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Chapter 330: Women In the Forbidden Area

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Ouyang Tian had been in charge of the Ouyang family for decades. It was not that he had not heard of the secret pa.s.sage in the Ouyang family. He had heard of it when he was young. At that time, it was the previous head of the Ouyang family, his father, who had built an escape pa.s.sage for the Ouyang family in order to avoid the chaos of war. It was an escape route for the Ouyang family.

However, he had stepped on his father’s corpse to ascend the throne, so he did not have the time to tell him this information. He also did not know the exact location of this secret pa.s.sage.

Instead, he had built a small secret room under his bedroom. But now, this mister in black said that the Ouyang family might have a secret pa.s.sage? Could it be that he knew something?

“Sir, why do you think that our Ouyang family has a secret pa.s.sage?”

Ouyang Tian’s question was direct, and the man in black was not vague about it, without even looking at Ouyang Tian. He said, “I don’t need to tell you where your position came from. Do you know whether this secret pa.s.sage is there or not? However, I think that you might not know where the exit of this secret pa.s.sage is.”

“That Yan Kuan is indeed not simple. He wants to escape from your heavily guarded main courtyard. Do you think that even the most powerful Black Emperor, who has been imprisoned for a few months and injected with poison for a few months, can escape unscathed and not be discovered by anyone?”

“There is only one possibility. He actually escaped through a secret pa.s.sage and did not leave from your main courtyard at all.”

When Ouyang Tian heard the words of the black-clothed man, his heart was also pounding. If Yan Kuan really left through a secret pa.s.sage, then how did he know where the secret pa.s.sage of the Ouyang family was? And how did his guard commander use to be Yan Kuan’s man? He had always thought that the guard commander had let him go. Otherwise, why did he disappear after Yan Kuan disappeared?

But now, this man in black actually said that he had escaped through the secret pa.s.sage? This made people wonder. How could ordinary people know their internal secrets? Moreover, it was a secret from decades ago. And this man in black, how did he find out?

“May I ask, Sir, how did you find out about my Ouyang family’s secret pa.s.sage?”

Ouyang Tian asked the black-clothed man back. These words were within the black-clothed man’s expectations. The black-clothed man looked at Ouyang Tian, who looked old and frail, but his body was actually as strong as a 40-year-old man’s. A complicated emotion flashed through his heart.

“Secret pa.s.sage? Not only is there a secret pa.s.sage, I know more. For example, the women imprisoned in the Forbidden Area!”

Ouyang Tienteng stood up from his seat. Who was this man in black? He even knew about the women in the Forbidden Area? How was this possible? How was this possible?

“What? Are you thinking of killing me now? Let’s not talk about whether you can kill me or not. Let’s talk about that woman. Old man, I have a way to wake that woman up. Do you want to try?”

“What? You can wake her up? She is suffering from Suoyin Flower Tears, which is from our Ouyang family. It has been lost for 20 years.”

Ouyang Tian did not expect that the black-clothed man could actually detoxify the Suoyin Flower Tears. This was not a joke, right?

“So what? Even if all of her organs are dead, I can save her, not to mention that she is only frozen.”

This time, Ouyang Tian was a little skeptical. Moreover, this black-clothed man was not simple to begin with. Back then, he could treat him as an honored guest because of his ability.

That year, not every matter that the Ouyang family was involved in could be resolved perfectly without leaving any evidence. If it wasn’t for this man in black’s repeated actions, he himself wouldn’t have been confident in how many people the Ouyang family would lose, not to mention their grand undertaking.

“Sir, could you…”

The moment Huang Yueyan arrived at the villa, she saw Shen Xiaoxiao strolling in the garden with a big belly. The man beside her was like a loyal dog supporting the empress dowager.

“Oh, showing off your affection. I was wondering how you got a big belly after not seeing each other for so long. How many months has it been? You’re going to give birth soon, aren’t you? With your small body and such a big belly, it’s really scary.”

“What’s so scary about it? There are two of them. Of course, they look a little bigger than the others, but they’re only a little over four months old. You, on the other hand, are really busy. It took you a few days to bring them over.”

“Do you think I can compare to you and be a leisurely and rich wife? I’m born with a hard life. Come, come, let me touch them. With your luck, maybe I’ll get married and have children too.”

Huang Yueyan walked towards Shen Xiaoxiao as she reached out to touch her big belly. Yan Kuan watched the interaction between the two women and a smile flashed across his eyes. It was good to have someone to accompany the little thing so that she wouldn’t be bored.

“President Yan, thank you for the merger last time. I owe you a favor. When the time comes, I will make it up to my G.o.dson and G.o.ddaughter.”

Huang Yueyan had always spoken casually to Yan Kuan. She did not flatter or be courteous. She was a very practical person.

The merger that Huang Yueyan mentioned was her first investment when she first arrived in M Country. Fortunately, KN Group had secretly intervened to help. Otherwise, their Huang Enterprise would not have developed as smoothly as it did now. Once the first shot was fired, the follow-up would naturally be much easier.

“You two go ahead and chat. I’ll be leaving first.”

Yan Kuan left the two women to sit in the garden and gossip. He turned around and left. Even if they were Shen Xiaoxiao’s good friends, he would definitely not say anything more. This distance had to be maintained. The women beside him, besides Xiaoxiao, could only be his future daughter. No, his daughter had to have a certain distance as well. Only Xiaoxiao, yes, only Xiaoxiao.

Huang Yueyan didn’t do anything about it. Instead, she became more and more flamboyant. Perhaps it was because of the influence of this foreign custom, but there was still some difference between here and the strict domestic customs.

“Do you know why I came a few days late?”

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it official business?”

Shen Xiaoxiao had told Huang Yueyan when she arrived in Las Vegas, but she didn’t expect that this person would only arrive after almost a week.

Huang Yueyan glanced at Shen Xiaoxiao. Her expression was indescribably strange. It was somewhat gloating, but also made people feel as if she was entertaining herself.

“Huo Wanting sent people to find me in M Country, and I received the news in advance. I deliberately took a big detour and went to various branch offices to investigate. I missed those people who were looking for me.”

“She’s looking for you? Why is she looking for you? Besides, why are you so happy that she’s looking for you?”

Huang Yueyan’s smile could not be blocked anymore. She said to Shen Xiaoxiao, “You can tell that I’m happy? Hahaha, do you know that Huo Wanting won’t live for more than a few days?”

This news was shocking. She would not live for more than a few days? What kind of joke was this?

“Are you kidding me? She won’t live for more than a few days? The last time I saw her, she was fine. She was still so bright and beautiful. She looked like a young girl in her twenties.”

“Humph, do you think that this woman with the tattoo of the Suoyin flower won’t pay a price? This desire is not a price.. To a woman, the real price of the Suoyin flower is that she won’t live past 55 years. Besides that face and her lower body, her whole body will rot and die!”


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