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Chapter 2359: Get Lost (3)

Seeing that Di Nuo wasn’t really saying anything, Lei Yan and the others also remained silent.

Di Nuo looked at Lei Yan and his gang. “Ye Qing wants me to fulfill the bet?”

Lei Yan gaped, suddenly at a loss for words.

Ye Qing had completely disregarded the bet. And so, Lei Yan and the rest also didn’t take it to heart. Just now, it was only because of Meng Yao’s provocation that he had blurted those words out.

It was par for course to expect a person to fulfil his promise. But to say this in front of everything, it would just make them appear overbearing.

Lei Yan felt rather distressed.

Di Nuo was the one who wished to go back on his word, but now, he was making it look like they were bullying him!

With arms crossed behind his back, Di Nuo stared at Lei Yan and the others with a cold expression.

“Ye Qing was the one who initiated this bet. If he wants me to fulfil it, he must come and ask me himself.”

Lei Yan and the others looked very conflicted. They wanted to do so, but the surrounding crowd was already staring at them like they were ruthless tyrants.

“I say, enough is enough, right? This bet has always been just all talk and no proof. Moreover, Ye Qing had clearly concealed his true powers, before purposely dealing such a grievous blow to Teacher Di Nuo. Now he wants to rub salt into his wound? That’s too much.”

“He is so formidable now. High cultivation level and an expert at alchemy, let alone he is also in the President’s good books. Of course he would disregard us commoners.”

Many students sounded rather envious. They also hoped to have a powerful teacher but it was clear that Ye Qing didn’t intend to teach students other than Lei Yan and his group.

In a matter of moments, Lei Yan and the rest were confused by the malicious comments. But Di Nuo was using his status as a teacher to suppress them. Even if they wished to argue, it would make them look unreasonable and heartless.

No matter what they said, they would be at fault.

Meng Yao was thrilled at the sight of the distressed expressions on Lei Yan and his group.

Just as the crowd was discussing and blaming Lei Yan and his gang, a cold voice rang out.

“So I will tell you now, Teacher Di Nuo. Are you going to carry it out?”

Lei Yan and the others immediately turned at the voice.

As expected, it was Ye Qing.


Lei Yan and his group lit up with joy and they burst toward Ye Qing. In contrast, when he saw Ye Qing, a frown appeared on Di Nuo’s face.

Ye Qingtang was just pa.s.sing by the training arena and wanted to see if her brats were sneaking a break. Only to end up witnessing this scene. She had no interest in seeking out Di Nuo to settle their score. But now, he was putting up an act?

Ye Qing shot Lei Yan and the group a “keep calm” expression before turning toward Di Nuo.

“Teacher Di Nuo’s word have always been his bond. So please crawl out of the Netherworld Academy in accordance with the terms of our bet.”

He wanted to bully her brats?

He had to have the ability first!

Di Nuo’s face darkened at Ye Qing’s words. Whispers spread across the crowd.

Wasn’t Ye Qing being too overbearing?

It was better to live and let live.

“Ye Qing, don’t push things too far!” Meng Yao stepped out angrily.

Ye Qingtang’s face turned cold as she glanced at Meng Yao.

“Yes, I want to push things that far today. What can you do?”

Ye Qing finally understood something. Originally she had wanted to be merciful to Di Nuo so as to ensure a smooth future for Lei Yan and the rest in the Netherworld Academy after she left. But as long as Di Nuo was around, he would find all sorts of ways to make things difficult for her students after she was no longer around.


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