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Chapter 2201: Accusations (1)

Yun Chen’s words made them nod.


Don’t joke around!

They were on the verge of offering themselves to him.

Just thinking about how lowly they were in the Netherworld Academy before and how Ye Qing had tried the best for every single one of them was enough to move them thoroughly.


Their dedicated teacher was not only well-versed in martial arts but was also an extremely capable alchemist.

Where else could they find someone like this!

The teenagers who had been ready to give up and finally been offered a ray of light. The same teacher who had suddenly appeared in front of them was like a lamp, illuminating their dark future.

Ye Qingtang had no idea about all the thoughts that were running through Lei Yan and her other student’s minds. She had wasted a few days making the elixirs and was hard at work cultivating herself.

She had planned to shut herself in for a few days before returning to the cla.s.sroom but some people weren’t allowing her to do so.

Early next morning, she was called to the Vice-President’s room.

The kind-looking vice-president was seated behind his table. There were a few teachers in the room apart from him.

In addition to Teacher Luo who had brought Ye Qingtang to the Netherworld Academy, Teacher Di Nuo from the martial arts faculty as well as another person wearing the clothes of the medicine faculty.

As soon as Ye Qingtang saw their postures, she knew that nothing good would come out of this.

“Vice-President.” Ye Qingtang remained calm and greeted the Vice-President politely.

The Vice-President looked at the slim young youth in front of him. Frowning, he sighed with a helpless expression and said, “Teacher Ye, this is Teacher Di Nuo from the martial arts faculty, whom you’ve met before. This is Teacher Luo from the medicine faculty.”

She nodded slightly to these two people but they stared at her frostily.

“I called you here today as these two teachers told me that you were fooling around in their faculties. Do you have anything to say about that?” the Vice-President said slowly.

“Fooling around? I’m not sure why they would say that,” she said.

Teacher Di Nuo’s eyes narrowed and he said, “Teacher Ye, what a good memory you have. Have you already forgotten how you urged your students to use violence in my faculty?”

Ye Qingtang looked at him lightly. She hadn’t expected him to tattle to the Vice-President about what happened a few days ago.

“Teacher Di Nuo, let me remind you that what happened was in the martial arts arena. Even though I’ve just entered the academy, I know that the martial arts arena is where the students can exchange blows with each other. Is this not the case?”

“Exchange blows with each other? Even if that was the case, there’s a limit. What did you teach Jing Ze to the point that it damaged Zhang Qiqiu’s bloodline!” Teacher Di Nuo said coldly.

Ye Qingtang was taken aback.

Zhang Qiqiu’s bloodline had been damaged?

No wonder he was making a fuss now.

There were no problems with students exchanging blows with each other, but Jing Ze’s blow in the arena was wrong.

It was no small matter if he had damaged someone’s bloodline.

Bloodlines were extremely important. Once they were damaged, it was difficult to recuperate even with modern medical skills.


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