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Chapter 1381 You Stole These, Didn’t You?

After filling his stomach, Lin Yuankang took out the presents for the triplets. “Jiang, jiang, jiang! San Bao, look. Is this pretty? Master grandpa specially got someone to customize this. This is the one and only one in the world, unparalleled. When San Bao has more hair in the future, get your mom to comb a ponytail, and then wear this tiara. San Bao will definitely be the most beautiful little girl in the world.”

Lin Yuankang happily held the tiara on San Bao’s head. At the sight of the s.h.i.+ny thing, of course, San Bao reached out to grab that tiara.

Qiao Nan s.h.i.+elded her eyes, her heart pounding continuously. “Master, are those s.h.i.+ny things on top gemstones?” She did not have much knowledge in this area and did not know if gemstones existed in the world at this point in time—or more accurately, whether anyone had discovered the business potential of replacing diamonds with gemstones in accessories.

After all, gemstones were cheaper and diamonds were extremely costly.

Gemstones had a similar exterior appearance to diamonds. It was also quite s.h.i.+ny. The problem was that its value could not be compared to diamonds.

Although it was also a natural stone.

To Qiao Nan, filling the stomach and having a home of her own were extravagant wishes. Her life after rebirth was truly happy beyond words. She found her love, had a happy marriage, and gave birth to three bubbly and adorable children. She was even achieving success in her studies.

As such, Qiao Nan felt that she did not have any other longings in this life. Therefore, unlike ordinary women, Qiao Nan completely did not have the yearning or obsession for clothes and accessories.

Unless her in-laws insisted to buy her, Qiao Nan would decline as much as possible. When marrying Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan had received many pricey gifts for her wedding. No matter how beautiful and glorious they were, Qiao Nan had shelved and forgotten them. She had never worn them.

Otherwise, why would people like Tang Jiayun and Lü Yan rather target others than Qiao Nan, and malign others instead of challenging Qiao Nan?

Wasn’t that so? Qiao Nan, who had been used to simplicity, felt her eyes hurt at the sudden sight of such bright and s.h.i.+ny items. She also felt her heart ached. She did not know much about diamonds but she knew that gemstones looked like diamonds.

The problem was… Could these two items that were vastly different in value be compared?

When Lin Yuankang took out the little tiara, under the lighting, the tiny and delicate pieces of bright and dazzling crystal clear stones on the tiara looked like a constellation of stars, with splendid s.h.i.+ne and colors. Qiao Nan was almost blinded. Where did these top-grade gemstones come from to create such an effect?

“Gemstone? What is that?” Qiao Nan did not know much about this. Lin Yuankang was worse. “These are diamonds. Are gemstones better than diamonds?” Lin Yuankang looked depressed. “Why don’t I look for it on my next overseas trip?”

He would only give the best to his three little grand-disciples. Otherwise, he would definitely not buy it.

“So as to speak, these are all diamonds?” Looking at the s.h.i.+ne and splendor, Qiao Nan felt that, given the current value of diamonds, any piece of diamonds taken from the tiara would be able to exchange for a house, let alone the entire star-studded tiara.

Lin Yuankang lifted his chin. “It’s a must. Don’t worry. It’s not just the triplets, you have one too. After all, you are my disciple. I can miss out anyone except for you.”

All of a sudden, Lin Yuankang seemed to have become a huge diamond trader who had speculated well on diamond accessories. When he said that he was taking it out, he really took them out in heaps and piles.

Lin Yuankang had prepared four-piece jewelry set for Qiao Nan: earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet.

All these four accessories were mainly made of diamonds. That s.h.i.+ne and glory would make women who knew the famous diamond chase after them like a flock of birds.

Qiao Nan tried to calm her thumping heart. “Master, did you become a thief at the diamond mine?” No one would take out diamond accessories in such huge piles like him!

Last time, the jade gifted by Lin Yuankang was already quite expensive. In fact, Qiao Nan was completely deluding herself when she mentioned gemstone. As one would expect, how could Lin Yuankang buy things made of something as cheap as gemstones? However, after knowing that these s.h.i.+ny ones were genuine diamonds, Qiao Nan’s heart could barely take it.

Besides Qiao Nan, Miao Jing was also shocked by Lin Yuankang’s generosity.

Miao Jing looked at Zhai Yaohui. They had been a couple for so many years but she had never bought so many expensive diamond accessories for herself. Why was it that when Elder Lin showed his hands, the ever famous and gimmicky diamond outside had turned into cabbage by the roadside that was selling in bunches?

“Mine, mine.” San Bao did not know how expensive or valuable these items were. She only knew that this bright and s.h.i.+ny little tiara was a gift from her master grandpa. It was so beautiful and she loved it.

In comparison to San Bao’s s.h.i.+ning eyes that were as bright as light bulbs, Da Bao and Er Bao also liked these things but the pair of brothers seemed much more composed. In Da Bao’s and Er Bao’s eyes, at most, these were just nicer-looking toys.

“Right, right. It’s yours. This is San Bao’s.” After teasing San Bao, Lin Yuankang pa.s.sed the little tiara into her hands. “San Bao, you can’t stuff this into your mouth. Also, you can’t face this pointy side at others or yourself.”

As he looked after San Bao, Lin Yuankang responded to Qiao Nan’s question. “What are you talking about?! Steal? Is your master someone who will do such a petty thing?!”

“No!” Judging by the heap on the floor, how could this be considered petty? It was huge stealing!

Lin Yuankang, who was unaware of Qiao Nan’s actual thoughts, was satisfied at Qiao Nan’s denial. “What do you think I went overseas for? I’m not going into detail. I have also done my part for the country. Many years ago, when I was studying abroad, I bought over properties and enterprises. I have a flair for making money. Things that I casually bought could derive value. No matter what, I just take it that I am contributing to the development of the country.” Anyway, he did not lack money.

Lin Yuankang was vague in his words but the Zhai family was smart. They would not question him in detail about the situation.

However, the more lightly Lin Yuankang put it, the more the Zhai family members, especially Qiao Nan, were in fear and trepidation. Qiao Nan was almost scared out of her wits by her master.

She had long heard from others that her master was a money h.o.a.rder. The most annoying thing was that her master always benefited from an unexpected course of events. Compared to those who prayed and gave offerings to the deities and Buddha and even dreamed of getting rich when they were sleeping, her master’s luck was so good that it was heaven-defying.

Her master should not stay at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As long as he was willing to go into business, he only needed to buy things here and there, and he would eventually ‘buy’ a nickname of the richest man in the world.

In the past, Qiao Nan only heard of it. This time, she had personally encountered it. One could imagine how stunned she was.


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