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Chapter 2432: I Have to Head Back (4)

She wasn’t here to see Ding Jiayi. She was here to protect the image of the Zhai family. If she was the only one to be blamed for being unfilial, Qiao Nan would have cut ties with Ding Jiayi long ago.

She could be filial to anyone else, but Ding Jiayi didn’t deserve it.

Qiao Nan knew the consequences of letting Ding Jiayi have it her way; Ding Jiayi would eat her alive as she would always be greedy for more.

She was unlikable in every way.

“Sure. I’m sure no one in this neighborhood would steal it. If you are worried, you can leave the gift with me, and I’ll pa.s.s it to your mother when I see her around.”

Uncle Lin was nice to Qiao Nan, but he despised Ding Jiayi.

Everyone knew that Ding Jiayi just went to look for Qiao Nan.

It was obvious that Ding Jiayi was at home and wide-awake.

Even if Ding Jiayi was foolish, it was selfish of her to only see Qiao Nan as a daughter after she was married into another family. She had never considered Qiao Nan’s feelings and only sought benefits for herself.

Ding Jiayi was really one of a kind in the neighborhood. Otherwise, the neighborhood’s name would be ruined.

Ding Jiayi wanted to show off using Qiao Nan, but no one else was playing the game with her.

Everyone favored Qiao Nan over Ding Jiayi in the past. These days, Ding Jiayi had only become worse, so the neighbors wouldn’t watch Qiao Nan getting bullied by Ding Jiayi.

Since Ding Jiayi was asking for it, the old neighbor didn’t mind embarra.s.sing her.

“Thank you, Uncle Lin.” As Uncle Lin was cooperative, Qiao Nan wanted to take the chance to leave and headed for Uncle Lin’s house.

Before Qiao Nan could step away, the Qiao family’s gate was pushed open. “I’m home. Come in. Don’t bother the neighbors.”

This d.a.m.n brat really knew how to get on her nerves. Why couldn’t her daughter just comfort her when she’s angry?

Ding Jiayi could only blame her bad luck for giving birth to a daughter like this.

However, she believed strongly in karma. Since so many people were in debt to her, she believed that there would be payback in her next life.

Uncle Lin snorted at Ding Jiayi who glared at him.

She was a horrible mother, yet she didn’t allow anyone to help Qiao Nan. How could someone be so shameless? Forget it. It was impossible to talk sense into someone like Ding Jiayi.

Since Ding Jiayi let Qiao Nan into the house, Uncle Lin could only leave after shutting the door.

However, he was still worried about Qiao Nan.

Based on his understanding of Ding Jiayi, the conversation between Qiao Nan and Ding Jiayi would definitely not end well.


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