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Chapter 712 – Mirage Formation

“The mist has not yet dispersed, if we just descend like this, then it will not be beneficial for us,” Yonghe couldn’t help but remind Black Dragon when he heard the latter’s urgent tone.

During the past hour, he gradually noticed that there seems to be more to the mist above the valley than he had first expected. If it was merely the wind barrier, then the mist should have already dispersed judging from its density.

Yet, the mist above the valley did not seem to change. That was why he realized something was wrong.

“The ley line has surfaced, I have no time to waste,” Black Dragon’s tone was beyond urgent. The ley line he has waited ten thousand years for has already surfaced. He already tossed the idea of caution behind him.

There is no need to consider so much. Any amount of danger will be worth it when I get the ley line.


“No buts,” Black Dragon angrily interrupted Great Emperor Yonghe.

Yonghe sighed softly when he saw Black Dragon’s bloodshot eyes, then turned silent.

No matter what, he was just an outsider. If he spoke too much and displeased Black Dragon, it would not be good for him.

He has already betrayed the Three Realms, the demons were the only home left for him.

Since Black Dragon refused to listen to his advice, he could only be more careful and

The dragon roar in the valley became even louder the spark of gold light seemed to burst through the mist and into the sky.

Black Dragon couldn’t endure it any longer. He gritted his teeth and looked down at the misty Valley of Death, then charged down without saying anything more.

“They’re coming,” Fatty Yin saw the movements and turned to Ye Zichen.

“Let them in. We’ll catch them like catching a fly in a web,” then, he smiled. “Lorie, do as you wish later. No need to hold back.”

“Okay. But remember, I need reimburs.e.m.e.nt for this,” Lorie pouted with her cute little mouth.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then took out a few dozen vials of pills and chucked them to Lorie, “Here’s the down payment.”

Lorie’s face lit up. She happily put the pills into her spatial sack, then skipped into the Mirage Formation.

Fatty Yin also performed a few incantation gestures and activated the formation.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also mentioned both Yang Jian and Nezha in the group.

It was a simple message.


Yang Jian, who was eating a fruit, stood up from his chair, while Nezha also wiped his hands. They looked at each other with smiles, “We’re finally going to do something.”

“What should I do? They’ve treated me so nicely for so long. Now I kind of feel like I shouldn’t hit them,” Nezha pouted as he muttered.

Yang Jian smacked his head, “You serious? Didn’t my bro give you so much better things to eat? Stop being an idiot. We’re got important stuff to do.”

Then, Yang Jian took out a small and delicate paG.o.da from his pocket and muttered a few words.

A few seconds later, nearly ten thousand energetic heavenly soldiers came out of the tower and stood in the air with their weapons ready.

At that moment, the servant girl, who has been taking care of Yang Jian and Nezha walked in.

Her mouth opened wide in shock when she saw the heavenly soldiers.

“Good girl, pretend like you didn’t see anything, got it? Now, have a good rest,” Yang Jian swept his hand across her face. She instantly fell into his arms. Yang Jian placed her in a relatively safe location, then donned his own armor and shouted at the heavenly soldiers in the air. “Warriors, expel our foes!”

All Black Dragon could see after he charged down into the valley was mist. Not long later, the demon sovereigns also arrived by his side.

None of them dared to make any reckless movements when they saw the dense mist around them.


“I’m here,” the stout Yonghe wobbled over.

Black Dragon asked, “What’s going on?”

“My Lord, this subordinate doesn’t know,” Yonghe shook his head as he looked around.

The mist wasn’t very dense, but the visibility of the area was very low. Even with his cultivation strength at the peak of the Sky Immortal level, he could only see less than half a meter away.

It was very different to how the Valley of Death normally is.

“Don’t know?” Black Dragon was a bit angered. Then, he said anxiously. “How could you not know as someone of the Immortal Region? Are you deliberately hiding something?”

Black Dragon nearly lost his ability to reason due to his anxiousness. The spiritual energy in his body radiate outwards, causing even the demon sovereigns to feel a bit suffocated.

Yonghe had actually wanted to wait for the mist to disperse before coming down, but Black Dragon refused to listen.

Now he’s blaming me for it!? Great Emperor Yonghe snorted, “Does Lord Black Dragon want to deal with me here? If you want to, then please, I do want to see how strong you are.”

What a joke.

As one of the Great Emperors of the Immortal Region, he wasn’t afraid of Black Dragon at all.

What’s more, with the mist that limited even his sight to only half a meters in front of him as as cover, he really didn’t think that Black Dragon would be able to kill him there.

“Fine…” Just as Black Dragon was about to attack Great Emperor Yonghe…

“Who kicked me!?” one of the demon sovereigns cursed. “Was it you? I near you had a thing against me, and now you actually dared to kick me!”

The demon sovereign turned back with a kick. The one behind him was completely stunned.

But… both of them were demon sovereigns, he naturally could not endure this.

“You actually dared to kick me!?”

“That’s right, I’m kicking you. What? If you can’t accept this, then fight me!”

“You guys are seeking death!” Black Dragon frowned when he noticed that the two were about to start fighting. “Stop right now!”

The two demon sovereigns immediately stopped. They could ignore everyone else, but they still had a lot to fear from Black Dragon, who was their leader.

“This is not somewhere for you to fight amongst yourselves. There is something wrong here, so stay concentrated.”


Before he finished, a clear slap sounded out in the crowd.

“W-Who slapped me!?”

“Who kicked me!?”

“Ugh, which pervert hit my a.s.s!?”

“Who the heck is pulling my hair!?’

“F*ck, my clothes are on fire!”

The demon sovereigns begun to exclaim one by one. It was truly too strange of a situation.

“Hah,” a sound of laughter sounded out not far away.

Black Dragon looked around vigilantly with squinted eyes, “Who’s there!?”

Only then did the demon sovereigns realize that someone else was there along with them.

They quickly turned more vigilant and looked around, only to hear a lazy chuckle. “d.a.m.n, I was noticed. But it’s alright. Welcome to my world.”


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