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Chapter 375: Switch Back Again

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Brother Li, you are at a crucial moment right now. Xiaoxiao can afford to wait. Moreover, you can believe in these charms. Let’s just believe it now. Only when Brother Li is better will I be better. Don’t you think so?”

Pei Li’s foot, which was about to cross the threshold, stopped in mid-air when he heard this. He came over and retracted his foot. Indeed, he could not believe it in the past, but tonight was really too crucial. He really could not afford to be careless at all… Furthermore, he would spend the entire night with Shen Xiaoxiao. It was rare for him to stop halfway. If he missed out on a good opportunity, it would not be worth it.

Thinking about what Xiao Xiaoxiao had done just now, Pei Li was even more certain that Shen Xiaoxiao was a star in him. His heart immediately felt warm. If he were to swallow the entire Dongyou Country by then, Xiao Xiaoxiao would no longer have to accompany Du Ze… When that time came, he would definitely dote on her.

“Xiaoxiao is right. It’s just that Big Brother Li’s heart aches for you. Xiaoxiao, wait for me. As long as tomorrow’s matter succeeds, no one will be able to bully you anymore. Even that Du Ze won’t be able to covet you anymore. You have to be obedient and wait for me!”

“Big Brother Li, don’t worry. I will definitely be obedient and wait for you obediently.”

“Good, then I will leave first.”

After Pei Li finished speaking, he wanted to possess Shen Xiaoxiao and give her a kiss. Shen Xiaoxiao subconsciously avoided him because the big hand behind her had already reached out to her most sensitive spot. This d.a.m.ned Yan Kuan seemed to be unable to hold back his anger.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Pei Li’s puzzled expression and directly said, “Brother Li, today is the third day. You can’t break your cultivation. Even a kiss isn’t good. I shouldn’t have seen you anyway. Can you not be like this?”

Pei Li was speechless when he saw how pious Shen Xiaoxiao was. However, she did it for his sake, so he did not say anything else and turned around to leave.

The moment the door closed, Shen Xiaoxiao was hugged by a certain someone. His hand had already reached in. This was a kind of punishment, a kind of severe punishment.

“Little thing, this ‘Brother Li’ is really affectionate. Why don’t you call me Brother Kuan too?”

“You… Uh… Don’t… Don’t… Be gentle…”

“Gentle? Okay, hubby will give you a gentle one.”

When she woke up the next day, the servants had already placed her breakfast outside the room. After Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan finished their breakfast, only then did Yan Kuan have the time to ask the little thing about the amulet.

However, when she mentioned the amulet, Shen Xiaoxiao naturally thought of An Ning, who had fainted by the lake. So she asked Yan Kuan worriedly, “Will there be anything wrong? Will An Ning discover something?”

“Don’t worry, she can’t protect herself now, so she doesn’t have much time to think about other things.”

Yan Kuan’s insider in the Ouyang family happened to come in at this time to pack his things. When he saw Yan Kuan, he said respectfully:

“Master, Ouyang Tian hasn’t woken up yet. However, a strange thing happened last night. The artificial lake behind the main courtyard had everything in it die overnight. At this moment, everyone in the Ouyang family is saying that the Old Master is going to die. The heavens are warning them.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned. The Ouyang family actually connected the dots? However, it should be Yan Kuan’s handiwork.

“You asked someone to do it?”

Yan Kuan smiled and said, “Not everyone in the Ouyang family is so stupid. If someone wants to make use of it, even if the fish and prawns don’t die, there will definitely be other things that will come out today.”

Shen Xiaoxiao thought about it and agreed. However, what were they going to do now? Sit here and wait?

“You can go down first. Inform Dark 1 to bring her over.”


Once the inner line left, Yan Kuan bent down and personally helped Shen Xiaoxiao put on her shoes. Then he said, “Let’s go to the small house from last time and leave this place to Liu Yufei. If I’m not wrong, Liu Yufei will be brought to the main courtyard this afternoon. Who knows? We might even have to test whether the child in her stomach is related to Pei Li on the spot.”

“Test on the spot? Do you mean that Pei Li’s chances of winning are really very high?”

Yan Kuan smiled mysteriously and said directly, “It’s quite high. Almost 90% of the Ouyang family will choose him. The remaining 10% will only be the Ouyang family’s eldest son.”

This made Shen Xiaoxiao curious. Since when did Pei Li have such ability?

“Since when did Pei Li have such ability?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao and gave her a strange look. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, “Don’t be angry. The reason why Pei Li has such great ability is because he told the Ouyang family that within three months, Dongyou Country will be in the pocket of the Ouyang family. Furthermore, it will not be part of the family’s business. It will all be managed by the side branch of the Ouyang family.”


Shen Xiaoxiao never thought that it would be because of this reason. That d*mn Du Ze, he actually dared to touch her things! And this Pei Li, this b*tch! Who gave him the right to do so?

“Alright, don’t be angry. I knew that you would be angry if you knew. You are the one who is in the middle of this. You don’t know what kind of existence Dongyou Country is in the whole of China. In addition to the e-commerce that you have just stepped into, this profit is simply unimaginable. It was reasonable that Pei Li would be tempted. As for Du Ze, he is just a clown. He is not enough to be relied on.”

Yan Kuan would never have thought that the clown in his eyes would almost make the two of them suffer a great loss in the future. It also almost made the two of them be separated by yin and yang. This was something to be mentioned in the future.

“Also, that Liu Yufei is really not a person. She has erased her memory, yet she is still so shameless.”

“Alright, my men are keeping an eye on Dongyou Country. Nothing bad will happen. What Pei Li is seeing and coming into contact with are things that we let him see. The owners.h.i.+p of Dongyou Country belongs to you, not that Du Ze.”

“Oh, there is one more thing. Where is Gu Yuehua? She knows that Liu Yufei is dead. Why is there no reaction at all?”

At the mention of Gu Yuehua, Yan Kuan also frowned. Yes, Gu Yuehua really thought that Liu Yufei was dead, but there was no reaction at all and she had disappeared without a trace. It seemed that he had to investigate this Gu Yuehua properly.

“Yes, that is indeed the case. She must be hiding. Alright, don’t bother about other people’s matters.. If we want to go over, Liu Yufei will be sent over.”


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