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Chapter 2073: Who Did It?

Zhai Hua, who had been left behind, had the urge to drop everything at once and rush to the Wei family’s house to give this whole family of white-eyed wolves a good beating.

Since Jiajia had already instructed her not to disturb her, this meant that Jiajia would not disturb her either. As such, Zhai Hua returned to her study room and retrieved a thick envelope. Within it was the latest news of the Wei family that her friends had gathered on her behalf.

Just because Zhai Hua had decided not to pursue the matter even after she had suffered so much with Wei De did not mean that others were willing to do so as well. Besides, given their understanding of Zhai Hua, they had always felt that Zhai Hua could not possibly simply take it lying down after being bullied and continue raising her daughter just like that.

Initially, Zhai Hua had indeed planned on taking revenge. However, her temper now that she was a mother could not compare to when she had still been a young lady. Now that she was living a comfortable life, there was no point in caring about those people who made her uncomfortable. That would only make her life even harder.

For Jiajia’s sake, Zhai Hua decided to sever all contact with the Wei family. She did not want to know, much less care about, the Wei family. As such, Zhai Hua had never bothered to look through the information that had been sent to her out of good intentions. But today, she was going to do so for Jiajia’s sake.

As a mother, Zhai Hua’s heart could soften and she could control her temper for her daughter’s sake. Similarly, her temper could get even worse and her att.i.tude even more vicious for the sake of Jiajia.

Jiajia liked having younger siblings so much but had never dared to let her parents know about it simply because of something Mother Wei had said. This angered Zhai Hua. She was mad at herself and also the Wei family. The Wei family were truly bast*rds with no limits. Jiajia had had such a heavy burden at such a young age and she had known nothing about that as a mother.

If not for Qiao Nan’s pregnancy that they had suddenly brought up this topic, she would never have known that the Wei family had said such cruel words in front of Jiajia. She had truly wasted all of her money on the Wei family all these years.

Zhai Hua could not help but think about how to deal with the Wei family, but the moment she saw the doc.u.ments, her anger subsided. The Wei family was already in such a sorry state. If she wanted to torture them even further, the only thing left was probably death.

Because Wei De had married Zhai Hua, he was always treated politely, and people had no choice but to address him respectfully as a company commander. Even those who were in higher positions than him were especially courteous to him given the fact that he was the Zhai family’s son-in-law.

Because he had lived such a life for over a decade, Wei De had already long forgotten about how careful he had to be in the military before getting married to Zhai Hua, and how he even had to flatter others occasionally.

It was hard for anyone to tame their temper once it had been developed, especially for someone as foolish as Wei De. It was hard for even the most intelligent person to do.

Wei De was no longer the son-in-law of the Zhai family nor a company commander in the military. After going out into society, he even faced many obstacles and setbacks. As such, Wei De’s temper had gone out of control. Then, he had been careless, had been cheated of his money, and his business had failed. Wei De had not even inquired about the status of the person who had deceived him and had immediately gone to find him to settle their accounts. It turned out that that person was well-known locally. Was he not just driving himself into a corner?

Such fraud was not one that concerned money or not handing over the goods. Instead, there had been many loopholes that had favored the other party when they had signed the contract. Wei De had never done business, and neither did he have any lawyers as friends. It was only natural for him to not understand the contract and be fooled.

Besides, it was Wei De who had turned up to make a fuss as though he was about to kill someone. As such, the other party had simply exerted slightly excessive self-defense, sending Wei De to the hospital.

After Wei Wei was hospitalized, the hospital and the police tried to get in contact with the Wei family. Unfortunately, Mother and Father Wei were not in a good place. Their family’s three-storied house had been sold by Wei Wei and his mother. Because all the procedures had been legal, there was no way of getting that house back.

Although the elderly couple moved back to their old house, they were staying in an abandoned house. In this era, it was difficult to find a house that no one wanted to live in. Every plot of land was precious, after all. As such, one could only imagine Mother and Father Wei’s living conditions.

It was very difficult for the elderly couple to live in the countryside. They had no money, no house, and no food. If not for the little bit of food that they borrowed from their old neighbors, the elderly couple would never have been able to survive in the countryside.

They had survived by relying on borrowed rice grains and the vegetables they occasionally plucked from their relative’s plantations.

In the past, Mother and Father Wei had been brought away by Wei De gloriously. Now, the two of them had become the lowest of the lowest in the village. There were people who wondered why Mother and Father Wei had given up on a comfortable life in the city to return to the countryside in their old age. Eventually, the news spread, and the villagers finally realized the immoral acts that the Wei family had committed.

Although the villagers did not watch them starve to death helplessly, they had formed a terrible impression of the Wei family after finding out that they had bullied others and committed marriage fraud in this manner. Thus, Mother and Father Wei did not interact much with others upon returning to the village. The villagers would even specifically instruct their kids never to play near the Wei family’s house.

There was nothing crueler and more painful to Mother and Father Wei than such cold treatment after having been respected for over ten years.

Mother and Father Wei could not even take care of themselves and the first thought that came to Mother Wei’s mind when she heard that her son had been sent into the hospital was that Zhai Hua must have done so out of revenge. Thus, Mother Wei called the police directly, asking them to arrest Zhai Hua. Since Zhai Hua had been the one who had beaten Wei De up, it was only natural that she had to pay for all of his hospital bills.

Moreover, even if Wei De was discharged from the hospital, Zhai Hua had to compensate the Wei family for the mental stress she had caused them.

Hearing Mother Wei’s ridiculous demands, the police officer was stunned and reiterated that this matter had nothing to do with the Wei family’s ex-daughter-in-law at all. Wei De had brought this beating upon himself through his careless business dealings. There was no one else to blame.


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