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Chapter 380: One Master and Two Disciples (1)

From a far distance, Qiu Xingfeng could tell that his disciple was the one bullying the other and she ended up tattletaling first. He was a bit helpless, but after flying down, he pushed Long Hanyan behind him. He apologized to Gong Yimo.

“This young master, I am very sorry. My disciple doesn’t understand his manners and disturbed you.”

Qiu Xingfeng saluted very politely, but Long Hanyan wasn’t willing to accept this!

“Why are you apologizing to him? He had taken advantage of a young woman in public and even accused her of being a thief. He is clearly a shameless man!”

When Qiu Xingfeng heard this, he looked at Gong Yimo in confusion. “Is that really the case?”

Was there really a hidden story that he didn’t know?

Yet, Gong Yimo was stunned the moment Qiu Xingfeng had appeared! She had seen him again! Within such a short period of time too!

Seeing that Gong Yimo didn’t retort, Long Hanyan said maliciously, “Of course this is the case! The only reason why I whipped him is because he was being frivolous with me! He touched my hand!”

Once Qiu Xingfeng heard this, the innocent him didn’t understand the truth at all. Yet, he still looked at Gong Yimo and asked again, “You really bullied my disciple?”

Gong Yimo looked at him with complication and pointed at Long Hanyan, saying, “She’s your disciple?”

Qiu Xingfeng raised his head pridefully and said, “That’s right! She’s the disciple that I raised as a child! The most important person to me!”

Gong Yimo felt as if she had been hit. She originally had prepared for this, but when she actually saw the scene, she still felt bad.

Long Hanyan was actually Qiu Xingfeng’s disciple and the most important person to him. She, however, was just a stranger to him.

Yet, Gong Yimo was strong and this pain only took over for a second before she adjusted herself, saying in a low voice, “What your disciple is saying is incorrect. I didn’t take advantage of her and the woman who just escaped was really a thief too.”

“Liar! Not only are you shameless, but you’re full of lies! I’ll beat you to death today!”

When Long Hanyan saw that she had a backer, she picked up her whip and wanted to hit Gong Yimo again. However, she was stopped by Qiu Xingfeng and the latter was in a difficult situation. He glanced at Gong Yimo and then at Long Hanyan, wondering why this person was saying something different from his disciple.

When Long Xingfeng was blocked, she glared angrily at Gong Yimo. She didn’t know why but she really disliked the person! She wanted Gong Yimo to disappear!

Therefore, she harshly pinched herself and squeezed some tears, saying miserably, “Master, you don’t believe me?! Do you think that your disciple is someone who can’t distinguish between right and wrong?”

Qiu Xingfeng was still thinking about “right and wrong” when the cries got louder. “A few days ago, someone wanted to come and kill me. However, master, you didn’t even get revenge for me. Now that someone is bullying me, the master doesn’t believe me either! What kind of master are you? I don’t want you to be my master anymore.”

The moment she cried, Qiu Xingfeng was scared! Since they were young, Long Hanyan was his playmate. Why doesn’t she want him now? Only because of the person in front of him?

Now that he thought of this, he was also a bit resentful towards Gong Yimo and he hurriedly said, “Yan’er, don’t cry. I’ll get revenge for you right now!”

As she said this, he charged at Gong Yimo!

He used qinggong and grabbed Gong Yimo, but the latter flew back. Watching as Qiu Xingfeng slowly inched forward, she seemed to have recalled the past when they were sparring with one another on the tip of the mountain…

At that time, she was tired of everything. She was tired of the same routine every day and wanted to leave the mountains. Yet, Qiu Xingfeng stared at her with the pure eyes cleaner than snow, softly begging, “Can you not go? You’re the closest person I have. After you leave, what should I do?”

But at that time, Gong Yimo didn’t listen and wanted to explore the world wholeheartedly.

“Why don’t I go with you?”

He said this after he seemingly made a decision, but how did she reply back then?


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