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Chapter 198: Forget About The Contract

“Nevermind, forget about it.” Fang Manxue deliberated over her new scheme. “Bai Qinghao will visit the Fang family often. I will have more than enough opportunities to become his woman.”

Her gaze s.h.i.+fted to the maid, Ji Qing, who was standing at the living room entrance.

Bai Qinghao had sent her to the Fang family to watch them.

But Ji Qing only paid attention to whether the three of them complied with their agreed diet. She didn’t bother about anything else.

Fang Manxue s.h.i.+fted her gaze back to the kitchen. The scent of rice and cooked meat, which was wafting out, was extremely fragrant…

She swallowed her saliva.

She really wanted to spike Fang Xinxin’s food with the weight drug at this moment.

Although Ji Qing was standing by the doorway, if she took a few steps from her position, she would be able to look into the kitchen through the window.

From her observations, this maid that arrived from the Yu Ting Villa had very sharp eyes.

If Fang Manxue was found spiking Fang Xinxin’s food, and the matter was reported to Bai Qinghao, the consequences would be dire.

For the past few days, she had been resisting the urge to feed Fang Xinxin the drug.

Looking at Fang Xinxin earlier, she estimated that the woman had already lost around twenty catties. She was extremely depressed!

Fang Xinxin carried a large plate of fried rice with lean pork to the living room. When she pa.s.sed by the dining table, she noticed that the ten plates of fried food were mostly intact. The three of them had barely touched the food.

They must be nauseated by the sight of these dishes.

Fang Manxue glanced at the simple fried rice platter which Fang Xinxin was holding. She really wanted to have some. “Third sister, that’s such a large plate of food. Why don’t you give me some?”

Normally, she would never eat something so simple. However, right now, she craved it so badly that she couldn’t take her eyes away from it.

In fact, as long as it wasn’t deep fried food, even if it was just a vegetable, she would eat it!

“No problem.” Fang Xinxin approached the dining table and filled Fang Manxue’s bowl with some of her fried rice. “Go ahead, second sister.”

Fang Manxue was about to move her chopsticks when Fang Lilan spoke up. “Wait.”

She then raised her voice to ask the maid, Ji Qing, who was standing by the doorway. “Does it count as breaking the contract if we have the food Fang Xinxin gives us?”

“Zhang Yuanzhi has ordered that no matter where the food came from, as long as it isn’t what was agreed on the contract, it would be a violation.”

“I don’t want to abide by the contract anymore!” Fang Manxue could no longer endure this. She shouted loudly. “The dishes are so oily. Even the rice has to be deep fried. Who can eat this continuously? Forget about the hundred million dollars. I’ll pay for it!”

Even if her mother had no money, both her mother and second uncle had been very generous when it came to her pocket money.

She had yet to use it and had enough private savings.

It was just that a hundred million dollars was a large sum. Since they could avoid paying it by having three months of fried food, at the time, she had decided to stay silent on this matter.

Originally, she had thought that she would be able to secretly eat something else. She had never expected Bai Qinghao to declare that anyone who caught the three of them violating the contract would be rewarded!

As a result, the three of them lived under strict surveillance everyday and did not have the courage to step out of the line.

Fang Xinxin felt her admiration for Bai Qinghao rise. He had easily made these three people, who were used to infinite luxury, agree to consuming garbage food for three months.

“Is the Second Fang Lady certain that she will not abide by the contract?” Ji Qing brought out her phone and began tapping a string of numbers.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Fang Manxue watched her movements warily.

“I am reporting to Zhang Yuanzhi that you do not plan to abide by the contract anymore.”

“Yes. Tell him I’ll transfer the remaining owed sum to the Sheng s.h.i.+ Group’s account.”

Although Fang Manxue’s heart ached with all that money flowing out, she would finally be able to have some good food after this. Health was much more important than money!


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