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Chapter 2251: Legacy Place (1)

The infant was only a hallucination. This Matrix Path would dig into one’s deepest fears…

Upon this G.o.dforsaken path, each and every person saw different remnants of their horror-sp.a.w.ned imaginations.

The scene before their eyes seemed to transform. Some of the weaker pract.i.tioners experienced more vivid hallucinations. So much so that they could barely tell where they were now.

Laughter, sobs, wails sounded out.

To prevent themselves from making any noise triggered by the sudden surge of emotions, the demon child and the rest shut their eyes.

Anyone who uttered even a single sound all died.

The sounds of stone grinding echoed continuously in the ears of the crowd, sending those who disturbed the evil demons straight to h.e.l.l.

The smell of blood permeated the air, becoming increasingly intense. Everyone felt like they were submerged in a ma.s.sive pool of blood. The scent of blood was the only thing they could smell in the air.

Ye Qingtang listened impa.s.sively to the sounds behind her. She had seen that Mu Ziying was unconscious and should not be affected by the Matrix Path. So she should be safe.

The Matrix Path was long and they traveled for quite a while.

Ye Qingtang finally spoke.

“We have pa.s.sed the Matrix Path.”

The demon child finally opened his eyes. He turned and saw strange blue flames floating upon the dark, gloomy Matrix Path.

“Those who die in the tomb will become a part of it,” Ye Qingtang said.

The souls of those who died in the fiendcelestial’s tomb would become part of the tomb forever, unable to leave. Nearly 10,000 people had stepped onto the Matrix Path, but only about 6,000 were left now.

And this was already after Ye Qingtang had given them a warning.

They knew they were not supposed to make any noise but the moment those hallucinations appeared, those who were not mentally strong enough ended up dying.

“Mighty one, thank you for your warning.” Elder Feng was already drenched in cold sweat. His suspicion toward Ye Qingtang had now reduced by half.

The Matrix Path was irrefutably treacherous. If Ye Qingtang had not warned them not to make any noise, they would not know of the secret behind it. The moment they stepped onto it, Ye Qingtang could have found a way to have them all annihilated.

But she didn’t do so. It was clear that she didn’t bear them any ill will.

At this thought, the crowd’s belief in Ye Qingtang’s words about the inheritance of the fiendcelestial’s will increase.

Another notion also arose in their minds. If they could inherit the fiendcelestial’s will, what else would they need to be afraid of?

By then, none of the other factions, or even the Temple of Paragon, would be able to do anything to them. They would fear no one.

Ye Qingtang noticed the reactions of the remaining crowd. She knew that her earlier actions had gained some of their trust and she heaved a secret sigh of relief.


Ye Qingtang had no intention of really leading them into the deepest regions of the tomb. She just wanted to have the crowd let down their guard so that she had a chance to save Mu Ziying.

“Mighty one, we have to depend on you for what follows next.” The people spoke in a much more respectful tone now.

Ye Qingtang did not reply immediately.

Depend on her?

Ye Qingtang had never entered the fiendcelestial’s tomb before. She just happened to have heard the details about the Matrix Path from someone in her previous life. From here on, Ye Qingtang wasn’t 100% confident of moving safely within the tomb.

Who knew if those rumors in her previous life would pan out as expected?


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