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Chapter 669: Tragic Past

“My father previously mentioned it to me. Back when he was young, he had a good friend named Ji Shengmin. Ji Shengmin and his wife ran a hotel and used to take very good care of my father. However, due to an accident, both he and his wife pa.s.sed away. They left behind Ji Shaohua, who was less than a year old at the time.

The Ji family’s relatives swallowed up the couple’s inheritance but were unwilling to raise Shaohua. The first time my father went to the Ji home to visit Shaohua, he was extremely small and thin. It was clear that he wasn’t fed well. My father personally took care of him for a few days and even gave the Ji family money, instructing them to take good care of Shaohua. At the time, they did give him their verbal promise to do so.

However, less than a day later, my father began to worry again. When he visited Shaohua once more, he was already missing. After my father questioned them several times and threatened to call the police to arrest them for human trafficking, they finally admitted that they sent him to an orphanage. My father immediately rushed there.

At the time, there was already a couple who were preparing to adopt Shaohua. My father secretly investigated them and learned that the man who wanted to adopt him had violent tendencies. Although he owned a home, he also had several debts. Even his own birth child has pa.s.sed away under his poor care. The woman also had depression. If Shaohua was adopted by such a couple, his life would definitely be doomed.

Fang Xinxin paused for a moment before continuing. “At the time, my parents had just gotten married. A newly wedded couple normally wouldn’t adopt a child, but my father was too worried so he brought the matter up to my mother. He did not expect my mother to be so kind and worry for Shaohua. She agreed to the matter readily. As my father had evidence that he was close friends with Shaohua’s parents, as well as proof that the couple who were interested in adopting him were not suitable candidates, my parents successfully adopted Shaohua.”

“My father said that he previously wanted Shaohua to keep the surname ‘Ji’. However, he also did not wish to let Shaohua know that he was an orphan in case it made him unhappy. Thus, during the adoption process, he changed Shaohua’s surname to ‘Fang’. My mother also said that Shaohua was an especially easy child to care for. He was always very obedient and rarely made her worry. When he was around five to six years old, he was already as mature as a ten year old child. She really liked him very much.”

Fang Xinxin approached the window and took in the sight of the busy traffic outside. “It was also when he was around five to six years old that he accidentally found the adoption certificate at home. At the time, he could already recognise words and knew how to use the internet. Thus, he actually found the meaning of the word ‘adoption’ and went crying to my parents, asking if he really wasn’t their child.”

She sighed. “My parents did not wish to lie to him and told him the truth. Ever since then, my brother became even more obedient and matured even faster.”

She truly wished her brother did not know that he had been adopted by the Fang family. Perhaps this way, he would consider her his actual sister and would not fall for him.

As of today, she absolutely did not dare to mention her brother’s feelings for her in front of Sun Jiamu.

“It turns out that Fang Shaohua’s birth was so tragic.” Sun Jiamu was in tears. “Uuu… I’ll definitely take good care of him in the future.”

Fang Xinxin reached for the tissue box on the office desk and helped her to wipe her tears. “Although my past is rather unfortunate, my brother’s past is even more upsetting. If his parents were still alive, he would be a wealthy young master with nothing to worry about.”


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