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Chapter 1873: Why Don’t You Hold On Tight?

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Qiu Chenxi was definitely capable of doing such a thing.

Did Zhai Sheng really intend to spend the rest of his life as a bachelor if Qiu Chenxi were to chase Qiao Nan away? If it really got to that stage, Zhai Yaohui felt that both he and Miao Jing could finally give up. That was how their son, Zhai Sheng, was going to spend the rest of his life.

Zhai Yaohui had not had many interactions with Qiao Nan, but compared to Qiu Chenxi, Qiao Nan was definitely meeker and less aggressive. Qiu Chenxi was different. She was someone who had cheated on her husband, lived such a wild lifestyle that she could no longer bear children, and was even someone who was ill. Even then, she still had the guts to ask for reconciliation with her ex-husband. Even a fool could tell that Qiu Chenxi harbored no good intentions.

Upon hearing Qiu Chenxi’s name, Zhai Sheng’s reaction changed slightly. Even though his reaction was not out of concern, Zhai Sheng felt the same way and thought that Qiao Nan would be no match for Qiu Chenxi. “She still dares to come here?”

Knowing that Qiu Chenxi had come to find him, Zhai Sheng was utterly frustrated with that woman, who was once his wife. “There are some things that I feel should be done. You won’t mind, right?” Zhai Sheng had been unhappy with the Qiu family for a long time, whether it was then or now.

Zhai Sheng was all too clear about why the Qiu family was not preventing Qiu Chenxi from hara.s.sing him and not giving up on him. The Qiu family had always thought that being in-laws with the Zhai family was a glorious thing, and having him as a son-in-law was something to be proud of. He did not mind giving the Qiu family a gentle reminder that it was not always such a wonderful thing to have a relations.h.i.+p with Zhai Sheng.

“Do what is necessary.” This time, there was no way Zhai Yaohui would stand in the way. If he were to do that, his daughter-in-law would escape very soon, and there would be no hope of him ever getting a grandson. Compared to his own family, the relations.h.i.+p he had had when he was young meant nothing. Besides, his past relations.h.i.+p with Qi Minlan had long ago turned into a bitter memory.

Because of Zhai Yaohui’s words, Zhai Sheng glanced at his father in surprise. “Are you serious? The person I’m targeting is Qiu Qin. He’s not just Qiu Chenxi’s father but also Qi Minlan’s husband. Once Qiu Qin’s luck is bad, Qi Minlan won’t have a good time either.”

Every single member of the Zhai family was aware of his father’s special care and attention toward Qi Minlan.

Zhai Yaohui’s face darkened. “Do you think I have Alzheimer’s disease? Of course I still remember all that. And don’t you dare talk about this in front of your mom. Are you trying to ruin my relations.h.i.+p with your mom by bringing up all these things of the past?”

Miao Miao was like a huge vinegar barrel. In the past, she almost exploded upon hearing Qi Minlan’s name. Even now, he tried his best not to bring up anything regarding Qi Minlan or the Qiu family in front of Miao Miao because they had not yet brought a daughter-in-law into the family nor had a grandchild yet.

“Ruining the relations.h.i.+p between you and Mom? Do I really need to do that?” Zhai Sheng spat out disdainfully. “Wasn’t your relations.h.i.+p with my mom already on the rocks some years ago? Forget it. You’ve finally repented, and it’ll be good as long as you stay by my mom’s side and stop caring about any other women apart from my mom.”

He had protected an outsider more so than his own wife. Zhai Sheng disagreed with the way Zhai Yaohui had acted in his youth. When he was younger, Zhai Sheng had refused to get married. Firstly, it was true that he had not met anyone who had managed to convince him to get married. Secondly, he felt that there was no point in getting married after witnessing Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing’s married life.

There would be fewer opportunities to hurt each other without marriage in the picture.

Zhai Yaohui was speechless. Of course, it was not that he had nothing to rebut his son with. He was simply too infuriated to speak! He had finally repented? Was it right to use such a term on him? No way!

In the end, Zhai Yaohui decided not to argue with this ‘old bachelor’. No matter what, he still had Miao Miao by his side, while Zhai Sheng had yet to successfully court Qiao Nan. The two of them had not gotten official, and now, Qiu Chenxi had come into the picture too! Qiu Chenxi’s appearance only meant that it would be much harder for Zhai Sheng to get together with Qiao Nan.

“I know very well about my relations.h.i.+p with your mom. I think you’d better spend more effort thinking about your own problems. Do you really intend to only marry Qiao Nan once your mom and I are gone? Your mom and I don’t care about anything and don’t have any requirements either. Can’t you just work a little faster?”

There was something else that Zhai Yaohui had not said. This was something that Miao Jing had said. The gist of it was that Qiao Nan was already forty this year. She might be a little older, but as long as they grasped the chance, there was still a chance of having children. As long as Qiao Nan gave birth to Zhai Sheng’s children, Miao Jing could die the next day with no regrets at all. At least, she would be able to answer to Old Master Zhai and her mother-in-law.

It was the new year. Zhai Yaohui thought that it was bad luck to say such things and thus made no mention of that to Zhai Sheng. Zhai Yaohui’s mindset was just as traditional as Zhai Sheng’s in some areas. It would not be too much to ask for grandchildren if his son were to get married to Qiao Nan, right?

Marriage did not mean having children, but having children was something that all elderly looked forward to. It was as simple as that.

Zhai Yaohui had not said it explicitly, but Zhai Sheng understood exactly what he meant. “Whether we have children will depend on Qiao Nan. If she wants to, then we’ll have children. It’s fine even if we don’t have children in the end. I think you can tell that I don’t really care about whether I have children or not.” Zhai Sheng’s words did not push the responsibility of having children to Qiao Nan, and he made it clear that he would be the one to be blamed if they did not have children.

If he really wanted to have children, he would definitely convince Qiao Nan. If Qiao Nan did not have children because he did not want to, she was doing nothing more than complying with his wishes.

“Humph! You haven’t even married her, but you’re already protecting her?” Zhai Sheng’s words seemed to imply that he was willing to cast his parents aside for the sake of his wife. “Do you really like her that much?” He understood his son well. From how Zhai Sheng was thinking about Qiao Nan’s well-being in everything he said, it was clear that Zhai Sheng truly cared about Qiao Nan. “What’s good about her?” Was she really that good she could move his icy-cold son? He appeared the same as before on the outside, but in fact, Zhai Sheng’s feelings for Qiao Nan were as deep as the ocean.

“I don’t know.” Zhai Sheng gave it a thought and answered truthfully. “Perhaps, I should say that I think that she’s good in every way. More importantly, she’s the best in every aspect in my eyes.”

“…” Zhai Yaohui was overcome with emotions. That emotionless son of his had truly fallen in love with that lady named Qiao Nan! “Since you already have such feelings for her, why don’t you do something and marry her quickly? It’s not for me or your mom. It’s for yourself! Don’t you want her to be the first person you see every morning when you wake up?”


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