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Chapter 235: Faking an Accident for Extortion

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“Ding Jiayi, why did you say that? There’s nothing wrong with Nan Nan. Why did you have to scold her? Didn’t you suspect her previously? Judging by the current situation, you are just being paranoid. Nan Nan is such a good child. Fortunately, now, everyone knows that this is just a misunderstanding. Otherwise, such a good child like Nan Nan will definitely be wronged by you!”

“Exactly. The first thing you did when you saw her was asking her, ‘Where the h.e.l.l did you go’. Ding Jiayi, Nan Nan didn’t do anything to provoke you.” On the contrary, Ding Jiayi was the one who created a big mess today.

The magnitude of the fuss Ding Jiayi had kicked up and the amount of sympathy and acknowledgment she had received earlier was equivalent to the amount of displeasure now. Many were rolling their eyes at her.

It was early in the morning and everyone was busy. They wasted their time for work to watch a full-scale drama. In the end, it was all a misunderstanding, and Ding Jiayi had mistaken the person for her daughter. Qiao Nan stole things? Was there any evidence?

Moreover, Ding Jiayi was Qiao Nan’s biological mother. Yet, she had to cheek to say all these.

“You… don’t be misled by Qiao Nan. How could this be a misunderstanding?” Ding Jiayi was anxious. She had clearly succeeded. How had she mistaken who she saw? Moreover, Qiao Nan just came.

“Nan Nan, tell me honestly. Did you do it on purpose? To purposely make a fool of Mom? Did you already know that Mom suspected you, so you planned all these? Nan Nan, you’re so disappointing. We did this because we’re worried about you. We don’t want you to go astray and beyond redemption. How could you malign and embarra.s.s Mom in return? Where is this young lady from? Do you know her?” Qiao Zijin gritted her teeth. She did not believe that such a coincidence existed.

Since this woman was not part of the Zhai family and was not holding the key to the Zhai’s residence, why did she go to the back door and ‘pretended’ that she was going to open it?

If the woman had not carried out this action that caused the misunderstanding, both of them would not have possibly mistaken her for Qiao Nan.

This was obviously a trap set up by Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan purposely wanted to harm her mother and her. Why was Qiao Nan so heartless? She was her biological sister and Mom was her biological mother! Had Qiao Nan’s conscience been eaten by a dog? How could she bear to frame her next-of-kin in such a manner?

“Yes, that must be what happened. This young lady, why can’t you learn to be good? Did you both collude with each other? Qiao Nan, I know you dislike me as your mother. No matter how much you hate me, you shouldn’t join forces with outsiders to frame me! I’m concerned about you. It’s for your own good. How could you repay me like that?!”

After hearing what Qiao Zijin said, Ding Jiayi also reacted accordingly.

Qiao Nan, this wretched girl, was born to jinx her. She wanted to stage a big play for Qiao Nan, but she did not expect that Qiao Nan had arranged an even bigger one for her!

“This mother-daughter pair, do you have holes in your brain? Wrong. I should say that this mother-daughter trio joined forces to bully an outsider like me. Yes, I’m not someone from the quad. I’m just making this trip to visit my relative and you have to create so much trouble. Oh, I know. You’re faking an accident to claim compensation from me! You’re so shameless. A family of three that faked an accident to get money. An adult bringing two children to accuse me of being a thief. Now, you say that I’m pretending and acting. I’m going to report to the police. I must do so. Next, you’ll definitely seek compensation from me!” Zhu Yan jumped. She had not met people who were so unreasonable. They sounded bold and righteous although they were in the wrong.

“Young lady, don’t be anxious. You said you’re here to visit your relative. What’s your name and who is your relative?” Miao Jing’s temple was throbbing. She wanted to turn away and leave so that she could ignore this ridiculous matter.

However, she was the wife of the chief of the army and the Zhai family was the model family of the quad. She could not wash her hands off this matter.

“My surname is Zhu. My name is Zhu Yan. My elder grandpa stays in this quad.” Based on what Zhu Yan said, many guessed the family she was related to.

“You’re a relative of the Zhu family. Then, you’re on Qiao Nan’s side!” Qiao Zijin was red with anger. At the thought of her apologizing to Zhu Yan like a bootlicker earlier, Qiao Zijin wished that she could turn back the time.

Zhu Yan’s eyes turned stiff and her temper rose. She lifted her foot and kicked Qiao Zijin’s knee. “Do you know how to speak like a human?! If you don’t, scram!”

“Is your grandpa Zhu Ziming, and your elder grandpa Zhu Zicheng?” Miao Jing asked.


“This is really a misunderstanding. Elder Zhu’s younger brother migrated to Shen Zhen about ten years ago and has not come back for many years. This is the first time this child came back to the quad.” Miao Jing’s expression softened. Who would be happy if others created such a din at the entrance of their house? Fortunately, this was certainly a misunderstanding.

“Yes, I’ve never seen this young lady before.”

“Me too.”

“That being said, this lady’s accent is different from ours.”

A young lady who came back to visit her relative after ten years could collude with Qiao Nan to bluff Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi? What nonsense!

Most critical of all, Ding Jiayi did not recognize Zhu Yan but said with certainty that Zhu Yan was Qiao Nan. She even accused Zhu Yan of stealing things from the Zhai family and insisted for Qiao Nan to apologize and compensate the Zhai family. It was too suspicious.

Everyone remembered that when Miao Jing came out, she had already said more than once that the Zhai family did not lose any money or belonging. Ding Jiayi’s att.i.tude that insisted Qiao Nan had stolen something left many pondering deeply.

“Ding Jiayi, don’t create any more troubles. We’re all very busy. Nan Nan is such a good child, yet you went as far as saying that she’s a thief. When the police come, we will know what the truth in your heart is. Are you still not done with your nonsense? Are you trying to take revenge on Nan Nan? Is there a mother like you? Stealing your daughter’s money was not enough, and now you resort to this. I’ve been neighbors with you so many years, but I couldn’t tell that you’re such a person.” Mrs. Ma was unhappy.

After so much fuss, Ding Jiayi was a big swindler!

Thinking of how she had vowed with conviction to the wife of the chief of the army that Qiao Nan had stolen the Zhai family’s belongings, Mrs. Ma’s face turned red with embarra.s.sment.

“I mean, why do Ding Jiayi’s earlier words sound strange? If you’re really concerned about Nan Nan and afraid that Nan Nan would go astray, why didn’t you ask Nan Nan quietly and tail her yourself to confirm the fact of the matter? Why did you have to drag us along and request us to help persuade Nan Nan? This is a conflict that could be resolved internally. Why did you have to involve the outsiders? If this matter is spread to others, how will that benefit you? How’s Nan Nan going to face other people?”

“Exactly. Ding Jiayi, what were you trying to do exactly by dragging the three of us here?”


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