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Chapter 64: The Ouyang Family

“This place is not bad, and the environment is simple. I also heard that Pei Li is currently studying in the second year of graduate school at Jingdu University. Pei Meimei is a freshman, and Liu Yufei is also a freshman who skipped a grade.”

Third Uncle looked at this small apartment. The environment was really not bad, and it was close to the school. There was also a safety guarantee, so it was quite suitable for this small apartment.

“Yes, I know Third Uncle. The most important thing now is to find out the intersection between the Pei family and the Ouyang family. On the surface, the merger proposal this time is a collaboration between the Liu family and the Pei family. In reality, the Pei family only acts as a middleman. The real mastermind behind this is the Ouyang family.”

“I’m thinking whether or not I should let this merger succeed. After all, it’s still the Shen Enterprise, not her Liu family’s enterprise.”

“I understand what you mean. If we follow Third Uncle’s idea, of course we should let this merger succeed. Because the more successful the Shen Enterprise is, the more glorious the Shen family will be after you take over.”

Shen Xiaoxiao listened to Third Uncle’s words, but she didn’t quite agree. This was because she didn’t trust the Ouyang family from the bottom of her heart. In her previous life, she was even exceptionally afraid of the Ouyang family.

In this life, she knew that her opponents, the Pei family and the Liu family, had the support of the Ouyang family behind them, so she could be considered prepared to meet the challenge of the Ouyang family.

But now, she felt that if she destroyed the merger, it would also destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the Ouyang and Liu families. Without the support of the Liu family, it would be much easier to deal with them.

Moreover, this way, she would not have to face the Ouyang family directly for the time being. She always felt that the Ouyang family was not simple, especially when she suspected that Yan Kuan was also targeting the Ouyang family. This feeling was even stronger. She would avoid the Ouyang family if she could.

As the number one aristocratic family in China with thousands of years of inheritance, such an existence was probably second to none in China. It was the only one.

The Ouyang family had businesses all over the world. They had backgrounds from all over the world, especially in China. From 20 years ago, many of the men in the Ouyang family had suddenly started to become officials.

This was indeed a departure from the Ouyang family’s inheritance. However, a small head like Shen Xiaoxiao would definitely not be able to understand why the Ouyang family would suddenly become officials.

Anyway, in her previous life, the Ouyang family was the number one family in China.

No one dared to bully them, no one dared to touch them, and no one did not try to curry favor with them.

“Third Uncle, do you know the Ouyang family?”

“The Ouyang family?” Shen Jinwen did not expect Shen Xiaoxiao to suddenly ask this question. He was a little stunned, but he quickly reacted and told her all the information he had collected over the years.

“The Ouyang family is very mysterious, but it is said that 20 years ago, there was a change in the Ouyang family, and it was related to their eldest daughter.”

“But after that incident, people from the Ouyang family began to take up official positions one after another. Until now, there are at least 10 people from the Ouyang family in China who hold important positions in various fields in Jingdou.”

“Ten people?”

“Yes, and this is only Jingdou. I’m not sure about the people outside.”

“Is the Ouyang family that powerful?”

Shen Jinwen smiled and said to Xiaoxiao, “You’ve always been abroad, so you don’t know. The Ouyang family has been in China for thousands of years. You can imagine how powerful they are.

“Right, why are you suddenly interested in the Ouyang family? But I heard that a young lady from their family became a celebrity. She’s very popular. You might not know her stage name. An Ning.”

“At that time, I even talked to a few old friends. I don’t know what the Ouyang family is thinking, but they actually let the young lady of the Ouyang family be an actress. They are getting worse with each generation.”

“Called An Ning?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned. Was this the An Ning that she had heard of before? The peace that had something to do with Yan Kuan? Was it her?

“Third Uncle, the relations.h.i.+p between the Pei family and the Ouyang family is not shallow. Pei Li’s mother is the daughter of a branch of the Ouyang family. If the merger between the Liu family and the Pei family is successful, then the Liu family will basically be tied up with the Ouyang family. When that happens, do you think that we have the confidence to s.n.a.t.c.h the Shen family back from the Ouyang family?”

“This, this, this… I really haven’t thought about this. Then, according to what you mean, we can’t let the merger succeed? Why does it feel like killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred of our own?”

“Third Uncle, we don’t have anything. How can we lose eight hundred of our own?”

“But if this merger is successful, it will really allow the Shen family to directly enter the first-cla.s.s society in China.”

“Third Uncle, you’re wrong. It will allow the Liu family to enter the first-cla.s.s society, not the Shen family. When that time comes, Will Liu Qianmin continue to allow the Shen family to exist?”

Shen Jinwen was stunned by this answer. Yes, according to Liu Qianmin and his wife’s personality, when that time comes, they would really only be able to become the Liu Enterprise, and the Shen Enterprise would really cease to exist.

His entire body was shocked, and cold sweat flowed down his back. He had actually never thought that it would be so deep. He had only thought that the cake was delicious and wanted to share a piece, but he had not expected that this cake would have been poisoned long ago. The other party might be waiting for him to flop it. At that time, the 10% of the shares in his hands would not be up to him.

It was so close. Fortunately, Xiaoxiao was careful. Otherwise, they would really have let this happen.

“Then we must not let them succeed in their merger. We must think of a way to stop it. We must think of a way to stop it. Oh right, the Seventh Young Master of the Ouyang family’s direct line of descent seems to be at Jingdu University as well.”

“Yes, I know this. Ouyang Yu, that perverted young master with a special hobby.”

Shen Jinwen did not hear what Shen Xiaoxiao said at the end. The information just now was really too big. He himself had not been able to completely react.

The reason why Shen Xiaoxiao knew about Ouyang Yu was because she had been sent to Ouyang Yu after Pei Li had knocked her out.

Ouyang Yu liked to torture people, and he liked to torture beautiful women even more. Back then, Ouyang Yu had originally wanted Liu Yufei, but Liu Yufei was already the daughter-in-law of the Pei and Liu families, so he definitely would not send her.

And Shen Xiaoxiao, who was also very good-looking, was naturally the person they wanted to send over to replace her.

The Ouyang family was too big. No one dared to not give face to the Ouyang family.

In her previous life, she had been given to Ouyang Yu and ran out while Ouyang Yu was drinking with them. It was also at that time that she had clearly recognized Pei Li’s true colors and also Liu Yufei’s true colors.

Now that she heard the names of these enemies appear one by one in front of her, she could not describe how she felt in her heart. However, in the end, she had to clean them up one by one. She would not show any mercy.

However, whether she should stop the merger or not made it difficult for Shen Xiaoxiao. Admittedly, destroying this merger would indirectly destroy the alliance between the Pei family and the Liu family. However, it would also push the Shen Enterprise into a dangerous situation.

In the future, once she took over, the Shen Enterprise would be a mess. At that time, it would be even more difficult for her to take it back.

This was really a big problem!


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