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Chapter 1955: No Need to Fret

“I’ll fully respect Jiajia’s personal opinion for the future. Goodbye.”

They wanted her to reconcile with Wei De? Unless she was dead, the Wei family didn’t have to continue dreaming.

When Zhai Hua was dealing with this matter, Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing remained silent throughout. However, both of them didn’t deny Zhai Hua’s words either. They a.s.sumed a tacit att.i.tude.

The family of three got in the car only after Zhai Hua had dealt with the matter. Miao Jing let out a long sigh. “All’s good now. Everything’s over. The skies have cleared up after a storm. Our lives will be good now.” The Wei family was really a mess.

She thought of how simple and innocent her daughter was when she was young, where she had a fiery temper and was always straightforward. After spending all her time in the Wei family, she became more tactful. As a mother, Miao Jing hoped that her daughter could always be so simple and happy. However, that wasn’t the case as her daughter was also a mother now. Her daughter should have some changes and improvement.

Zhai Hua was someone who lived up to her words. Mother Wei’s pleas were of no avail. Father Wei knew Zhai Hua’s att.i.tude when he saw Mother Wei return home alone. “That woman is too ruthless. She’s really leaving us in the lurch. Does she really want Jiajia to be a fatherless child? Will she be happy only then?!”

He had seen quite a number of women, but this was the first time he met someone as ruthless as Zhai Hua. The matter between Ah De and Wei Xiaomei wasn’t that big a deal or that serious a mistake. All these years, Zhai Hua was the only wife of Ah De on the surface. Since when did the Wei family not give Zhai Hua face or embarra.s.s her?

Regardless of whether it was at home or outside, he had given Zhai Hua quite a lot of rights.

They should really let Zhai Hua go to their countryside and take a look at how other women were as daughters-in-law. People in the city were temperamental. They didn’t even have the qualities a wife should possess. If Zhai Hua were to be a wife for someone in the countryside, a woman like her would have been long dealt with miserably.

Their Wei family was too kind. Ah De had pampered Zhai Hua so much that she was lawless and didn’t take her man seriously. When Ah De was with Zhai Hua, he should have given her a beating if she was disobedient. After all, which woman wasn’t scared after being beaten?

Father Wei was an old farmer by nature. He had seen a lot of men beating up women in the countryside since he was young. After being beaten up, not only would the woman not throw tantrums, but she would even have to continue serving her man. As such, he always felt that this was the norm.

In the Wei family, Wei De didn’t even touch a single strand of Zhai Hua’s hair. He even let her throw tantrums. This was a situation where the daughter-in-law was extremely pampered.

However, who asked Zhai Hua to be born to a good family? They could only continue to pamper her.

What Father Wei didn’t know was that having grown up in such an environment with such a mindset, Wei De had always seen how he had hit Mother Wei when he was young. Of course, when Wei De was angry and couldn’t control his temper, he might have laid a hand on Zhai Hua as well.

It was a pity that Zhai Hua wasn’t the kind of woman who didn’t have the ability to fight back. On the contrary, Zhai Hua’s physical fitness and skills were much better and stronger than Wei De, the husband.

Wei De subjecting Zhai Hua to domestic violence? Oh, please. Zhai Hua being good-tempered and not subjecting Wei De to domestic violence was already her biggest restraint and change in temper after she married Wei De.

“That might not be the case…” Mother Wei heaved a sigh of relief. “She said that Ah De is Jiajia’s father, after all. She will pay for Ah De’s surgery fees on account of Jiajia. Before coming back, I did ask around. Indeed, someone had paid for his fees. Ah De should be receiving treatment now.”

“That’s good.” Upon hearing that there was money and his son was receiving treatment, Father Wei’s looks became better. “Aside from this, did Zhai Hua say anything else?” Zhai Hua was considered to have the self-awareness of being someone’s wife since she was still willing to pay for the bills.

Mother Wei cried. “What else could she say? Today’s the final trial. Didn’t the lawyer say that we don’t stand a chance at winning? This happened to Ah De, and no one from our family was present in court. The divorce is done. Zhai Hua is no longer related to our family. She’s no longer Ah De’s wife.”

Without this daughter-in-law, she would no longer have nice clothes to wear. She also couldn’t eat and drink all day at home and lead a good life easily without labor. “It’s that troublemaker Wei Xiaomei’s fault. What’s wrong with her? She’s such a s.l.u.t. Xiao Wei’s already a child of that age, but she’s still feeling coquettish. She has harmed Ah De and our family. Will she die if she has to live without a man for a day? How dare she seduce Ah De at home? Without Wei Xiaomei, how would our family end up in this state today?”

Without Wei Xiaomei, she would still be living in a big house and wearing pretty clothes. She would even have the chief’s daughter calling her mother-in-law. How would it be like now, where her son lost his job, his future was gone, and their family didn’t even have the capability to continue living in this city?

“If I had known that Wei Xiaomei would cause our family to be in such a pitiful state, I shouldn’t have agreed to you adopting Wei Xiaomei back then. I should have ignored her.” She regretted letting Wei Xiaomei marry her son and give birth to Xiao Wei back then the most.

If her son was gone, what use would a grandson be to her?

As long as Zhai Hua was around, even if Ah De only had Jiajia as a daughter, that was nothing. At the very most, they could take in a son-in-law when Jiajia grew up. In that way, wouldn’t Jiajia’s child be surnamed Wei as well? What mattered wasn’t a grandson or a granddaughter, but who the grandson’s or granddaughter’s mother was.

“Alright, that’s all in the past. Stop mentioning it. The most important thing now is Ah De’s surgery. Besides, what shall we do in the future?” If they really had to return to the countryside, let’s not talk about if he still had the skills to farm. What Father Wei couldn’t accept the most was that he would be returning with humiliation.

He thought of how his son had picked him up to stay in the city. All the villagers were looking at him with eyes full of envy. It could be said that that was the moment Father Wei was most proud of in his life. If he had to return in a desperate manner now, he couldn’t pa.s.s the hurdle in his heart.

He could totally imagine how the people in the countryside would gather and mock him if they knew the reason for his return. However, if they didn’t return, there was no place for them to go. Regardless of how bad their hometown was, at least there was a small three-story building for them.

After returning to their hometown, they didn’t need to worry about where their family would live.


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