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Chapter 840 I Won’t Care About Your Matters Anymore

However, sometimes, one could not choose not to believe it when such things happened.

At this moment, Zhai Yaohui took a glance at Zhai Sheng but he did not say anything.

It was only until five minutes later that Zhai Yaohui reminded him. “Qiao Nan should have already decided on her choice of college. When you have resolved Qiu Qin’s case, arrange a meet up with Qiao Nan’s father so that our two families can meet.”

What he meant was that they had to firm up the marriage between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

“Okay!” All of a sudden, Zhai Sheng felt high-spirited and energized. The earlier that he could resolve Qiu Qin’s matter, the earlier he could firm up his marriage with Qiao Nan.

He had been longing badly for this. It had been four years since he first had feelings toward Qiao Nan. It was when she was still in her third year of junior high school. Zhai Sheng, this ‘over-aged bachelor’, felt tearfu just thinking about the pain and heartaches that he had gone through in this journey. It had been so tough.

To sell what was entrusted in one’s care—the crime of selling cultural relics was not a minor one.

After being reminded by Qi Minlan, Qiu Qin went home and informed Elder Qiu. He then immediately took the proceeds from his earlier sales of the cultural relics and the remaining three pieces of unsold cultural relics and left hurriedly.

Qiu Qin knew that if he wanted to protect himself, he had to bring these items and leave China as soon as possible. He would only be safe after leaving China.

However, before that, he had to leave Ping Cheng first as soon as possible and he could not be caught. Thereafter, he would disguise himself, gather some false ident.i.ty doc.u.ments, and leave China.

Having been a government official for many years, Qiu Qin had sent people to jail before but he had never been imprisoned. He did not wish to be imprisoned.

Furthermore, given his current situation, he could completely take a gamble. What if he could successfully escape overseas? He could make use of this sum of money and the three pieces of cultural relics to start afresh and do something big in foreign lands.

In short, he would definitely not sit and wait for his death to come.

When Qiu Qin was escaping, he was especially grateful to Qi Minlan for saying those words to him. If not for her, he was afraid that he would not even know that he had let the cat out of the bag even if he were to be caught. He would be confused.

It seemed that Zhai Sheng was already aware of his doings when he asked Qiu Chenxi to look for Zhai Sheng previously. It was probable that Qiu Chenxi even had a transaction that he was unaware of with Zhai Sheng

Otherwise, Qi Minlan would not find out about this matter, and she would not have divorced him.

He had been caught by Zhai Sheng, this junior. In addition, he was also led around by his own daughter, who nearly caused him to be jailed!

As for the woman that he had found outside, Qiu Qin was not able to care about her at this point in time. Old Master Qiu was aware of his situation. Hence, he completely entrusted that woman under his father’s care.

When he arrived overseas and settled down, he would first fetch that woman followed by his parents over.

In short, if he could not remain in China, he would go overseas and develop there!

The imagination was beautiful but the reality was merciless.

Regardless of the number of possibilities that Qiu Qin had in mind, the reality was that he had been caught red-handed before he could even leave the grounds of Ping Cheng.

Zhai Sheng did not give orders to set up checkpoints along the road. He just got people to guard the few main exits of Ping Cheng

Given the crime that Qiu Qin committed, unless he could hide overseas, he could forget about seeing the sun and reuniting with his family for the rest of his life.

There were only a few cities in China that allowed people to travel overseas. There were also only some routes in Ping Cheng that would lead to these few main cities. It was unnecessary for Zhai Sheng to waste manpower and resources to block all the routes.

As such, Qiu Qin had been arrested even before he left Ping Cheng. He was pulled down from the car. “Qiu Qin, I’m a police officer of China. In line with the law, I’m arresting you due to the various crimes that you have committed that are a.s.sociated with illegally stealing and selling of cultural relics. You have the right to maintain silence. However, whatever you say will be deemed as evidence to be presented in court!”

A pair of silver handcuffs cuffed the hands of Qiu Qin. The chauffeur who was driving Qiu Qin was so scared that his face turned as white as a sheet.

He had been driving a criminal who would be imprisoned soon. “Police, Mr. Policeman, I’ve been wronged. I’m just a driver. I’ve not done anything wrong.”

After much difficulty, they finally managed to arrest Qiu Qin and retrieved the money proceeds from the sale of the cultural relics as well as the stolen relics from the bags that Qiu Qin brought with him. The police officer heaved a sigh of relief.

When the police officer heard the driver’s words, he was amused. “Don’t worry. We’re just acting according to the law. We don’t intend to arrest you. You can go back now. As for the fees of this trip, you will have to seek from his family if you really want to have them.” The police officer pointed at Qiu Qin.

“No, I don’t want them anymore.” The driver quickly waved his hands. As long as they did not arrest him and take him to the police station, he did not mind losing this sum of money. He was scared.

Qiu Qin had been arrested and the stolen cultural relics were successfully retrieved without one item less. Of course, most of the money proceeds from the sale of the cultural relics had been retrieved as well. It was naturally a happy matter for both the party and the country. It was really very fortunate that the cultural relics of China would not be lost to foreign lands.

Needless to say, regarding this matter, Zhai Sheng had displayed keen observation skills as well as strong leaders.h.i.+p and organization skills. He had discovered and stopped Qiu Qin’s illegal actions in time. He had retained the precious cultural relics excavated from the grounds as well as the huge expression of the country’s spiritual wealth. This was, of course, another great contribution.

When Qiu Qin was in his most embarra.s.sing state, Zhai Sheng was in the limelight.

If not for the fact that the Zhai family did not like to appear on the screen and it was also inappropriate for them to appear as public figures, the number of people who wanted to interview Zhai Sheng could form a queue as long as eighteen streets.

Miao Jing only came to know about this matter after it had been resolved. Her eyes widened and she was stunned many times as she listened to it. “Qiao Dongliang made some contribution just by divorcing?”

“Wrong. This matter could be resolved because Qiao Nan is smart and sensitive enough.” Zhai Hua spoke matter-of-factly. It was no wonder Zhai Sheng loved Qiao Nan so much and even her parents had completely accepted Qiao Nan. They even fetched the old master back.

Even for a family like theirs, although Qiao Nan did not have a good family background, it was more than enough that she was smart and capable.

It was so unlike…

At the thought of Wei De, Zhai Hua felt gloomy.

Regarding the incident that happened when Qiao Nan was announced as the top scorer in the college entrance examination, Zhai Hua had mercilessly given Wei De a scolding. She had said to Wei De clearly, “If you want us to have a good outcome, don’t hit your ideas on Qiao Nan in the future. Qiao Nan is my sister-in-law. This matter won’t change. My mom has already agreed. Only the old master in my family has not formally come into contact with Qiao Nan. Given my understanding of him, he will not reject someone that Zhai Sheng likes.”

“That may not be true. I heard that the old chief seems to like someone else many years ago, no?” However, didn’t he also marry this muddleheaded Madam Zhai in the end?

“Wei De, I am finally able to tell. You’re going to be at odds with Zhai Sheng?” Zhai Hua was so angry that she was holding on to her waist to support herself. “Fine, you can continue to be at odds with him. I’ve been worrying about whether there will be a way to let Zhai Sheng accept you first. Given this att.i.tude of yours, I can stop worrying now. He definitely won’t. In my family, I’m on best terms with Zhai Sheng. Zhai Sheng is already the person that we can bring on our side most easily. You can do it your way. I won’t care anymore!”


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