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Chapter 938 Truly a Big and Silly Fool

So what if they had this piece of information? This could only prove that Yu Xiaoxiao, and not her, was the one who went online. It did not have anything to do with her.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. “Counselor, I have something on and will make a move first. I will have to continue to trouble you on the matter regarding the thread.” Given Lü Yan’s current att.i.tude, Qiao Nan did not even have the mood to continue watching the show.

At this moment, Qiao Nan already knew in her heart who posted the thread, and so did the counselors.

Qiao Nan believed that as Zhai Yaohui was involved, the school would certainly not let Lü Yan off easily. This matter had to be pursued thoroughly. Thus, Lü Yan’s denial was not important at all.

“Oh, okay.” The counselor regained his senses. “You have suffered in this matter. Don’t worry. The school will definitely settle this properly and give you a satisfactory outcome.”

The of Peking University did not tell Qiao Nan’s counselor about Zhai Yaohui’s ident.i.ty and the relations.h.i.+p between Zhai Yaohui and Qiao Nan.

However, judging by the’s tone, the counselor already knew that he could not look down on Qiao Nan just because she was partic.i.p.ating in the work-study program. On the contrary, he had to take Qiao Nan seriously.

“Thank you for your hard work then, counselor.” Seeing that the counselor was going to stand up and send her off, Qiao Nan shook her head. She then took her bag and left. “Right, counselor, please help me cancel the request for the work-study program. I feel that it is not quite appropriate to do that now.

Previously, she was staying in school and could still work and study at the same time.

Now, she had already moved out. If she were to continue with the program, she would eventually be challenged by others.

“Not… Alright, don’t worry. We will settle this for you.” The counselor initially wanted to say ‘not a problem to continue’. However, after considering it, he felt that Qiao Nan was quite right. Hence, he agreed.

At the sight that Qiao Nan was going to leave the office and slip away from her, Lü Yan could not help calling out to Qiao Nan to hold her back. “Qiao Nan, I am innocent. Although we have not been dormitory mates for a long time, you should know the kind of person I am. Can you help me explain to the counselor? Really, this matter does not have anything to do with me.”

Lü Yan’s eyes were filled with pleading. At this moment, she was caught in a dilemma. She could not admit it. She must not admit it.

If she were to admit it, she would be ruined.

The counselor had been lording over them but he behaved almost like a boot-licker in front of Qiao Nan. So, Qiao Nan was not threatening anyone. She was truly very capable.

As such, she was definitely not the one who posted that thread!

“It is not easy for my parents to support me in my studies. In particular, they borrowed money from others to let me come to the capital to enroll in the school. Qiao Nan, can you help me, please?”

“Are you sure that you want me to help you?” Qiao Nan halted her steps and looked at Lü Yan straight in the eye.

Lü Yan’s eyes lit up. She nodded hard. “Qiao Nan, trust me. I didn’t do any bad things at all. I have been wronged. Moving forward, let’s be good friends.”

“Boo.” Yu Xiaoxiao was both amused and angry by Lü Yan’s words. The situation had become as such and she still wanted to be good friends with Qiao Nan. Lü Yan was too shameless. That was simply wishful thinking!

Qiao Nan looked at Lü Yan in disbelief. At the sight of the serious look on Lü Yan’s face, Qiao Nan turned and said to the counselor, “Counselor, after you have gotten to the bottom of the matter, issue the party with a demerit. We are cla.s.smates after all.”

“Qiao Nan, are you certain about it?” The thread had smeared the name of a prominent figure. The said that they had to take this very seriously. Of course, the had also mentioned that they needed to respect the opinion of Qiao Nan.

“I’m certain.”

“Alright.” The counselor nodded. Since the party concerned whose name had been smeared already said this, the school also had a direction on handling this matter. The counselor was easier to convince now.

Qiao Nan’s words had such a great influence on the counselor. When she said to issue demerit for Lü Yan, Lü Yan would not have another form of punishment then. At the sight of this, both Yu Xiaoxiao and Lü Yan were wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

Lü Yan was stunned by Qiao Nan’s capability. Qiao Nan had pleaded leniency for her. In addition, Qiao Nan did not reject her suggestion of becoming good friends. At that moment, Lü Yan suddenly had the feeling that she had risen to heaven from h.e.l.l.

d.a.m.n, if she had known that she would be able to hop onto Qiao Nan, this big s.h.i.+p, in this way, she would have posted the thread eight hundred years ago. So, Qiao Nan liked this kind of friend.

Some abuse was healthy?

Someone should have told her this earlier!

“Bye.” Ignoring that enthusiastic look on Lü Yan’s face as if she was a dog staring at a meat bone, Qiao Nan left without turning back. After this matter had been resolved, she still had to go to the small courtyard of the Zhai family to check on how much her future mother-in-law had recovered from the cold.

After Qiao Nan left, Qiao Nan did not know how the counselor made Lü Yan admit to everything. It was not necessary for her to know either. She was only concerned about the outcome.

When Yu Xiaoxiao and Lü Yan walked out of the office, Lü Yan looked disheartened and depressed. Her eyes were filled with deep self-blame. However, very quickly, Lü Yan looked happy when she lifted her face.

“Stupid.” Yu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes sarcastically at Lü Yan before she turned away and left.

The compet.i.tion in this society was so stiff. It was not easy for Peking University’s top graduates who came to the capital from other places to stay and become part of the working force.

A college student with a resume that had demerit points, let alone stepping out into society, she may not even get into a favorable department for the social practice. In fact, Lü Yan would simply be disqualified from the selection. Most likely, she would not even be qualified to apply for them.

Moreover, after being issued with a demerit, Lü Yan would have to abidingly carry her stool and sit by one side when the school reviewed the students’ eligibility for awards.

This demerit would not only mark Lü Yan closely during the four years of her student life but it was also fearful that the demerit would be inseparable with her. It would follow her for the rest of her life.

Regardless of the company, when they saw that Lü Yan had this demerit, they would think twice before hiring her. Only the daring ones would dare to recruit someone like Lü Yan.

At this juncture, to Yu Xiaoxiao, this was no different from Lü Yan being dismissed from Peking University.

Lü Yan was still feeling so smug and complacent. She thought that she had been very smart and had managed to convince Qiao Nan to soften her att.i.tude, that it was a blessing in disguise and she could become friends with Qiao Nan, this powerful cla.s.smate.

If Qiao Nan was willing to become friends with Lü Yan, Yu Xiaoxiao would write her name upside down!

Lü Yan’s face turned red. “You’re scolding me!”

Yu Xiaoxiao halted her steps and sneered. “So what if I am scolding you? Don’t forget that you stole my ident.i.ty card. I can sue you for this matter!” She was too shameless.

After being bitten by the quiet Lü Yan, Yu Xiaoxiao became more cautious. In particular, regardless of the circ.u.mstances, she would not let anyone secretly ‘borrow’ her ident.i.ty card.

Yu Xiaoxiao knew better. She stayed away from Lü Yan as much as possible and did not continue to have fun with Tang Jiayun. On top of that, she did not have the shame to get close to Qiao Nan.

Since Yu Xiaoxiao could not get along with her dormitory mates, Yu Xiaoxiao looked for other cla.s.smates or people from her hometown. No matter what, she would not be alone.


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