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Chapter 316 – A Woman Shameless to the Core

The woman’s expression turned ugly, but she did not speak.

The sugar baby, who had been kicked to the floor by Ye Zichen, stood up, and cursed immediately, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you f*cking dare to hit me!?”


Ye Zichen’s response was another slap. Ye Zichen tilted his head and smiled at the young man, who now covered his face, “I told you this morning that you should wipe your mouth after eating s.h.i.+t. I’m very annoyed by the stench that comes out of your mouth!”

“You…” the young man glared at Ye Zichen, then walked up to the woman in a troubled manner. “Baby, he bullied me!”


The woman slapped him with the back of her hand, “Don’t you know how to fight back!? What are you acting shameless to me for? You are completely bringing shame to me!”

The young man did not dare to curse after being slapped by the woman. He merely held his face in a troubled manner, clenched his teeth, then smiled, “Baby, don’t get angry. It’s not good for your body.”

“F*ck off!” the woman kicked the young man’s stomach. Since she was wearing heels, the kick hurt the young man much more than Ye Zichen’s kick had.

The young man held his stomach and painfully squatted on the ground. At the same time, the woman also took out a card and chucked it in front of the young man, “F*ck off.”

“Baby!” The young man maintained his grandson-look.

“I told you to f*ck off!” the woman glared at him. The young man shrunk his neck in a slightly terrified manner before picking up the card from the ground and scrambling off.

Ye Zichen watched their internal conflict with interest.

When the young man finally left their sight, the woman walked in front of Ye Zichen with a look of admiration, “I like a man with a temper.”

“But I don’t like you,” Ye Zichen smiled with his hands in his pockets.

The woman ignored his reply, took out a name card from her bag and handed it over, “Qi Cheng, nice to meet you!”

“It seems like you aren’t well liked in your family, right?” Ye Zichen laughed playfully, and did not accept the name card.

“Why do you say that?” Qi Cheng revealed a curious smile.

“I could tell it from your name, Orange1, why aren’t you called Mango?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“Hehe…” Qi Cheng’s smile froze, then she glanced at Ye Zichen. “I like a man with a temper, but not a man who dares to use his temper on me.”

“Girl, you thought too much!” Ye Zichen tilted his head with a mocking smile. “Did you really think that I was chatting you up? Laozi told you from the start, laozi isn’t interested in types like you. Just back off when it’s suitable, why did you have to ask to get insulted!”


The woman’s expression grew sullen. At the same time, another sportscar stopped in front of them, and an extremely handsome man climbed out of the car.

“Lil’ Cheng, what are you doing here?”

As the man looked towards Ye Zichen, his eyes radiated a hint of hostility.

It was as if he was worried that Ye Zichen would take his place.

“I’m interested in this guy,” Qi Cheng said without any hesitation, and smiled with no regards towards the handsome man’s dark expression. “He’s got a temper. I like that a lot.”

“Got a temper?” the man raised his eyebrows.

“Mhmm!” Qi Cheng smiled, and licked her lips. “It is only an accomplishment when I dominate this sort of man with a temper. He’s so much more powerful than you guys.”

Ye Zichen put on a shocked expression when he heard that.

What’s going on?

Could the man that scuttled off just now not be the only sugar baby she has? This brat in front of me as well? What’s more, she said you guys…


That’s kind of amazing.

This woman truly heavy tastes. Just how many guys are there at night!

Qi Cheng ignored the man and looked towards Ye Zichen with a mesmerized look. She lifted her hand in order to touch his cheek, but he quickly dodged it.

G.o.d knows what this woman has touched with her hands. What if I get a disease from letting her touch my face?

“Baby, come with me. I can support you, I can give you mansions and sportscars. You can even like other women! As long as you are in the capital, I can help you deal with any issues. The only condition is that you have to listen to me!”

The handsome man beside her trembled in anger, but he didn’t dare to speak up.

He understood very clearly that he was merely a dog being toyed with in Qi Cheng’s eyes.

“Oh yeah,” seeing that Ye Zichen did not speak, Qi Cheng spoke up once again after taking a glance at the man beside her. “As long as you are with me, I can tell them all to f*ck off from my side! How about that? I’ve already compromised a lot. As long as you nod, mansions, good cars, and beauties are all yours. A chicken turning into a phoenix is talking about this moment!”

Qi Cheng continuously licked her lips, “My tongue is very good as well, and so is my technique. If you want, we can go to a hotel right now to try it out!”


This d.a.m.n wh.o.r.e is really shameless.

Just what sort of family environment could produce a monster like her…

Helplessness covered Ye Zichen’s face, while Qi Cheng looked at him in antic.i.p.ation.

“Hehe, f*ck off!” Ye Zichen said towards the woman, rolled his eyes, then walked away.

Hearing that, Qi Cheng’s expression grew petulant. She squinted her eyes and blocked off Ye Zichen’s path with a smile, “There is no man, who I, Qi Cheng, wants, that has not accepted my offer. I already gave you a lot of face when I didn’t cause trouble for you when you hit one of my men in front of me. Don’t take a mile when given an inch, and attempt to challenge my already low bottom line!”

“Let me return the words directly to you,” a cold light flashed in Ye Zichen’s eyes. “Laozi is even disgusted when I speak to a s.l.u.t like you.”

“You are the first one who dares to continue talking to me like that after hearing that I’m Qi Cheng. If this is your way of getting close to me, then you have succeeded. You have already piqued my interest. You heard my promise just now as well, that is my sincerity. Let me remind you, don’t be too outrageous!” Qi Cheng maintained a warm smile on her face, but acted as if she had a split personality, as she acted softly at times, and cold at others.

“Are you insane? If you aren’t going to f*ck off, then I’m going to leave!”

Ye Zichen took a step to the side, only to find a bunch of black-suited bodyguards surround him.

“There are only two choices in front of me. Either be with me, and become a dog! Or, we’ll chat about the problem of you causing me to lose face just now,” Qi Cheng walked over with a faint smile, while the young man beside her did the same.

This brat really does not recognize appreciation, so my status is not in danger.

At that moment, he truly wished for Ye Zichen to start fighting with the bodyguards, as only then would his position be truly safe.

“You seriously trampled on my bottom-line,” Ye Zichen glanced at the bodyguards. “You actually dare to act so c.o.c.kily in the capital, do you really think that laws don’t exist?”

“The words of Qi Cheng is the law in the capital!” Qi Cheng smiled, then traced her fingers over her lips. “Tell me your choice!”

1. Qi Cheng (齐橙) is h.o.m.ophonic with a type of orange (脐橙).


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