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Chapter 576: Duel

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“What did you say? Break out? He broke out?”

Huo Gui stood in front of Shen Xiaoxiao excitedly and told her everything that had just happened.

They were fully prepared and were ready to catch Long Xi in a jar. However, they did not expect that Long Xi would break out of the siege alone without wearing any bulletproof vest and save his underlings under the rain of bullets. He turned the tables on the situation that he had already lost.

This, this, this was really something their boss could do. Right now, the people from both sides were still in a heated battle and showed no signs of abating.

“Huo Gui, that’s our enemy. Why are you so excited and happy? You know your boss, but don’t forget, he doesn’t know you. He only knows how to kill you. If you don’t make a move, you’re bringing your brothers to die.”

Huo Gui was stunned. He had not expected this to happen. He had just been immersed in seeing his boss’ arrogance again and had not thought too much about it. Now that he thought about it, he was surprised and broke out in a cold sweat.

That’s right. His boss did not remember them at all. How could he show mercy to them?

“I’ll go back immediately.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect that they would make such a big mistake themselves. They were all so worrying. If she had known earlier, she would not have told them about the ident.i.ty of Long Xi.

There was also Long Xi. Sigh, she wanted to tell him about his ident.i.ty now, but he had lost his memory. Yan Kuan, who had lost his memory, was definitely not the Yan Kuan who could ignore everything due to his deep feelings for her. Yan Kuan, who had lost his memory, was cold, overbearing, and even ruthless in doing things. She could not afford to gamble.

Shen Xiaoxiao had just used a pill that Old Man Yao had sent over. She was also dressed in black tight-fitting clothes and looked capable and neat.

Before they got close, the sound of gunshots in the distance was incessant. There were still a large number of arms and some antiques and treasures in their warehouse. It could be considered that Long Xi had some ability to find out about this warehouse.

“How are the casualties?”

“Don’t worry, Sister-in-law. I’ve already told you that if you can’t beat them, we will run. No one will die. Some minor injuries are not enough to be used as evidence. We have more people. No matter how strong Boss is, he won’t be able to suppress our repeated attacks. After all, this is our territory. However, we didn’t go all out. I’m worried that they have already seen through something.”

“I told you to go all out. Have you forgotten what I said? He’s not your boss. He’s Long Xi. He’s the boss of 24th Street in the Western District. He has long forgotten everything.”

Yun Qi’s eardrums were almost shattered by Shen Xiaoxiao. He had also made the mistake of thinking that he was still their boss. Even if they went easy on him, the other party would definitely not go easy on them.

Yun Qi almost did not recover from the blow. When he recovered, he happened to see one of his brothers being shot in the thigh by Yan Kuan.

This time, the stimulation of fresh blood finally woke him up.

“Kill them all.”

He finally got the signal to launch an all-out attack. This was the beginning of the real fight.

Long Xi had seen Shen Xiaoxiao when she had come over. He had not expected that once she had arrived, these people from the Dark Empire would suddenly act as if they had been injected with stimulants. It was as if they had just been playing house, and now they were really going to fight.

Long Xi had only felt it was a little bland earlier, but now he realized that this battle was somewhat interesting.

However, the people he had brought out were not to be trifled with. It would not be so easy to completely take them down.

Shen Xiaoxiao took the gun in her hand and shot at Long Xi without any scruples. The two sides seemed to have a tacit understanding. The boss versus the boss, and no one else entered their world.

The two experts exchanged blows. Darts and bullets came in endlessly. Shen Xiaoxiao was Yan Kuan’s disciple, and he was the one who handed back the darts. Even though Yan Kuan had turned into Long Xi and had weakened the lethality of the darts… However, the two of them were still evenly matched.

On one side, the flames of war were raging, while on the other side, the two of them had used up all their bullets.

“Looks like it’s inevitable that we’ll have to fight a tough battle in the end?”

“Didn’t you already expect this?”

“Alright, I’ll have a good fight with Xiaoxiao as well. I didn’t get enough of it before.”

As soon as Long Xi finished speaking, he took the initiative to attack. Shen Xiaoxiao realized that after not seeing him for a long time, Long Xi seemed to be getting colder and colder. The casual feeling she had when she was with him earlier had also disappeared, and this man was becoming more and more difficult to see through.

After experiencing the ma.s.sacre in the jungle, Shen Xiaoxiao had long known that she absolutely could not underestimate Long Xi’s strength. However, even so, Shen Xiaoxiao was still somewhat unable to withstand Yan Kuan’s ruthlessness.

However, Long Xi had long known that it was already rare for someone to be able to withstand more than a hundred moves from him. This woman was even more of an oddity among oddities.

However, would Shen Xiaoxiao be afraid of being beaten up like this? Of course not. Her fighting style had always been one where she did not care about her life. Long Xi’s gaze became increasingly cold. Several times, she had delivered her life to his hands, but in the blink of an eye, she would immediately deliver a vicious punch. Several times, he had almost lost control of his strength.

“You don’t care about your life anymore?”

“It’s a life and death fight to begin with. Why? Are you afraid?”

“I’m afraid? I think you really need to be taught a lesson.”

Long Xi did not show any mercy after he said that. He aimed at Shen Xiaoxiao’s waist and attacked. Shen Xiaoxiao barely dodged and turned around to raise her right hand. However, just when Long Xi thought that she was going to block him, his left hand quickly attacked. Her movement was twice as fast as her right hand and directly hit Long Xi’s face.

He spat out a mouthful of blood from the corner of his mouth. The smell of blood made Long Xi even more excited. The feeling of being alone and seeking defeat was actually not a good feeling. To be able to meet such a woman who matched his temper and appet.i.te, and even matched his skills… He did not want to miss the chance at all.

The two of them had been fighting for half an hour straight, but there was still no victor. Meanwhile, on the other side, the fight was also in full swing.

They had to take down the opponent tonight, or else the Dark Empire would be laughed at by the industry. It was enough for them to jump up and down the 24th Street of the Western District for such a long time.

Unfortunately, Shen Xiaoxiao thought a lot, but she was still no match for Long Xi in the endurance compet.i.tion.

An hour later, the Dark Empire already had an overwhelming victory. Everyone stood in place and waited for the fight between the two bosses in the distance.

The further they fought, the more Shen Xiaoxiao felt that something was wrong. As expected, when it was time for the final blow, her punch actually hit Long Xi directly without dodging at all. Shen Xiaoxiao knew her strength… Even if she wanted to retract it, at least one of Long Xi’s ribs would be broken.

Long Xi fell to the ground, and Shen Xiaoxiao won.

The eyes of the brothers from the Dark Empire lit up when they saw this. Their new boss was indeed powerful. Even if she was a woman, she still made everyone fear and look at her in a new light.

Long Xi was such a domineering person in the circle, but he was actually defeated by Shen Xiaoxiao. From tomorrow onwards, the Dark Empire would once again return to its position as the world’s overlord. No one would dare to provoke them again.

The night was dark.

They were extremely far away from those people. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Long Xi who had landed on the ground and asked with a frown, “Why?”

Long Xi had given up on her. If Long Xi did not give up, she definitely would not be able to win against Long Xi.

“With such a small amount of good kung fu, I admit defeat.. From now on, Western District’s 24th Street is owned by the Dark Empire.”.


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