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Chapter 261: Blood Moon Sect Elder (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Everyone was surprised by the disciple’s sudden attack!


The moment the disciple lunged towards the Blood Moon Sect Elder with the sword, the expression in its eyes changed. It lifted a hand and smashed the sword that was nearing its chest. His face was filled with horror. Before he could react, the Blood Moon Sect Elder’s dry lips contorted into a grotesque smile, and a red glint flashed across its eyes.

It suddenly struck out a hand, which appeared like a casual movement, but it directly hit the disciple’s chest!

When its palm landed, a tremendously violent force penetrated into the disciple’s chest immediately.

In that instant…

That disciple’s body was torn into pieces with just a slap from Blood Moon Sect Elder, as though he was being ripped apart by a gust of fierce wind, before everyone’s eyes

Hot blood mixed with pieces of flesh spattered onto the disciples, and that warm touch caused everyone’s hearts to tighten!

Fresh blood gushed out everywhere, and some of it spattered on the Blood Moon Sect Elder as well. The warm blood trickled down its chapped flesh and seeped into its skin.

A heinous laugh escaped the Blood Moon Sect Elder’s mouth as it glanced across the group of disciples before him with a devilish red glint in his eyes.

“Biting off more than you can chew! I will give you all a last chance. Do you choose to submit to the Blood Moon Sect or… turn into ashes like him!”

The deep voice rang in everyone’s ears and struck an extreme fear in everyone’s hearts as if it contained a demonic force. Everyone felt as though they were struck by lightning, and a weighty boulder crushed their minds. Immense fear filled them.

With a loud boom, the Xuanling Sect suddenly fell on their knees after hearing the demonic voice!

Big beads of sweat trickled down their foreheads continuously, wetting the mud around their knees.

It was also at this instant when Ye Qingtang felt her body vibrate violently when the Blood Moon Sect Elder’s voice entered her ears. An unusual feeling seemed to be eroding her willpower. She clenched her fists tightly and made a cut in her palm with her nails, using pain to forcefully dispel the bewitching voice away.

This Blood Moon Sect Elder’s voice had the power of bewitching minds!

Ye Qingtang clenched her teeth as she watched her senior brothers kneeling on the ground with an extremely terrified expression on their faces. Then, she quietly consumed a few bottles of elixirs which could conceal her breathing and swiftly dodged into a narrow alley while the Blood Moon Sect Elder’s attention was focused on the people who were kneeling down.

In the next second, the group whose hearts were devoured by immense despair knelt before the Blood Moon Sect Elder. They lowered their heads in fear, and their voices trembled.

“We are… willing… to submit… to the Blood Moon Sect…”

A devilish red glint flickered in the Blood Moon Sect Elder’s scarlet eyes. He lifted a hand slightly, and two zombies that had lost all consciousness walked out from a small cottage nearby. Those two zombies directly brought the disciples, who were suffering a mental breakdown, into a deep corner in Deer City.

The Blood Moon Sect Elder glanced over at the pale disciples, and suddenly… his eyes sharpened.

There was one missing…

The Blood Moon Sect Elder swept his eyes across the deserted streets.

In the dark alley, Ye Qingtang stuck close to the wall and concentrated on holding her breath, praying that those bottles of elixirs could allow her to escape this calamity.

The Blood Moon Sect’s scarlet eyes landed on the small alley that Ye Qingtang was hiding in, but ultimately, he did not sense any breathing.

A fish would not be able to slip through the net; no one would be able to escape this sealed Deer City!


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