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Chapter 235: War

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Yan Kuan’s words did not make Ouyang Le feel embarra.s.sed at all. Sometimes, that was the case. If you liked someone or started to appreciate someone, then no matter what that person did, you would feel that what he did was right, and that it should be like this.

Just like at this moment, in Ouyang Le’s eyes, a man like Yan Kuan could only say such domineering words. If he climbed up like other men, then she did not think that this man was any better.

Moreover, in Ouyang Le’s eyes, although this sentence was said by Yan Kuan for the sake of other women, so what? As long as this man was not bound by the shackles of marriage, then she had hope. Taking a ten thousand step back… Even if he was bound by marriage, it did not necessarily mean that she would fail. After getting married, he could still get a divorce.

The Ouyang family’s daughter did not have the habit of being a mistress for others.. Although the Ouyang family also had very old customs, and her grandfather had four women, no matter which woman, they were not as important as her grandmother in her grandfather’s heart.

A legitimate wife must be respected, and a concubine was just a toy to relieve the boredom of a man. This was deeply ingrained in the hearts of all the girls in the Ouyang family.

Therefore, even if Ouyang Le saw Yan Kuan’s gentleness and protection of another woman with her own eyes, she did not care too much because she was very confident. Since she was young, she would always think of ways to get what she wanted. It was just Shen Xiaoxiao… The rundown family could not stir up any waves. That idiot An Ning had actually been defeated by such a person. It seemed that she did not understand at all. A smart woman would deal with a man, and a stupid woman would deal with a woman. And An Ning happened to be the one who was extremely stupid.

“President Yan is very good at taking care of the fairer s.e.x. Previously, which law firm I worked for overseas was the law firm of President Yan’s M Country company that was sent overseas. In all honesty, President Yan is my old boss.”

Ouyang Le did not seem to care at all about Yan Kuan’s protection of Shen Xiaoxiao. However, her approach was so obvious. It was so obvious that as long as it was a woman, she would be able to keenly sense that this woman’s intentions were not in the wine.

Shen Xiaoxiao was unusually calm at this moment. If she really had such a light and powerful woman as her opponent, it would be a very good thing. After all, if every woman was like An Ning, she would also be a little too bored.

However, there was actually no need to fight in this love defense battle. Ouyang Le had already lost because she was a member of the Ouyang family. Just this alone was enough to win the PK.

However, if Ouyang Le wanted to compete with her in the business market or other aspects, Shen Xiaoxiao would be more willing to play along. Now, she did not know if Ouyang Le had returned to the country purely to rope in Yan Kuan like she did with An Ning, or she had other motives.

The Ouyang family lacked helpers, and they lacked capable and reliable helpers. Although Ouyang Le was a girl, as long as she was valuable, she would be valued in the Ouyang family.

“Really? I don’t remember these small matters.”

Yan Kuan’s words were still cold, but Ouyang Le did not show the slightest bit of displeasure. The expression on her face was just right. She said very naturally, “That’s true. There are so many industries in K-ONE. How could President Yan remember so much? However, I feel very honored to have the honor of working with your company.”

“Since Miss Shen is not used to drinking, and President Yan seems to like the contents of the drink, then I’ll take this opportunity to toast the two of you. I apologize for what happened just now, and I wish for the possibility of meeting or working together in the future. I also wish for tonight’s main character, cheers!”

What beautiful words. She drank it in one gulp. She did not care whether they drank it or not. After drinking the wine in her hand, she said in a carefree manner, “Excuse me!”

She turned around and left. Her actions were clean. She was definitely not the type to play hard to get. This Ouyang Le was really not simple.

“How is it? This woman is not simple, right?”

The moment she left, Yan Kuan lowered his head and asked Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao had no choice but to admit Yan Kuan’s words now. She nodded and said, “En, not simple. It’s just too not simple. With such a helper in the Ouyang family, it looks like it will be even more difficult for us to succeed.”

“You, what are you worried about? Ouyang Le is a woman. Ouyang Tian will definitely not allow the women in the clan to be too capable and powerful.”

“Although Ouyang Le can indeed make a huge contribution to the Ouyang family, the internal conflicts within the Ouyang family are too great. Their demise is only a matter of time.”

“It’s just that once such fresh blood is injected into the Ouyang family, they will be even more like a tiger with wings.”

“Alright, stop thinking about them. Now that the Ouyang family has released the wolf, Pei Li, do you think it will be stable? I’m afraid that Ouyang Jincheng is much more worried than we are right now.”

“Yes, that’s right. Let’s take things one step at a time!”

The first dance was naturally performed by the main characters, Pei Li and Liu Yufei. Liu Yufei was wearing a long white dress today. Her appearance was originally inclined towards the gentle and demure type, so this long dress showed off her elegance. Standing together with Pei Li, they were truly a perfect couple.

Such a couple should have been extremely proud of themselves tonight. However, just as the dance was halfway through, there was a commotion outside the door.

Everyone looked outside the main door. This was the hall that the Ouyang family had set aside for themselves. Therefore, this was also the closest place to the main door. There was only a part.i.tion separating the main door from the sight of this place.

At this moment, the sound came from behind this part.i.tion. There was a large garden between the part.i.tion and the main gate. Because of the darkness, although there were camouflage beams outside, the big guy’s vision was not a heaven-defying existence. Other than Shen Xiaoxiao, no one saw the growing crowd in the garden.

The music stopped abruptly, and the two people in the dance floor also stopped their dance steps and stood there looking outside.

“Family Head, Family Head, there’s a pair of soldiers outside.”


The servants came in in time to report. Shen Xiaoxiao had just seen with her own eyes that as soon as the soldiers came in, many servants ran out from all over the Ouyang family, and their hands were all holding Type 00 submachine guns, just like the people in these troops.

The Ouyang family was indeed bold. Just these guards had such powerful weapons, and they even took them out unscrupulously in front of these troops. They were really incomparably arrogant.

At this moment, three people followed closely from the entrance of the banquet hall. The leader was a man in his thirties. He had a crew cut, sword-shaped eyebrows, and a square face. He had a straight face, and from the looks of his t.i.tle, he seemed to be a vice-commander. This was indeed a young chief of staff. The two people behind him looked ordinary, but their ranks were not ordinary. They were both deputy leaders.

Tonight’s scale was really not small!

“What’s the matter? Do you know what this place is?”


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