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Chapter 1555: Rising in Value

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No wonder Xu Shengnan’s lawyer always looked at him as though he was looking at a fool. If anyone else were to marry a wife with such influential people backing her, they would definitely serve her obediently. Would they even dare to start an affair and get divorced?

Thinking about it now, Fang s.h.i.+you realized belatedly that his divorce from Xu Shengnan had proceeded very smoothly. It was as though someone had worked behind the scenes to push everything forward. Even the last step of selling the house went on as planned as though it had been rehea.r.s.ed a hundred times over.

He regretted it. In this moment, Fang s.h.i.+you really regretted everything. If he had known… Unfortunately, he had not.

“Junior Qiao, I can’t be more grateful toward you for what you’ve done this time!” After the divorce, Xu Shengnan felt as though she had finally relieved herself of a huge burden and felt much more relieved. “I was really too foolish in the past. I thought that Fang s.h.i.+you was honest and not like other people from the capital who looked down on me and would treat me well. But after I got married and before I had Ling Ling, I already adopted a ‘son’. At that time, I told myself that it would be fine even if he could not give me a luxurious lifestyle because he did not despise me for being a Beijing drifter. Since we were already married, it wouldn’t matter if I had greater responsibility for the family…”

It was only when she saw Fang s.h.i.+you be gentle and caring toward another woman did Xu Shengnan realize in devastation that her husband actually could take care of others. It depended only on whether he wanted to do so or not. “Thankfully, from today onward, I’ll only have to raise my daughter, and not another ‘son’. I’ll let his mistress take care of that giant baby.”

She could not do it anymore. Fang s.h.i.+you had been taken care of by her for so long. Even though Fang s.h.i.+you was willing to coax his mistress, he was still incompetent in so many aspects. Would that mistress be able to help Fang s.h.i.+you arrange everything like she had done?

She was sure that in no time, with Fang s.h.i.+you’s character, the Fang family would be in a mess!

“Congratulations.” When she heard Xu Shengnan say that, Qiao Nan was relieved. “Actually, it’s good to raise a child. There’s always something to worry about. Besides, you didn’t even give birth to that ‘son’, but it took the most effort. I think you probably didn’t even spend so much effort on Ling Ling in comparison.”

Xu Shengnan laughed at herself. She did not even want to continue talking about this any longer. So what if she treated Fang s.h.i.+you better than her own daughter? Fang s.h.i.+you had still found himself another woman and started an affair, even getting that mistress pregnant. Thinking about how the mother-in-law that she had been filial to for almost ten years unhesitatingly abandoned her because of that mistress’ baby, Xu Shengnan was speechless. “Thankfully, I have parents too. I don’t expect other people’s parents to love me. I have my own parents, and that’s enough.”

It was only her mother-in-law after all. How could she compare to her own parents?

In the two to three months staying in her parents’ home, it had been heaven on earth for Xu Shengnan. She had not needed to do anything. Her parents had thought of everything and had prepared everything for her. She had not needed to worry about anything.

What a.s.sured but depressed Xu Shengnan the most was that she felt that her daughter, Ling Ling, was getting increasingly happier as the days went by at her parents’ home, and her daughter was smiling more often too. She was normally a quiet little girl, but now that she was staying with her paternal grandmother, when she came home from school, she would sometimes be like San Bao and skip around like a bunny.

Thinking of her daughter’s behavior with the Fang family, it was only now that Xu Shengnan realized that her young daughter had been so suppressed in the past few years living with the Fang family. Her daughter had been afraid to even express a normal child’s behaviors.

This was clearly her daughter’s home, but her daughter treaded as carefully as she would on ice. Xu Shengnan could not help but think carefully about it. While she was not around, she did not know how Fang s.h.i.+you and his mother treated her daughter. No matter what, her daughter was also part of the Fang family, the Fang family’s granddaughter.

Did this mother-son pair really have no heart at all? How could they bear to treat such a pure and kindhearted child like that?

Seeing the change in Ling Ling made Xu Shengnan realize that ending this marriage was not just a relief for her but also a relief for her daughter.

“For you.” Seeing Xu Shengnan in a better condition than before her divorce, Qiao Nan had nothing to worry about anymore. Qiao Nan pa.s.sed the property deed over to Xu Shengnan. “Remember to return me the money.”

“The one who bought the house that day was you?” It was only when Xu Shengnan saw the property deed did she shockingly realize that Qiao Nan had quietly helped her.

Qiao Nan laughed. “The property prices in the capital have been increasing like crazy. This house is in the 3rd Ring still has the potential to increase even further. It would be such a waste to just sell it like that. Just leave it be. When Ling Ling gets married in the future, she’ll need dowry, won’t she?” He was a bast*rd, but the house was still a good one.

Xu Shengnan sniffled. “Junior Qiao, you might think I’m quite unlucky to have met a person like Fang s.h.i.+you, but I’ve never thought that way. G.o.d is fair. Everything happens for a reason. My luck wasn’t good with Fang s.h.i.+you. That was because all my luck was used on meeting a person like you! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have bitten the bullet and gotten a divorce from Fang s.h.i.+you.”

It was all right for her to suffer, but she could not bear for Ling Ling to suffer as well. It was not just for herself. If she had known that Ling Ling would be much happier after leaving the Fang family, she would never have continued living with Fang s.h.i.+you.

Now, her daughter was her everything.

“We all have ups and downs in life. There’s nothing more important than being open-minded and grateful for what you have. I’ve said that you have to return the money to me. Don’t think that you won’t need to pay me back after shedding these tears.” Qiao Nan was not as emotional as Xu Shengnan. To Qiao Nan, she had not done much.

They were both women. Seeing Xu Shengnan go through what she had in the past, Qiao Nan was not going to let Xu Shengnan lose out, whether it was because Qiao Nan was trying to make up for her regrets, or whether she just wanted to help Xu Shengnan. “Since you’ve already gotten a divorce, have a good life in the future. As long as you think you can live a good life, I don’t care if you remarry.”

“Thank you, Junior Qiao! Thank you so much!” Xu Shengnan sniffled loudly and did not refuse Qiao Nan’s kindness.


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