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Chapter 291: I Love You

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Yan Kuan did not expect Shen Xiaoxiao to suddenly say this under such circ.u.mstances. Moreover, she did not say it while she was drunk. Instead, she said “I love you” to him in a serious and calm manner.

Yan Kuan only felt that his heart was filled to the brim. At this moment, he felt extremely blissful!

This little thing could really surprise and move him anytime and anywhere.

“There was a sentence that you didn’t hear that day.”

“What sentence?” Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan, her heart racing. What kind of words could make Yan Kuan so serious!

“Shen Xiaoxiao, I allow you to love me, because I also love you deeply.”

The corner of his lips landed gently on the corner of her lips. In this pitch-black tunnel, accompanied by the faintly discernible sunlight, she felt that the entire world was spinning.

He said that he loved her, and he confessed to her. At this moment, Yan Kuan was so calm, and he confessed to her in such a serious manner.

All the worries and fears that she had experienced in the past few months, all the uneasiness that she had experienced in the past few months, were all satisfied at this moment.

“Don’t be moved. There will be many days that you will be moved in the future. Let’s go. Hubby will bring you to bask in the sun.”

“Shameless. You’re still not my hubby. Why did you say you’re my hubby? You’re so annoying.”

Yan Kuan did not need to look to know how shy Shen Xiaoxiao looked at that moment! He held her hand and the two continued to walk forward.

The light became brighter and brighter, and Shen Xiaoxiao became more and more curious. Dark 1 was really capable. He actually dug out such a big tunnel and did all these things under the eyes of the Ouyang family without being noticed. He was really amazing.

“Dark 1 is really amazing. He actually dug out such a tunnel.”

“This is a tunnel that was created during the anti-j.a.panese war. However, even Ouyang Tian doesn’t know about this place.”

“Even Ouyang Tian doesn’t know? How is that possible? Isn’t he over 80 years old? Looking at his age…”

“Looking at his age, he was only over 10 years old at that time. It’s normal for him not to know about this tunnel. At that time, the head of the Ouyang family wasn’t Ouyang Tian, but his father, Ouyang Xin!”

“But since Ouyang Tian was able to inherit the position of the head of the Ouyang family, then these secret tunnels must have been told to him too!”

“The problem is that Ouyang Tian did not inherit the position of the head of the Ouyang family through a proper way. At the beginning, the candidate that Ouyang Xin valued for the position of the head of the family was not the direct descendant of Ouyang Tian, but Ouyang Xin’s b.a.s.t.a.r.d son. However, I’m not sure what methods Ouyang Tian and Ouyang Tang used to get the position of the head of the family. Anyway, it’s fine as long as this position was not pa.s.sed down through a proper way. Ouyang Tian was so eager to make the Ouyang family flourish to prove that his father’s vision was wrong back then.”

“Earlier on, I was ignored by the Ouyang family. I was often bullied and avoided them. Later on, I accidentally broke into a tunnel and discovered this place. Therefore, other than me and Dark 1, no one knows about the Ouyang family’s big weakness. Moreover, this tunnel is not the only one. It runs through the entire Ouyang family. It connects all directions and can always contact the outside world. That’s why Dark 1 is able to enter and leave this place as if there is no one here.”

“So Ouyang Tian has such a secret matter.”

“So, you can go to whichever garden you want to walk around. You can even go to whichever room you want to teach someone a lesson.”

These words really aroused Shen Xiaoxiao’s interest. Teach someone a lesson? Needless to say, it was obviously to teach An Ning and Ouyang Tian a lesson!

“An Ning, just teach An Ning a lesson. I’ve discovered that An Ning is especially abnormal. You don’t know…”

Blah, blah, blah. Shen Xiaoxiao told Yan Kuan about what had happened in Ouyang Tian’s courtyard. Yan Kuan frowned as he listened, but Shen Xiaoxiao did not see it. When they were about to approach an exit that looked like a courtyard, Yan Kuan pulled her and said, “Did I ever tell you that An Ning and I have the same mother and different father?”

Shen Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him and said, “Didn’t you say that I shouldn’t interfere in your affairs? How could I possibly know?”

Although Shen Xiaoxiao said that she didn’t know, her words and tone clearly said that she knew? She wasn’t surprised at all.

Yan Kuan then ignored this pretentious little woman and continued:

“My biological father, he and Ouyang Jinling met when they were studying abroad. Originally, my father was going to strictly bring Ouyang Jinling back to the country to propose marriage after completing his studies. However, they were young and impetuous. My arrival caught my father and Ouyang Jinling off guard and they could only immediately return to the country to discuss the marriage with Ouyang Tian. However, what was unexpected was that Ouyang Tian, who had always loved Ouyang Jinling for no reason, actually strongly opposed this marriage. My father was detained in the Ouyang family without any investigation, and he was executed without any chance to stay.”

“Later, Ouyang Jinling forced me to die, but my birth disgusted Ouyang Tian, so I was left in the servant’s room to grow up. And Ouyang Jinling didn’t care about me.”

“At first, I thought that Ouyang Jingling was doing this to save me. However, a few years later, An Ning was born. Only then did I realize that something was wrong. Everyone knew that Ouyang Jingling had been living in the Ouyang family without an engagement. She had never been intimate with anyone, so whose child was in her belly? This became the Ouyang family’s big secret!”

“And I was also being ridiculed, beaten, and abused.”

“When I discovered these tunnels later, I accidentally discovered this big secret. Ouyang An Ning actually belongs to Ouyang Jingling and Ouyang Tian.”




When Shen Xiaoxiao heard the truth, she immediately puked out everything she had eaten for lunch.

It was too disgusting, too disgusting!

How could this be!?

No wonder Yan Kuan kept calling Ouyang Jingling’s name without even calling her mother. It was because of this!

“But didn’t you say that Ouyang Tian gave you and your mother a kill order? Why is that?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was also quite curious about this question. Since he did such a disgusting thing and even allowed An Ning’s birth, didn’t this mean that Ouyang Tian doted on this daughter? Why would he kill Ouyang Jingling?

“Don’t be so agitated. Ouyang Jingling isn’t Ouyang Tian’s daughter. She was adopted by Ouyang Tian from a side family. The Ouyang family also needs a daughter for marriage. Ouyang Tian doesn’t have a daughter!”

If that was the case, Shen Xiaoxiao felt a little better!

“Was Ouyang Jingling willing to accompany an old man for the rest of her life? Of course not. She relied on Ouyang Tian’s love to get involved with a guard of the Ouyang family, which truly angered Ouyang Tian.. She even hated me and wanted to get rid of me as well. Therefore, everyone thought that An Ning was the child of the guard, but they didn’t know that she was actually Ouyang Tian’s!”


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