested a couple of times to leave the temple and combat the Ancient You Clan, but his suggestion had been rejected by Ye Qingtang over and over again.

Finally You Qiong had some news. The Ancient You Clan had sent someone to watch the Temple of Shadows’ every move. Ye Qingtang certainly couldn’t allow Ming Di to just do anything he wanted.

“Holy Lord, this is the list of ancient clans that have been ma.s.sacred by the Ancient You Clan, please look through it.” Lady Ghost handed the file to Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang looked through it and couldn’t help but frown. The Ancient You Clan was advancing at an even more manic rate.

Just as Ye Qingtang was about to say something, a piercing sound rang in her ears.

“What just happened?” Ye Qingtang asked with furrowed brows.

“Holy Lord, please hold on. I’ll go and have a look.” Lady Ghost immediately went out. Could it be that the Ancient You Clan was here for the Temple of Shadows already?

Lady Ghost quickly walked towards the hall to check. The piercing sound had alarmed everyone in the Temple of Shadows, even those from the ancient clans also came out. They were all shocked as they looked at the sky.


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