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Chapter 166: Father Fang In Coma

Fang Manxue deliberated over this for a while. “What did Bai Qinghao mean by that? Is three hundred thousand dollars too small of a sum for him? Or did Fang Xinxin complain to him about this beforehand?”

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it to be the latter.

The store manager and Employee w.a.n.g stood by their store entrances. They had stretched their necks out to eavesdrop on their conversation. They wanted to know if Mr. Long’s three hundred thousand dollars would be returned two-fold or not.

They did not manage to hear much, but they clearly caught him saying that the three hundred thousand dollars was gone.

“What are you looking at?” Fang Manxue glared at them fiercely. “Watch out or I’ll dig your eyes out!”

The store manager was no longer afraid of Fang Manxue. “Tsk tsk. Second Lady Fang, it looks like CEO Bai won’t reimburse your three hundred thousand dollars. My boss told me that the Fang family are vermins, and that you’ve sucked more than ten billion dollars from the Sheng s.h.i.+ Group already. The rumour is that CEO Bai has not only halted the financial support to the Fang Group but is actually asking the Fang Group to return the owed money. Who knows…”

She mocked Fang Manxue openly. “CEO Bai might abandon you soon!”

“You dare to offend me!” Fang Manxue gritted her teeth. She had been enraged too many times already today. “Aren’t you afraid that Bai Qinghao will punish you?”

The store manager considered her words. After all, the marriage contract between the Bai and Fang family had yet to be dissolved. Out of fear of the Bai Family, she hastily said, “My apologies. I spoke wrongly earlier. I seek your understanding for this!”

“Hmph!” Fang Manxue stomped her feet. She had lost more than enough face here. She turned to walk in the direction that Fang Xinxin had gone in.

Even after scouting the entire place, she realised that the dumb wench was nowhere in her sight.

Fang Manxue brought out her phone to give Fang Xinxin a call. “Third sister, where are you?”

“I went to the hospital to visit Dad.”

“Then, let’s go home separately.” Fang Manxue ended the call.

Long Shuhai noticed her gloomy expression and asked her carefully. “You… do you want to go visit Long Yifan?”

“That person is a useless vegetable now. What’s there to look at? I’m not going.”

Long Shuhai noticed her impatient expression and heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like there weren’t many feelings between Manxue and Long Yifan.

In a nondescript hospital in the city centre, Fang Xinxin entered a common ward on the second floor. The moment she entered the room, she inhaled the heavy stench of urine and feces present in the air.

Fang Xinxin could not help but cover her nose instinctively.

When she noticed Long Yifan’s unmoving figure on the bed, her tears gushed out.

“Dad!” She sobbed uncontrollably.

Her father’s upright silhouette had curved in. His closed eyes looked sunk in, and the corner of his eyes had many wrinkles. His originally black hair had turned stark white. Even though he was only forty years old, he seemed like a sixty years old man.

She recalled when her father first went into a vegetative state three years ago. At the time, he still appeared to be robust and young.

Why did he suddenly look so old?

She suddenly realised that it was probably because he was worried for her. Even in his unconscious state, he could not help but fret for her.

She lifted the dirty-looking sheets and noticed the stains on the bed. Her father’s body was covered in yellow urine and feces. The heavy stench filled the room and was bad enough to cause someone healthy also to lose their consciousness.

What was worse was that when she tugged aside her father’s clothes, she noticed that there were patches of rotten flesh on his body. Moreover, there were maggots feeding on his skin. The bed was so dirty that bugs were roaming freely on it!

Fang Xinxin opened her eyes wide in disbelief. She struggled to accept what she was seeing. Her tears dripped down endlessly.

Didn’t her mother say that she had hired the best doctor and the most expensive nurses to treat and care for her father?

Why? Then why did her father become like this?


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