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Chapter 885 Could Not Be Compared to Zhai Sheng in Every Way

However, before she went to ‘trouble’ Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan went to see someone.

After confirming that Zhou Jun was really the training instructor for s.h.i.+ Qing’s cla.s.s, Qiao Nan gave a sigh. “Brother Zhou.”

When he was called, Zhou Jun’s body stiffened. He did not expect to into Qiao Nan after avoiding her for so long. The military training was coming to an end and he was going to leave after completing the mission. “Nan Nan… Qiao Nan, good day.”

“Brother Zhou, thank you.”

Zhou Jun gave a bitter smile. “Don’t need to thank me. These are all arrangements by Regiment Commander Zhai.”

Of course, Regiment Commander Zhai could not come to Peking University himself. In fact, he had wanted to arrange someone else to come. However, Zhou Jun took the initiative to find a way to come. His purpose was to see Qiao Nan one more time.

Zhou Jun was aware that Qiao Nan was engaged to Zhai Sheng. It was also because of this that Zhou Jun knew that he had to address the other party as Mrs. Regiment Commander the next time he were to meet Qiao Nan in public.

At the thought of this address, the bitterness in Zhou Jun’s heart was ten times more than that of a bitter gourd.

He had initially wanted to marry Nan Nan after she completed her college studies. Who would have known that Regiment Commander Zhai would be so quick in his action? He had already gotten engaged with Nan Nan.

He should have guessed it long ago. Nan Nan was so good and she grew up in the quad together with the regiment commander. They lived very near each other. They had gotten along for a longer time and their feelings for each other were deeper. Nan Nan was such a good lady. Even a blind person could tell the good qualities of Nan Nan.

Furthermore, Regiment Commander Zhai was never blind. How would he miss Nan Nan, this bright pearl? He was the one who was too slow in his action.

Zhou Jun had always known that his own regiment commander had liked someone since three years ago. However, he had never asked him who the lady that he liked was.

Although he had expressed to the regiment commander that he had also taken a liking to a young lady, unfortunately, he had never mentioned Nan Nan’s name right from the beginning.

Due to the fact that Nan Nan’s name had never been mentioned by both the regiment commander and him, now that Nan Nan was engaged with the former, Zhou Jun was not even qualified to say that Zhai Sheng had s.n.a.t.c.hed Qiao Nan away from him.

Who would have known that the lady whom Zhai Sheng liked, that Zhou Jun was extremely curious about, was, in fact, the one that resided in his own heart?

“Brother Zhou, you will definitely find someone that you will like more.” The once bright and sunny elder brother looked so gloomy now. Although she did not commit this sin, she somehow had a part in it.

Brother Zhou was older than Brother Zhai by a few years. Initially, she also saw Brother Zhai as her elder brother in the past. Hence, it had never occurred to her that Brother Zhou had such feelings toward her.

Zhou Jun gave a bitter smile but did not reply.

Before he came to Peking University, he had already written home to ask his mother for help in organizing match-making sessions.

The one that he had been waiting for belonged to someone else now. He was already thirty years old. He should also form a family and have children soon. He had to be responsible to his parents as well. “When the time comes, I will invite you to my wedding.”

“You?” Brother Zhou already had someone in mind?

“Brother Zhou…” Given Zhou Jun’s expression alone, Qiao Nan did not believe that the partner that Zhou Jun was with now was someone that he liked. “No matter what, I hope that you can take action after careful consideration. You’re a soldier. The mistake that you shouldn’t make most is to lose your cool and become impulsive.”

“Don’t worry. I have thought about it.” Zhou Jun tried hard to smile. “My Mom wishes to carry a grandchild as soon as possible. I have also considered it for a long time. I will be responsible not only to my parents but also my other half in this marriage.” He was a man. He knew the responsibilities that he had to fulfill after making a decision.

“Congratulations then.” Since Zhou Jun had already decided, as outsiders, it was not good for Qiao Nan to speak further on this. If she did, it would seem that she had a personal agenda.

“Thank you.” Zhou Jun’s smile still did not look natural. “You should already know why I came to Peking University to be an instructor. I hope you don’t mind me being a busybody. I have told Regiment Commander Zhai about your situation. I came to Peking University for this mission.”

It was too obvious that Tang Jiayun was targeting Qiao Nan. Although Zhou Jun was not the instructor of her cla.s.s, he had already discovered this issue.

Zhai Sheng was worried that Qiao Nan would encounter any trouble at school. In order not to disturb her, he simply kept silent and sent someone from his side to find out the situation.

Having stepped out into society for so long, Zhai Sheng had encountered many kinds of nuisance and troubles before he became a regiment commander. They occurred even in the army, let alone school.

Furthermore, when they attended college, humans tended to be more complex. They would not be as simple as before.

There are all kinds of fish in the sea. Zhai Sheng had to be prepared for contingencies.

“Thank you.” After thinking, Qiao Nan only thanked him.

Having met such a troublemaker like Tang Jiayun, Qiao Nan was quite hesitant as well.

However, everyone lived in the same dormitory. Given that behavior of Tang Jiayun alone, Qiao Nan had to face a lot of problems in the future. To put it bluntly, it was much easier for Tang Jiayun to do anything to her given that everyone stayed in the same dormitory.

It would not do if she did not tell Zhai Sheng. It was not good to tell him either. The military training had ended and Qiao Nan had not decided whether she should give Zhai Sheng a call.

Now that Zhou Jun had already helped her inform Zhai Sheng about the situation, naturally, Qiao Nan did not need to hesitate any further.

Zhou Jun relaxed his shoulders. “Thank you is better than sorry. Nan Nan, Regiment Commander Zhai is quite good. No, he is very good. You are a good lady. Certainly, you deserve to have such a good future. I give you my blessings.” If he had lost to others, he would definitely not concede defeat. However, he had lost to Regiment Commander Zhai. He could not refuse to concede defeat.

Zhou Jun was well aware that he could not be compared to Zhai Sheng in every way. This even applied to Zhai Sheng’s feelings for Qiao Nan.

After he found out that Qiao Nan was the one who was engaged to Zhai Sheng, Zhou Jun then seriously recollected Zhai Sheng’s behavior over the past few years. He then discovered that while he had been thoroughly focused on doing well in the army so that he could be promoted and could give Qiao Nan a better status, Zhai Sheng had already given Qiao Nan much practical help since a long time ago.

It was not enough to dote on and protect Qiao Nan just by paying lip service.

At the very least, all the troubles that Qiao Nan had encountered over these few years were resolved with Zhai Sheng’s help.

He was a busy man but Regiment Commander Zhai was not any less busy.

Hence, the difference was obviously telling. His care and concern for Nan Nan were not more than that of Regiment Commander Zhai.

Facing such a strong and formidable love rival, Zhou Jun was aware that he did not even stand a chance to compete.

Qiao Nan smiled. “Certainly, Brother Zhai is very good.” Choosing to be with Brother Zhai was the most correct decision that she had ever made in her life.

In the face of Qiao Nan smiling brightly like a flower, Zhou Jun could not help but say, “You’re very good too!”

“Thank you.”

Zhou Jun felt dejected. Besides saying ‘thank you’ to him, did Nan Nan not have any other topics of conversation?


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