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Ch.498 Good Faith (1)

Longcheng Wuji didn’t have the energy to even glare at her. He secretly swore in his heart that everything he endured right now would be returned to Gong Yimo, one day! Double fold!

Gong Yimo didn’t even need to guess to know what he was thinking about. But she didn’t mind. This was because she knew that after today, Longcheng Wuji would never get the upper hand from her.

She looked down and then grabbed a thin chain out from between his hair. He had quite the thought. He actually hid that thing in his slightly curly long hair. When he normally pulled his hair up into a bun, he’d hide it in between too.

Realizing what she was thinking, Longcheng Wuji suddenly widened his eyes which were full of fury!

“Presumptuous! Stop!”

No matter how fierce and sinister his expression was, Gong Yimo didn’t slow down.

Louye was a really magical nation. Their nation had its own special tradition that no other nation had. For example, higher ups within the nation had their own name tags.

They were born with the name tags and they represented their statuses and ident.i.ty, everything. Most importantly, the name tags couldn’t be copied.

There was a really magical lake in Louye and the water there was known as the holy water! Whenever a n.o.ble was born and wanted to forge a name tag, they’d to go to the guardian deity of the Holy Water Lake, an old man.

That old man would go and make a name tag with a strand of hair from the newborn. The name tags that he created would be placed in the water and it’d glow faintly. A strand of the newborn’s hair would be fused within the name tag so naturally it couldn’t be reproduced. At least, the people of Louye believed firmly in this. They would then protect the name tag as if they were protecting their lives!

Gong Yimo was actually trying to steal his name tag?! She was basically trampling over his dignity as a king! He refused to let this happen!

Therefore, after this huge shock, Longcheng Wuji actually struggled free from the rope! He suddenly pounced at Gong Yimo!

Gong Yimo couldn’t duck in time and because she was clutching his name tag tightly in her hands, she fell on the ground due to the pounce!

The moment she fell on the ground, she tugged the chain off and sent the name tag to her s.p.a.ce.

Therefore, once King Louye snapped out of his trance, he was shocked upon unable to find his name tag wherever. His eyes became deep and dark, staring cold and angrily at Gong Yimo!

“Give it back!”

His n.o.ble temperament exploded. The way he looked at her seemed as if he was going to rip her into pieces. Gong Yimo froze for a moment!

This was King Louye! Normally, she wouldn’t get this chance. But one mistake led her to her downfall. But she still had the upper hand here!

She rolled over by force and pushed Longcheng Wuji a few steps back!

“Don’t think about getting your thing back once it’s in my hands!”

“Gong Yimo!”

Longcheng Wuji stood up. His originally blueish purple eyes were now displaying a strange deep black color. Under his tall nose bridge, he pursed his thin lips tightly. He stared at Gong Yimo as if an eagle in the sky whose gaze was trained on his prey, fighting to one’s last grasp!

He knew that he wasn’t her match but he still fought!

He could tolerate anything being stolen but definitely not the name tag!


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