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Chapter 569 – Time For Truth

At the Fang family’s villa, Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai were watching the live-broadcast with great relish.

Long Shuhai was a little worried. “It isn’t very good for Manxue to treat Fang Xinxin like this, is it?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Fang Lilan harrumphed coldly. “Since my daughter has lost the right to enter the Bai family, what’s wrong with thoroughly ruining Fang Xinxin! Let me tell you, beneath Fang Xinxin’s medicinal pack, is a rotten face that will never recover. Let everyone take a good look at it. I want to see if the Bai family will be able to accept such an ugly daughter-in-law.”

“That’s true.” The rage in Long Shuhai’s heart was also difficult to appease. “Fang Xinxin isn’t even suited to hold our Manxue’s shoes. What right does she have to be the future Madam Bai!”


In the Yuhua district’s Great Hall, Bai Qinghao appeared strangely at ease as he sat amongst the audience.

Initially, he did not wish for anyone to see his Xinxin’s stunning good looks.

However, since Fang Manxue insisted on backing her into the corner, it meant that an unpolished diamond was meant to eventually outs.h.i.+ne everyone.

At the same time, jealous comments flooded the internet:

[Fang Manxue isn’t wrong. Fang Xinxin is as ugly as a ghost. She really isn’t suited to be with Bai Qinghao. Even if I only have the appearance of an una.s.suming pa.s.ser-by, I’m still ten times more attractive than she is.”

[It’s a disgrace to the Bai family to have such an ugly woman marry our country’s idol. I would be the better option if we were compared…]

[We can’t blame Fang Manxue. Although it’s not Fang Xinxin’s fault for being ugly, she shouldn’t have appeared here with her frightening looks. She clearly deserves this considering how she gave Fang Manxue the opportunity to target her.]

Sun Jiamu took in all of the jealous and pretentious She was angered to the point where her lungs nearly exploded. She immediately responded:

[All of you are just jealous! No matter how beautiful you all are, you’ll never be able to compete with Fang Xinxin!]

Unfortunately, she was unable to fight the and her comment was quickly lost among the many voices.

On stage, Fang Manxue saw that Zheng Jun wasn’t moving and urged him. “Senior Zheng, I told you to remove Fang Xinxin’s medicine. Let’s see if your facial transformation act will be able to compete with my third sister’s.”

Zheng Jun hesitated. “Although times have changed, our ancestors have taught us that ambiguous acts between men and women are inappropriate. As a man, no matter what, I shouldn’t be handsy against a woman.” Besides, this was the future Madam Bai. How could he possibly dare to touch her?

“I didn’t know that Senior Zhen Jun was so cool…” There were two thousand Jing Hua University students present. Their impression about him immediately turned favourable.

Fang Manxue was stifled with anger. “Since you refuse to do it, I’ll do it myself.” She then glared at Fang Xinxin’s indifferent appearance. “Third Sister, your facial performance hasn’t been completed yet. Your second sister shall help you to complete it.”

She then took a wet wipe and reached for Fang Xinxin’s face.

“I won’t trouble Second Sister. I’ll do it myself.” Fang Xinxin was helpless.

Her second sister insisted on humiliating her before thousands of audience members. It was truly difficult to refuse her great hospitality.

In their previous life, at this very same place, her second sister had humiliated her while claiming that she was encouraging her to lose weight. As a result, she had been thoroughly disgraced and had transformed into the city’s laughing stock.

It was time she gave her second sister a surprise.

Fang Manxue harrumphed coldly. “Hurry up then.”

It was good that she did not have to force the ugly wh.o.r.e into it.

However, she was worried that her rotten face would be too disgusting.

Fang Xinxin lifted her fair hand and began to wipe away the dried-up medicine on her face.


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