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Chapter 91: The Beauty’s Melody (2)

Gong Yi Mo quickly rushed over to get a good view; she saw four maidens who were dressed in red silk. Their movements were like fish in water, full of grace, and each of them had voluptuous figures. As their dance was accompanied with the lively tune from the pipa, their red silk fluttered in the air, catching everyone’s attention. But each one of the audience wondered, ‘which one of them is Jing Yun?’

Gong Yi Mo touched her chin thoughtfully when suddenly, the old maidservant on stage and said with a smile, “If the young master could please come down. The beauty says she hopes that you can escort her on to the stage.”

The old lady’s words caused the audience below the platform to exclaim in surprise once again. If not one of those beautiful women on stage were the real Jing Yun, then how stunning could the actual Jing Yun possibly be?

Gong Yi Mo smiled with interest. She suddenly stepped on the fence in front of her and jumped into the air. The crowd gasped as they saw her leap across the air before she landed on the platform, right in front of the four dancers. The performers fled away in fear, leaving only this young master on stage.

It turned out that this young master was an expert in martial arts!

The onlookers cheered enthusiastically at her acrobatics. Gong Yi Mo waved her hand, causing the crowd to hush in silence. She looked down on them with a charming smile, then unfurled a fan that she had s.n.a.t.c.hed from Li Ke’s table; her graceful movements added a touch of pa.s.sion and arrogance!

“Beauty Jing Yun, this little Sheng is coming for you, are you ready?” She said with a sinister smile. But rather than a wicked smile, her red lips and white teeth made her grin appear lovable.

After speaking, she stepped forward to the center of the stage, bowed slightly, then extended her hand with a gentleman’s gesture.

The audience looked at the scene with bated breath; they couldn’t wait to see what the Kingdom’s number one beauty looked like.

The sound of the pipa gradually faded into stillness, leaving only the gentle strumming of a zither in the background. At this time, a woman’s delicate laughter floated in the air. Even without seeing her yet, the woman’s voice was already such a wonderful sound, similar to the tinkling sound of pearls and jade being poured onto a plate; it was enough stir the hearts of its listeners.

“It is an honor to be flattered by all of you…”

With just a few, simple words, the speaker had fascinated her audience to their very core. Gong Yi Mo blinked in surprise; just what kind of charm has this person used on her audience?

But soon, she didn’t have the time to ponder deeper, because the back of her hand was enveloped with a soft sensation.

The room was in complete silence. It was just a single hand, white and thin; the knuckles were slender and well-proportioned. It was a common saying that hands were the second face of a woman. The crowd wondered how perfect her face must be.

“Haha, I will have to trouble this young master…”

Gong Yi Mo had been in a trance. After hearing her voice, she snapped back to reality and replied, “No trouble, no trouble at all. So maiden, if I may!”

As she lifted her white hands to lift the veil, a tall woman emerged calmly. Although it was just a simple gesture, her grace and elegance were undeniable. When she bowed her head and saw that everyone was quiet, the maiden looked up shyly and smiled once again.

“This maiden is surprised, all of you are so polite…”

The crowd broke out in cheers, enough to topple the whole brothel.

Even Gong Yi Mo was a little shocked. She had seen so many beauties, but few of them were as exquisite as this. To be honest, only the future refined Regent could rival this attractiveness.

When a person was beautiful to a certain extent, such an appearance could no longer be described by pen or ink. This type of beauty was no longer just skin-deep; it was a kind of charm that delved deep into the bones. This girl was alluring to the core. Her every motion was enough to leave everyone in a trance.

As Gong Yi Mo was absorbed by the woman’s seductive gaze, a small red birthmark with petals fell into her sight. Gong Yi Mo suddenly had a vague feeling of familiarity, causing to ponder even more.

The kingdom’s number one beauty was indeed well-known. The strange thing was, if she was so beautiful, why was it that Gong Yi Mo never heard of her in her last life?

Regardless of the dazed audience beneath the stage, Jing Yun looked at Gong Yi Mo curiously and said with a smile, “This maiden is new around this place, and doesn’t know what to perform. I hope that the young boy can help me a little bit for a performance later.”

The alluring maiden’s smile was enough to overturn a nation. The crowd couldn’t help but hold their breaths while others shot jealous glares at Gong Yi Mo. Even Xu Yuan from the second floor was looking down with a foolish expression.

“I knew it, we shouldn’t have brought the princess along with us; if she wasn’t here, I would be considered the youngest!”


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