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Chapter 1610: Funeral

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The next morning, everyone in the Zhai family found out that Zijin had pa.s.sed away. There was always a face of disbelief no matter who heard the news. Miao Jing asked directly, “Nan Nan has never driven quickly. Didn’t they say that Qiao Zijin’s injuries were not serious?” If they had been serious, even an emergency surgery would be able to save her. Why were they not able to save Qiao Zijin, whose injuries were not serious in the first place?

Miao Jing frowned. “It’s true that Qiao Zijin was knocked down by Nan Nan’s car after all. Now that Qiao Zijin is dead, will Nan Nan be in trouble?” This Qiao Zijin. Even in her death, she was making people… Never mind. They had to respect the dead. It was better not to talk about any of those evil deeds that Qiao Zijin had committed.

“Mom, don’t worry about me. There were many people around who saw that it was Qiao Zijin who ran out in front of my car. Besides, there were many surveillance cameras in the vicinity. When I was at the hospital yesterday, I described the situation very clearly to the police officers. Now, the police officers should already have a copy of the surveillance footage with them at the police station.” Qiao Nan asked Miao Jing to relax. There was no way Qiao Zijin’s death could be blamed on her.

Initially, Qiao Nan would naturally have footed all of Qiao Zijin’s medical bills, even if she had not been in the wrong. Now, what she needed to bear was the cost of Qiao Zijin’s funeral.

If her father and Ding Jiayi had any needs, she would naturally fork out even more money to pay for their living allowances.

When the police found out that the victim, Qiao Zijin, was Qiao Nan’s biological sister, they realized that the victim and the car owner were a family. As such, the police chose not to interfere and instead let Qiao Nan resolve the matter within her family. If that did not work out, they could ask the public officials to interfere. Then, her parents could even bring their younger daughter to court.

The police officers had explained all options to Ding Jiayi and Qiao Dongliang clearly, completing their duty before leaving. After all, there was still a chance of saving Qiao Zijin’s life at that time. Besides, the doctor had also said that Qiao Zijin’s injuries were less severe than other patients’. The way the police officers saw it, it would naturally be best if Qiao Zijin could be saved. In that case, the Qiao family would have to resolve the matter themselves.

Qiao Nan had said that there were surveillance cameras along that stretch of road. When the police officers investigated, the surveillance cameras had indeed captured the whole scene that had taken place that day.

The surveillance footage proved that Qiao Zijin had waited along the roadside for a considerable amount of time even as cars continued to drive past her. It was only when Qiao Nan’s car appeared that Qiao Zijin clearly saw her opportunity and ran in front of Qiao Nan’s car.

With the surveillance footage as evidence, the experts casually tried to find out Qiao Nan’s speed at the time of the accident. Almost immediately, they realized that Qiao Nan’s speed had always been at the lowest end of the limit. If Qiao Nan had driven any slower, she would have violated the traffic regulations for having driven too slowly.

It was rare to see drivers who abided so strictly by the law. No matter how they looked at it, Qiao Nan was innocent. She was just unlucky to have been preyed on by Qiao Zijin. That was why she knocked into Qiao Zijin.

The huge storm that Qiao Zijin had created earlier had not even entirely subsided yet. From the start, the police officers were surprised for having to deal with such a case: to get revenge on her younger sister, the elder sister wanted to die at her younger sister’s hands.

But when the police officers found out the ident.i.ties of these two people, they started to realize that there was nothing too strange about this situation anymore. They once again realized that this former female foreign minister had led a tough life indeed.

A month ago, this elder sister had been acting as though she was in a soap opera, trying to smear her younger sister’s reputation and pull her younger sister down from her position. Thankfully, there was an audio recording that eventually proved the female foreign minister’s innocence. Since that plan did not work, she came up with another. But this plan seemed a little too vicious. She even sacrificed her own life for it.

The police officers could not help but wonder how this pair of sisters lived in their hometown before coming to the capital to have such an acrimonious relations.h.i.+p with each other. Could it be that this female foreign minister had once committed a heinous act to frame her elder sister?

Thinking about his only encounter with this former foreign minister, the police officer instinctively shook his head. Even though he had only had a single encounter with her, he could feel that this former foreign minister had a good temper. She spoke softly and gently and had a set of beautiful eyes that were as gentle and warm as the spring rain.

A person with such a set of eyes could not possibly be a villain.

But no matter how curious this police officer was, Qiao Zijin was already dead. When the police officer continued his investigations, he interrogated the main surgeon and nurse who had conducted the surgery on Qiao Zijin. The doctor and nurse agreed unanimously that Qiao Zijin had lost all will to live and was uncooperative throughout the entire duration of the surgery. Qiao Zijin had sent herself to death on the operating table. One needed immense courage to die in this manner.

At the same time, this also proved that Qiao Zijin really wanted to die. Her death had nothing to do with anyone else, and no one had killed her.

With the statements from the doctor and nurse, it was much easier for the police officers to investigate the case. Qiao Zijin did not have the will to live, and even the doctor was unable to save her. In that case, it would be maligning an innocent if they were to blame Qiao Zijin’s death on that former foreign minister!

The police officers avoided visiting the family during the period of Qiao Zijin’s funeral. After the funeral, they planned on asking the parents of these two people what they were planning to do and whether there was anything they needed the former foreign minister to do.

There was no problem with the police officers. After the incident occurred, Qiao Nan immediately handed all relevant materials and evidence to her superiors for them to understand the situation. It could be said that Qiao Nan had taken a two-p.r.o.nged approach to tackle Qiao Zijin’s death so that she could be investigated and reviewed at the same time.

Thankfully, there was solid evidence and the facts of the matter had been established early on. Thus, her superiors from the central committee had great trust in Qiao Nan. Other than punishment from Ding Jiayi and Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Nan did not face any repercussions due to the death of Qiao Zijin, except for the revocation of her driving license. However, she was still allowed to reapply for it.

After Qiao Nan cleared herself of this mess, she finally found time to visit Qiao Dongliang to see how Qiao Zijin’s funeral was being arranged. “Are you all right, Dad?” Qiao Zijin did not want Ding Jiayi to appear at her funeral, so Qiao Dongliang had decisively deprived Ding Jiayi of all rights to do so and banned Ding Jiayi from showing up.

“Of course. The guy you found is very reliable. He’s made the arrangements well and timely in every aspect. Zijin left so suddenly. If it was not for you as her younger sister, Zijin might not even have a niche for her urn in the capital.”


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