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Chapter 486 – Ruan Qingtian

“As expected from the last place amongst the Six Pavilions, they don’t even have a basic sect-protection formation.” Zuo Mo twitched as she stood within the sect’s premises. It was clear that a force of this level shouldn’t even be called a force.

This was extremely apparent due to her extremely mocking manner of using “as expected from”.

Their surroundings were already filled with Azure Sky Pavilion disciples, but these people were merely only able to watch from afar. The strongest amongst them were only of the False Earth Immortal level. Since they saw that even their elder was beaten to a pulp, they were only asking for a beating if they went over.

“Zeze, someone came,” Ye Zichen, who was stepping on Luo Zhi, smiled when he looked up and saw a square-faced man fly through the air.

“First Elder!” the surrounding disciples hurriedly paid their respects to the new arrival.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and snorted, “First Elder? Doesn’t that mean you’re this brat’s cheap dad-in-law?”

“Who are you to actually act so outrageously at our Azure Sky Pavilion!” the First Elder said coldly.

Ye Zichen picked at his ear with his finger, then shrugged, “Don’t say that to me. Those who said that to me earlier have already been beaten to a pulp!”

At that very moment, the yellow-faced Ninth Elder walked over, and whispered a few words by the First Elder’s ear.

The First Elder’s expression drastically changed, as he stared at Ye Zichen, who stood in front of him.

“Are you sure that this young man is actually a Human Immortal level expert?” the First Elder asked in disbelief once again.

The Ninth Elder smiled coyly, “He injured me this much without even letting me react. Do you not think he’s a Human Immortal?”

As the two elders chatted, Ye Zichen repeatedly rolled his neck, then squinted his eyes and smiled, “Have you blabbered enough? You guys truly have a lot of things to chat about. How about let’s deal with the problem over at my side first?”

“Kid, don’t get so full of yourself!” the First Elder looked up and said angrily. “This is the Azure Sky Pavilion. Even if you are a dragon, you have to coil; even if you are a tiger, you need to crouch. Cancel the engagement? Heh, you deliberately chose to do it here? You are intentionally trying to make us, the Azure Sky Pavilion look bad, right!?”

“Smart!” Ye Zichen smiled, then tapped on Luo Zhi with his feet. “I didn’t actually want to, but blame yourselves for being too outrageous. You came to our home to cancel the engagement, do you really think that we, the Spiritual Breeze Villagers are easy to bully? It would have been just over if it was anyone else, but you guys were unlucky, and was met with laozi… Don’t you guys like cancelling engagements? Then I’ll make it huge!”


A divorce letter flew out from Ye Zichen’s pocket, then stopped in mid air.

“I solemnly announce right here that my little sister, Xue Lan, divorced Luo Zhi. Also, your daughter was merely picking up a piece of trash that my sister doesn’t want anymore.”

“Say that again if you dare!” A sharp screech suddenly sounded out from behind the disciples.

They instantly made way, allowing a beautiful woman to walk out from behind them.

“Who are you saying was it that picked up trash?”

“You,” Although Ye Zichen didn’t know who Luo Zhi’s wife was, he was able to deduce that the woman in front of him should be her due to her tone.

“You say that I picked up this little b.i.t.c.h’s trash. That is seriously…”


Ye Zichen directly slapped the woman before she finished.

“Did you eat s.h.i.+t in the morning? Why is your mouth so s.h.i.+tty? Little b.i.t.c.h, say it again if you dare!” Ye Zichen stared at the woman with a dark look.

The woman gulped, then returned to the First Elder’s side, and shook his arm repeatedly… “Daddy!”

“Brat, if you seek death, then no one can protect you!” the First Elder glared, and acted as if he was about to fight Ye Zichen.

“Geezer, you better not make a move. Otherwise, I’ll beat you until you’re impotent!” Ye Zichen curled his lips.

The First Elder also smiled, “Then I’ll have to try!”

He formed claws with his hands, then instantly shot forward. However, the moment he was about to make his move, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled.


The First Elder’s body suddenly flew backwards.

Ye Zichen also took this chance and smiled, “Freeze.”

Thus, the First Elder was frozen in midair.

“I told you already, don’t move, don’t move. Why didn’t you listen. You can eat your fill if you listen to advice. Old brat, you just didn’t listen to my advice!”

At that moment, the First Elder could no longer think about the issue of his face. He only had one thought in his mind…

He’s an expert.

At that moment, the Body Freezing Technique’s duration ran out, causing the First Elder to fall onto the ground.

When he quickly stood up once again and looked forward, he saw a bearded man standing beside Ye Zichen.

“Lei Li!”

The First Elder was shocked. Why is someone from the Treasure Tower here. Could it be that this brat is from the Treasure Tower?

Just as he was getting confused, he suddenly noticed Zuo Mo, who stood beside Xue Lan.

“Treasure Tower, do you want to start a war?” the First Elder raised his eyebrows and roared.

Zuo Mo walked forward with a smile, then shrugged, “We, the Treasure Tower, only does business. This gentleman hired us with sincerity, so we naturally have to service him. However, your words are very interesting… Start a war? Is the Azure Sky Pavilion even worthy?”

Is the Azure Sky Pavilion even worthy?

A simple sentence like that one completely revealed Zuo Mo’s domineering air and her confidence. At the same time, the Azure Sky Pavilion’s First Elder was rendered speechless.

Although the Treasure Tower is into business, due to its huge amount of money and resources, it is actually far stronger than any of the peak powers.

They, the Azure Sky Pavilion, were merely at the last place of the Six Pavilion? To be fair, when speaking about starting a war? They were truly unworthy!

“Young Lady Zuo Mo, you are right. We, the Azure Sky Pavilion, are indeed unworthy of fighting the Treasure Tower. However, you should understand that those with nothing to lose are fearless. If you truly force us into a corner, then I feel like our dying backlash will definitely cause the Tower to be somewhat affected!” a smiling young man descended from the sky to n.o.body’s expectations.

He was the Azure Sky Pavilion’s pavilion head, Ruan Qingtian!

Ruan Qingtian could be said to be a man of miracles outside the Sacred Land of the Immortal Region. He was of the Body Tempering level at three; reached the Spiritual Body level at seven; Earth Immortal level at twelve; Human Immortal level at nineteen; and at the age of twenty three, he already reached the complete stage of the Human Immortal level. It could be said that his growth was so amazing that people were unable to ignore it at all.

“Ruan Qingtian, in all of the Azure Sky Pavilion, you are the only one that I take someone seriously,” Zuo Mo smiled. “But I dislike people threatening me!”

“Being taken seriously by you is Ruan Qingtian’s honor. But you seem to misunderstand. I wasn’t threatening you, I merely seek to protect ourselves,” with that, he turned towards Ye Zichen with a smile. “Brother, you should have caused enough trouble at the Azure Sky Pavilion. The gate was destroyed by you, Luo Zhi was beaten up by you, and you also managed to cancel the wedding. I wonder if you can stop right here?”


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