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Chapter 1140 – Everyone’s Changes Over the Past Hundred Years

“Ah?” Bai Biling was delightedly admiring and fiddling with a demiG.o.d artifact, but when she heard that, her grip slackened and the weapon clattered to the ground.

She looked back and forth, her gaze flitting between her smiling uncle and her father in astonishment.

“Upheaval…..” Bai Qizhi and Bai Qiao froze.

Little White paused as well, then laughed out loud. “As expected, Boss! Then you pushed Wei Jie and the others to the forefront, yeah?”

“That’s right. Also, I don’t have the energy to deal with all that. Wei Jie and the others became my closest followers shortly after I arrived in the lower lands, so I feel comfortable leaving it to them.” Ye Zichen didn’t deny it. He nodded a few times, then asked Little White, “Where did your Parliament of Stars come from? Wei Jie said you were a newly formed faction as well, yet you swept over and taken control of a third of the lower lands in just half a year.”

“Isn’t it obvious? This is all Yin Shang’s work!” Little White sighed inexplicably. “Boss, you might now know this, but Yin Shang became a diviner half a year ago.”

“He’s a diviner now?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

Earth Supremes, Sky Supremes, Diviners, and Rulers.

Back in the Three Realms, Yin Shang was only an earth-supreme-level expert, but now he was…. Just as Ye Zichen was in awe over his rapid growth, he considered that over a hundred years had pa.s.sed since his reincarnation, and that Yin Shang was the star’s Minister of the Left. Becoming a diviner wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

“That’s right! He became a diviner half a year ago. At that level, you can become a local hegemon even on the DIvine Mountains and form your own faction. None of us ever believed you were dead. Yin Shang took the name of the stars and formed a Parliament of Stars. In truth, we built this sanction for you. To tell the truth, of all of us, he was the most steadfast in his belief that you were still alive. Well, aside from Zuo Mo, that is.”

Little White shrugged, but he smiled with his eyes. “He told me that you were the Emperor Star, the future master of heaven and earth. Furthermore, he said that when you got here, establis.h.i.+ng yourself in the G.o.d Realm, which hasn’t changed its territorial divisions in countless years, would undoubtedly be extremely arduous, so he built this faction as a foundation for you. The idea was that when you came back, we would become the sharpest sword in your a.r.s.enal. We never would have guessed you’d establish Upheaval on your own! To think we almost came to blows!”

“Yin Shang!” When he heard that name, countless memories rose unbidden in Ye Zichen’s mind. Back in the Modern Realm, Yin Shang had taken over a clansmen’s soul and intentionally drawn closer to him.

Back in the Three Realms, Yin Shang had helped him countless times, and after becoming his auxiliary star, he fully lived up to his responsibilities.

I…. I’ve really made some reliable friends!

“Boss, since you’re baci, how about he just had the Parliament of Stars to you? This way, we can fuse with Upheaval and take control over all of the lower lands,” said Little White.

“No!” When Ye Zichen got here, he had indeed planned on infiltrating the Parliament of Stars, weakening them, and absorbing them. However, now that he knew the Parliament of Stars was formed on his behalf, he had to change his plans.

“You should maintain control over the Parliament of Stars. I’ll only tell Wei Jie and a few higher-ups of our true relations.h.i.+p. On the surface, we should remain in compet.i.tion.”

“What on earth for?” asked Little White in confusion.

“Don’t you think what goes on in the lower lands influences the Divine Mountain’s profits? If we really monopolize the whole region, what will we do when the Divine Mountains send their forces to suppress us? Right now, our two factions can restrict each other, which will put the people of the Divine Mountains at ease.”

“After a while, you can get the remaining territory and factions under control, while Wei Jie can take the other half. This way, we’ll have a forty-sixty split. The Divine Mountains might even contact you about suppressing Upheaval, which would give us an opportunity to interact with the people from above and obtain more information. However, although no one will know it, we’ll already have the entire lower lands in our pocket.”

Ye Zichen had only thought of all this after learning the Parliament of Star’s true allegiance. Little White wasn’t stupid, and when he heard Ye ZIchen’s expnanation, he quickly understood his true intentions.

He stuck his thumb up in approval. Ye Zichen laughed and continued, “So, if you’re the second pavilion head, is Yin Shang the first?”

“No, he’s acting from behind the scene just like you. Our main leader is actually…..” Before Little White could finish his sentence, two figures appeared in the courtyard. One had an ahoge carried a wooden staff, while the other was a woman. She was stunningly beautiful, the type of woman who could topple a city, yet she was relentlessly stuffing pills into her mouth.

“Ol’ White, what did you call us over in such a hurry for?” The man with the ahoge spoke, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he saw the woman’s nose twitch, and he followed her gaze.

“Wah…. you…..” When he saw it was Ye ZIchen, his staff fall to the ground. “Boss!”

When he saw these two familiar faces, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yuzhan, long time no see! Little Lorie, it looks like you’ve grown up.”

“That’s right! I grew up!” Lorie carefully put her pills away. Although a hundred years had pa.s.sed, she’d yet to overcome her obsession with pills.

She put her hands on her waist as she looked Ye Zichen up and down, her smile so faint it was almost indistinguishable. “When I first took on human form, you really pulled one over on me! You fed me nothing but cla.s.s-one pills to hoodwink me and make me your servant. You even had me look after your children….. Ai, how could you possibly be so heartless? How could you possibly deceive a little girl like me who knew nothing of the world?”

A hundred years really was enough time for someone to grow up. Lorie was no longer a blank slate; she’d experienced all sorts of things, and her personality gradually took form.

When Ye Zichen saw her with her hands on her hops, he couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle. He decided not to explain, and instead, took out a dozen or so bottles of grade-six medicine and tossed them to Lorie.

“This is for you.”

When the pills entered her hand, Lorie took a deep sniff of their medicinal aura and immediately perked up. “Since you gave me such high-cla.s.s pills, I’ll let the past slide.”

With that, she hurriedly popped a pill into her mouth. She seemed practically drunk with pleasure.

Now that Gou Yuzhan and Lorie were here, Ye ZIchen roughly understood the structure of the Parliament of the Stars. His friends from the lower realms must have joined after ascending, regardless of whether they were human or yao.

Gou Yuzhan was their nominal leader. As Yin Shang put it, Gou Yuzhan was the minister of the right; he needed a job! Besides, he was currently the strongest member of the Parliament of Stars. Even in his true form, Little White, a howling celestial dog and a primordial divine beast, could at most break even with him.

Lorie was the third pavilion head. She wasn’t as naive or foolish as she once was, and given her


“Little White, there’s something i should tell you.” Suddenly, Ye Zichen interrupted their revelry. “I….. killed a member of a higher-grade divine beast clan on the way here.”


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