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Chapter 1999: Sowing Discord (3)

“I can’t wait for the Ancient You Clan to finish themselves off. Even if the Crimson League doesn’t want to make a move, they won’t be able to forgive the Ancient You Clan for stealing what’s theirs and fooling them.”

Just the thought alone made Qingtang feel a sense of joy bursting out from inside her. She could vaguely understand the satisfaction that Ling Yan got from playing everyone around him like chess pieces now.

“You’ve worked hard.”

She looked at him. Even she felt tired from looking at the complicated process of creating the fake Netherworld Ring.

A smile crossed his lips as he said, “Anything for you, Miss Ye.”

Ye Qingtang was speechless.

Why was he talking like this?

“Miss Ye, I’m feeling a little tired. Could you let me rest a little while?” he suddenly asked.

She nodded and went to open the door for him to go back to his room. Only to see him lie back on her bed and fall asleep.

“…” Ye Qingtang.

What the…

What she meant was for him to go back to his room to take a rest!

But she couldn’t bear to wake him after seeing him sleep so deeply, so she went to sleep on the soft couch hugging the little white tiger.

The news of the ‘male pet’ Ling Yan spending a night in the Holy Lord’s room quickly spread across the Temple of Shadows.

Meanwhile, within the Ancient You Clan, Elder Mo was elated to have gotten so many Dharma treasures and was sending the Netherworld Ring to the Clan Leader as quickly as was humanly possible.

Just as he was about to leave, Xue Fu arrived in a hurry at the valley the Ancient You Clan was located. Noticing Xue Fu, the guard quickly informed the warden.

As soon as the warden heard the news, he brought people outside the valley to greet Xue Fu, who had recently been beaten by them. The warden’s anger was about to explode.

“Aren’t you the Guardian from the Temple of Shadows, Xue Fu? What are you doing in the Ancient You Clan’s territory? Did you come seeking death again?” the warden spat out savagely.

Xue Fu looked coldly at the warden. “I’m here today to tell you one thing.”

“Hm? And what is that?” the warden c.o.c.ked his ear to listen.

“You stole the Dharma treasures I was delivering the other day.”

“That’s right, we took them.” An arrogant sneer was on the warden’s face.

“Those belong to the Crimson League. My master was instructing me to deliver them that day,” Xue Fu said.

The warden seemed to not be listening clearly and said, “I don’t care who you’re delivering it to. It belongs to the Ancient You Clan now…”

He was still feeling arrogant when he realized that something was amiss.

“Who did you say these belonged to?” the warden’s expression changed quickly as he asked.

“The Crimson League,” Xue Fu said coldly.

The warden’s face turned ashen.

“You’re referring to the Crimson League from the Second Domain? That Crimson League?”

“That’s right.” Xue Fu nodded and continued without waiting for the warden to speak, “Let’s not talk about the animosity between the Temple of Shadows and the Crimson League. The Netherworld Ring and other Dharma treasures were meant for the Crimson League. In three days, I will be returning with people from the Crimson League to retrieve them. What you decide on is up to you.”

With that, Xue Fu turned and left. He believed that the Ancient You Clan wasn’t dumb enough to offend the powers of the Second Domain.

The warden’s face was as dark as the underside of a burnt pot when Xue Fu left.

The Netherworld Ring belonged to the Crimson League? How could this be?


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