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Chapter 2523: Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (24)

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“Let me ask you. What have you been up to?”

“What did I do?”

Qi Minlan was confused. “You asked me to study hard because I can’t lag behind Zhai Yaohui as he gets better. Otherwise, there will be people trying to drag me down.”

Then, Qi Minlan felt a little guilty. “Dad, have people been gossiping around again? Don’t trust them. They want me to fail. That’s why they’re speaking ill of me and trying to pull me down. I’m only with those boys because of my studies. If I don’t try my best and study with others, how will I ever improve?”

“What? You’re still with your male cla.s.smates?” Old Master s.h.i.+ had gone down that path too. It was just that it had not caused him any trouble at that time.

As someone with experience, Old Master s.h.i.+ didn’t think that friends.h.i.+p between females and males could remain platonic.


Old Master s.h.i.+ didn’t believe that in the least.

She went to such a huge school with so many students. There were so many people she could discuss her studies with. Why did it have to be with those boys?

He didn’t think that there were no female students who were good at their studies in the entire school.

If that was the case, that was a lousy university!

“Dad…” Wasn’t her dad talking about this matter? “Dad, you can be direct with me. Why did you call me here?”

It was better to clear the air once and for all. If she continued guessing in this manner, she might very well expose herself unwittingly.

“Have you created any trouble for others lately?”

Even if Qi Minlan didn’t admit to it, Old Master s.h.i.+ was prepared to expose her.


He was mentally exhausted.

Old Master s.h.i.+ wasn’t even sure why he had been forced out of his position, and now, his daughter had taken the initiative to admit to having secret relations.h.i.+ps with other men outside!

Before he had solved the initial problem, another had appeared!

He had a son too. If his son’s fiancée even had a solo interaction with other men, he would definitely find a way to get his son another partner.

The country was so vast, and there were so many female comrades. Would his son have to worry about not being able to find a good young lady?

But now that this young lady was his own daughter while the man was another man’s son, Old Master s.h.i.+ couldn’t care so much.

“Make trouble for others? No, I’ve always been very law-abiding. I…” No, she had indeed brought people along to corner that countryside girl.

Qi Minlan eyed Old Master s.h.i.+ carefully. “Dad, why are you suddenly asking me that out of the blue? Did something happen?”

“Why? Nothing much. It’s just that your dad has been fired. If you do something more, your brother might even be kicked out of the military!” Old Master s.h.i.+ slammed the table furiously.

As expected, the woman that Old Zhai said had gone to create trouble for his future daughter-in-law was no other than his own daughter!

Old Master s.h.i.+ had been hoping that he would be able to boost his career by getting Qi Minlan to marry Zhai Yaohui.

Who would have known that he would have taken a loss before even getting to take advantage of his daughter and son-in-law?

Qi Minlan’s expression changed. “Dad, what do you mean? What happened?”

“What happened? I’m retired and can rest well at home from now on. Are you happy? I’m warning you not to make trouble for anyone now. Otherwise, the one sitting here and talking to you will be your brother. If anything happens to your brother, you know very well what will happen to our family. Do you think we’ll be able to live so comfortably?”

Old Master s.h.i.+ felt aggrieved that his career had been destroyed, but no matter how he felt, he knew that there was no way of reversing the situation.

But that didn’t matter. He still had a son. As long as he protected his son, the s.h.i.+ family wouldn’t crumble.

As such, Old Master s.h.i.+ instructed Qi Minlan to behave.

As long as no one tried to create trouble, they would count it as the s.h.i.+ family’s good fortune.

Qi Minlan took a deep breath. “I understand. But Dad, I was wronged. What rights do they have? Do you think I can’t even compare to a countryside girl? They’re bullying me! It’ll be embarra.s.sing for me if word gets out.”

The Zhai family no longer treated her as well as they did in the past. Even Auntie Zhai no longer invited her over to the Zhai family’s house.

She couldn’t even enter the Zhai family’s house while that stupid girl, Miao Jing, seemed to have planted her roots in the Zhai family’s house. The Zhai family was bullying her!

Old Master s.h.i.+ agreed with Qi Minlan. “But what can we do? They have more power than me and have a higher status. There’s nothing we can do even if they bully us. We can only hope that your brother will do us proud and outs.h.i.+ne Zhai Yaohui in the military. As long as your brother makes it, we’ll be able to prove our worth and be equal with the Zhai family. Then, we won’t need to live our lives depending on the Zhai family.”

Qi Minlan clenched her fist. “Yes, the Zhai family is such a bully. We have to depend on my brother now.”

As long as her brother was successful, she wouldn’t even have to care about Zhai Yaohui.

The Zhai family didn’t like her, but neither did she like Zhai Yaohui.

It wasn’t as though Zhai Yaohui was the only man left in the world. When that time came, she wouldn’t even wait for Zhai Yaohui to dump her. She would dissolve the engagement herself.

Humph! Who would like Zhai Yaohui who was like a wooden block with no feelings? She didn’t!

Zhai Yaohui, who had been branded as a wooden block, had no idea about Qi Minlan’s thoughts. After a year of training in the military, he seemed to have gotten more toned and matured.

Seeing that her son was finally back, Grandma Zhai shed tears of joy.

On the other hand, Miao Jing, who was at home too, was pondering about finding a job and moving out. The moment she saw Zhai Yaohui, she quickly hid in a corner.

A year ago, Zhai Yaohui had given off the warmth and kindness of an elder brother, at the very least.

But now, Zhai Yaohui seemed to have gotten much more aggressive and cold because of the time he had spent in the military. It felt as though he was a carnivore waiting to devour his prey.

Miao Jing felt goose b.u.mps all over her body the moment she eyed Zhai Yaohui.

“You’re finally back. Why do you behave like your dad and forget that you have a home to return to once you go to the military? Your dad’s situation was special and he was away for a few years. But you didn’t even come back to visit your dad and me during the new year holidays. If not for Miao Miao, we wouldn’t even have been able to celebrate it!”

With that thought, Grandma Zhai’s gaze toward Miao Jing grew even more regretful.

Without her son by her side, it had been Miao Jing spending time with her, and yet, she had even suspected Miao Jing, saying that Qi Minlan was a good person.

She wondered if Miao Miao was still upset at her


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