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Chapter 561 – Those who think too highly of themselves will not prevail

“Sire…” Xue Lian smiled wryly as she looked at the group of people behind Ye Zichen.

Their territory wasn’t so big. When it was just the our group prior, it was already a bit cramped, and now that another group came…

“It’s a bit too many people isn’t it?” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Xue Lian bit her lips, “Don’t worry, I’ll just tell my tribesmen to squeeze a bit.”

“What for? The manor opposite the village’s quite nice,” Jail King pointed at the manor and raised his eyebrows. “I had my eyes on that manor for a long time, let’s just s.n.a.t.c.h that over as well.”

Ye Zichen smacked his fist against his palm.

Oh yeah!

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but nod with a smile, “Jail King is right. Let’s just s.n.a.t.c.h that away.”

All of them ran to the manor opposite the village. When they arrived, they saw the Emerald Cat Clan run out.

“Sires, we were threatened, we’re leaving right now…” All of the Emerald Cat Clansmen nodded with coy smiles, then before Ye Zichen and co. entered, the one in the lead waved his hand towards his clansmen and they all departed from the manor.

“See? Now we have enough s.p.a.ce, right? Take your pick. I’m knackered after that fight, so I’m going to rest,” Jail King selected a room and ran over to it.

Ye Zichen smiled, and said to the others, “Everyone, do as you please.”

He walked over to the pavilion in the center of the manor. I didn’t expect Bian Tianrui to have such elegance. His design of the manor is quite good.

But we took over it before he even stayed for too long. I wonder if he would cough up blood if he finds out.

“Brother Ye, why did you guys come over?”

Ruan Qingtian walked in from outside with a chuckle, while a expressionless man holding a celestial sword stood behind him.

That person was Third Fatty Jin’s senior brother!

“I wanted to look for you. Why didn’t I see you just now?” Ye Zichen frowned. If Ruan Qingtian had been there, then the situation might not have turned so dire.

As the Pavilion Head of the Azure Sky Pavilion, he definitely had many abilities that would turn that mustered-up army into not that much of a threat.

“I…” Ruan Qingtian glanced at the man behind him stealthily.

At that moment, Third Fatty Jin walked over. When he saw his senior brother, he immediately frowned, “Senior Brother, where did you go off to just now? Your junior brother nearly got killed!”

“Unskilled, and worse than others. It’s not my fault!” The man continued to remain cold.

Meanwhile, Third Fatty Jin smiled coyly, then introduced him to Ye Zichen. “Boss Ye, this is my Senior Brother, Bi Shengtian1, he is the disciple my esteemed master is most proud of. He is of the early stage of the Sky Immortal level!”

Then, he turned to Bi Shengtian in an attempt to introduce Ye Zichen, only to be mercilessly interrupted, “No need to introduce him to me. I have no need to know him.”

Ruan Qingtian smiled and took a few steps to the side when he saw Bi Shengtian’s arrogant look.

Third Fatty Jin looked at Ye Zichen and his senior brother for a few moments, then walked away as well.

“Wow, so,” Ye Zichen chuckled, but did not stand up from his chair. Instead, he crossed his legs and snorted. “but to be honest, I don’t want to know you either. Since we aren’t friends, then please.”

Bi Shengtian turned around indifferently to pick a room, but Ye Zichen stopped him.

“What?” Bi Shengtian frowned.

Ye Zichen pointed at the door, “Your way is that way.”


“What? Did you think that you can stay on my turf even though you acted so arrogantly with me?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Bi Shengtian laughed in disdain, “No problem, I don’t want to be with beastmen either!”

“Youngster, say what you just said once again!? Beastmen!?”

Yang Jian and Jail King walked out together.

Bi Shengtian’s expression turned dark, “Heh, and the Heavenly Court’s trash…”

“The f*ck, grandson, you’re d.a.m.n!” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows and walked forward.

Bi Shengtian immediately moved. He raised his hand and drew his sword, then pointed the tip at Yang Jian’s throat… “I’ll kill you if you move anymore!”

“Senior Brother,” Third Fatty Jin was in the most awkward position. He was on good terms with Ye Zichen, but Bi Shengtian was his Senior Brother.

Who am I supposed to help if they really end up fighting?

“Kiddo, you’re just a little strong. You won’t live long if you continue to be so,” Wei Chen walked back into the manor with a fruit in his hand. He leaned onto the arch and raised his eyebrows, then flicked his fingers towards Bi Shengtian’s blade.

A wave of air directly flicked Bi Shengtian’s sword to the side. He looked over at Wei Chen in surprise…

“Hmmph!” He sheathed his sword, then left the manor.

“This grandson is so, I want to slap him to death so much!” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows and said angrily.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but tease him, “The tip of his sword reached your neck just now. You really want to teach him a lesson?”

This Bi Shengtian is seriously strong. He actually managed to reach Yang Jian’s weak point as an early stage Sky Immortal without Yang Jian being able to react at all.

It seems like the Immortal Region is able to oppose the Heavenly Court and Underworld due to their actual strength!

“Boss Ye, all you other bosses, don’t get angry,” Third Fatty Jin walked over with a wry smile. “My Senior Brother has never left the sacred land of the Immortal Region. He has been taught that everyone from outside the Immortal Region are all his enemies, don’t mind it so much.”

“Little fatty, aren’t you from the Immortal Region as well? Why aren’t you like him?” said Jail King.

“Didn’t I follow Boss Ye for a while? What’s more, I think that peace is the best. Only in peace can we build a wonderful home. Fighting is too much!” Third Fatty Jin rubbed his hands with a smile.

Jail King nodded, then walked beside him and patted him on the shoulders, “Not bad. Your mindset is so much better than your Senior Brother’s. The outrageously intelligent will be hurt, the outrageously strong will be shamed, the outrageously stubborn will not prevail, those who fall too deeply in love will get not live long. Your Senior Brother will end up getting into huge trouble.”

With that, Jail King smiled, shook his head, then left with his arm around Yang Jian’s shoulder.

Huh? I wonder what happened between those two. They actually get along so well now.

“Since there isn’t a show anymore, then I’m off,” Wei Chen also shook his head, and left from the arched gate.

When Third Fatty Jin saw that everyone had left, he said worriedly, “Boss Ye.”

He wasn’t familiar with all the powerhouses, and they seemed to have a terrible impression of his senior brother.

If they were to let out their anger on him, he wouldn’t dare to fight back since he lacked his senior brother’s might.

“They won’t let out their anger on you, but what they said was right. Those who think too highly of themselves will not prevail. Your senior brother is simply too proud. His arrogant personality will sooner or later cause him to fall over and never be able to get back up.”

1. Bi Shengtian (毕胜天) is h.o.m.ophonic with the phrase “必胜天”, which means “will triumph over the heavens”


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