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Chapter 1119: Figuring Out the Key Point

Like this, he had sloppily and haphazardly managed to establish a cooperation with the old King’s lineage. As he watched Cloud Boundless smile with joy and leave, Qin Yu took a deep breath. He always felt that this seemed a bit too unrealistic.

He glanced at Cloud Mist. This woman had to know something. She was looking at him with a very complex mood.

Surprise, sadness, embarra.s.sment, anger…there were other things, but Qin Yu was already confused. At most he had accidently looked through the clothes she hid here, so was there a need to look at him like that?

“Qin Yu, please come with me.” Cloud Mist bowed and led the way. This was a place for her to take refuge, so of course she couldn’t let Qin Yu stay here too long.

The Clan Elder had asked her to arrange Qin Yu’s new residence. It was because he valued Qin Yu, but also because he hoped this would help her adjust her mentality and eliminate any thoughts that she shouldn’t have.

Late King’s reincarnation…he was unexpectedly the late King’s reincarnation…Cloud Mist forced a smile, a bitter look in her eyes.

The first man who had broken into her heart and moved her, who excited her, was doomed to be the one man she could never obtain.

Even if Qin Yu had lost all memories from before his reincarnation, the bloodline relation between them made it impossible for anything to happen.

She took a deep breath, suppressing the painful and bitter thoughts. Since this was something that was already destined, there was no longer a need to think about it.

Time would ease all pain.

This time, Qin Yu was lodged in the largest courtyard within Bluetile Courtyard. It had always been the residence of the King when he stayed here.

When the late King had been suppressed in the world of the living, this courtyard had been sealed up. It was rarely opened throughout the years, and only then to entertain the most honored of guests.

There was not much to say about how luxurious and magnificent the courtyard was. He asked around and when he learned that this was the residence of the late Nightmare King, a strange look appeared in his eyes.

He looked at Cloud Mist. When they were in the chamber, he could feel a sense of alienation coming from her…she wasn’t trying to be cold. Rather, her att.i.tude was even friendlier. She just seemed to be intentionally trying to pull open the distance between them.

And not too long ago, Cloud Mist had been doing everything in her power to try and force Qin Yu to marry her.

This contrast was far too large. And, the change in her att.i.tude seemed to come after Cloud Boundless said he ‘believed’ him.

This had to be related.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He felt as if he was about to come to an epiphany, but he kept missing something.

At this time, outside the courtyard…to be honest, calling this a courtyard wasn’t appropriate. Because the area around him was a vast group of palaces.

Demons from Bluetile Courtyard came to visit. With extreme respect, they carefully presented him with a token that lay on red velvet. It was only that that within this group of palaces, this token gave him the highest level of authority.

Since Qin Yu was staying here, receiving this token was natural. He had no issue with this.

So even though he felt that things weren’t this simple, he couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

At this moment, he could see Cloud Mist looking at him from the side of his eyes. Although she was trying her best to stay calm, there was some tension on her features.

It was just a token of authority…so what was this? There had to be another story behind this! And it was likely important!

Qin Yu nodded. He took the token in hand. Then, according to the prompt inside, he poured in some of his demonic energy.

Hum –

The token in his hand began to lightly hum and cry out. Faint textures rapidly appeared on its surface, emanating a halo of light.

Then, the peaceful group of palaces seemed to awaken from a deep sleep. Their great doors opened up on their own and countless lights lit up with dazzling brilliance, as if welcoming the return of their master.

With a puff, the demon who delivered the token fell to his knees, his face full of excitement and his body s.h.i.+vering. Facing Qin Yu, he couldn’t even say a single word. He only bowed deep against the ground, his head striking the tiled floor.

Cloud Mist bit her lips. The last hope in her heart had failed. From this moment on, there was no further need to doubt Qin Yu’s ident.i.ty.

He really was the reincarnation of the late King. Otherwise it would have been impossible for him to activate the token personally refined by the late King.

As Cloud Boundless saw the group of palaces light up from a high platform in Bluetile Courtyard, he laughed out loud. His joyous bellows rang through the air, filled with endless excitement and joy.

The King had returned!

The King born from the old King’s lineage had returned.

Without a doubt, even though the struggle for the throne had yet to begin, in Cloud Boundless’ eyes it was already finished.

The old King’s lineage…no, they should be called the True King’s Lineage. They would rise up again and wield the highest level of authority over the Nightmare Clan!

Soon only Qin Yu was left amongst the vast group of palaces. He stood in a great empty hall, and the heart of the abyss started to uncontrollably beat quicker.

He wasn’t randomly making things up. In fact, right at this moment, a familiar feeling began to surge up from the depths of his heart.

This place…he had definitely never come here…so what was this feeling of familiarity? Perhaps there was only one possibility – the abyssal bloodline flowing through his body…

Then, sparks burst in his mind. He started to connect together everything that happened, beginning with the bloodline examination.

Finally, he caught that fleeting thought…and this thought explained all the confusion and puzzlement he had.

For instance, why would Cloud Boundless place absolute trust in him? And why would Cloud Mist choose to distance herself from him? And the reaction of the demon who delivered the token…all of this confirmed his thought.

Sometimes a person’s intuition wasn’t accurate, but this familiar feeling couldn’t be faked.

The old King’s lineage had likely connected him to the late Nightmare King that had thoroughly dissipated.

For instance, a seized body. For instance, a reincarnation. For instance, that he was a chosen successor or something like that…this misunderstanding was far too great. Qin Yu didn’t doubt that if he were exposed in the future, the old King’s lineage would flay him alive.

But he had no say in this matter; they were the ones who came up with it all on their own…

So it has nothing to do with me…

He raised a hand and slapped his forehead, telling himself to calm down first. He looked down at the token in his hand which had returned to its original state.

This thing was clearly a method used to verify his ident.i.ty. There was a 99% chance it was related to the late Nightmare King. The reason Qin Yu was able to activate it was because he had seized the Nightmare King’s bloodline.

In other words, as long as he didn’t take the initiative to commit suicide by telling the truth, no one would be able to see through him.

Moreover, even if there was a chance he might be exposed in the future, he absolutely could not flinch now.

Was he supposed to give up on the chance in front of him because of this uncertainty? Hoho…of course it was impossible!

Then there was nothing to hesitate about!

Qin Yu’s eyes s.h.i.+ned with resolve. He took a deep breath and mumbled, “I am the reincarnation of the Nightmare King, I am the reincarnation of the Nightmare King. Yes, that’s me!”

Old Fox and Black Astral received a notice from Bluetile Courtyard and were allowed to enter.

The two old demons first wondered, was this death’s door? Maybe going in was easy, but they might never come back out.

But soon, they glanced at each other and put aside this thought.

It was impossible for Qin Yu to have been dealt with so quietly. Since there was no sound of commotion, it meant that no one had done anything just yet.

So they had to go in.

In terms of surface appearance, they were at an absolute disadvantage facing Bluetile Courtyard. Just Cloud Boundless alone was enough to suppress them.

But everything couldn’t be judged based on surface appearances alone, right?

Could His Excellency Qin Yu be regarded as an average person? Hum hum, if they didn’t have this confidence, they wouldn’t have even dared stay outside Bluetile Courtyard.

If they were really to fight, it was still unknown who would be the last one smiling!

After drumming up their courage, Old Fox and Black Astral followed behind a guide and entered through a side door.

Along the way, they encountered several groups of demons. Most of them were in a hurry, but they all had an uncontrollable look of joy on their faces.

This sight caused Old Fox and Black Astral’s eyes to flash. It seemed that the rumors were true. Cloud Billow’s bloodline had undergone a breakthrough, and his chances of succeeding the throne had increased.

In fact, they had already expected this. When they were waiting outside, they saw many demons come to visit Bluetile Courtyard.

Most of them were turned away, but these demons didn’t show any dissatisfaction. They still smiled brightly, doing their best to leave their gifts behind. Before Bluetile Courtyard could refuse, they had dropped their gifts and ran away. This could be called an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

But to Old Fox and Black Astral, this wasn’t good news. The stronger the old King’s lineage was, the more dangerous it was to fight them.

Although they believed that His Excellency Qin Yu had a card in hand, it was best not to flip the tables.

The two old demons were both full of confidence and worried. In truth, it was all because of Feature’s sudden departure.

The fundamental reason they chose to believe Qin Yu and follow Qin Yu was Feature.

Because her great strength served to further contrast Qin Yu’s status. Her trust in him caused Old Fox and Black Astral to believe him.

But with Feature’s sudden departure, even though these two old demons showed submission towards Qin Yu, the reality was that their feelings began to slightly change.

And as time pa.s.sed, these signs became increasingly obvious. This was a dangerous signal. If Qin Yu couldn’t figure out a way to strengthen himself, there would eventually be a problem with his status in their hearts.

“Dear guests, His Excellency Qin Yu is staying here. I can only bring you here, so please go in.” The demon from Bluetile Courtyard smiled. When he looked at the two of them, there was envy etched all over his face.

Old Fox and Black Astral relaxed. Demon Commanders were formidable, but that also depended on where they were. They had personally experienced how proud and arrogant the demons of Bluetile Courtyard were.

In these past two days, many of the demons who came to visit Bluetile Courtyard and hand over gifts had been Demon Commanders. They all had thoughtful manners and smiling faces.

It seemed that not only was Qin Yu fine, but his relations.h.i.+p with the old King’s lineage had improved.

The two old demons were a little dizzy. How could things be so bad that a fight could break out at any time, and yet so good that even demons from Bluetile Courtyard would envy them?

They stepped into the King’s Palace…that’s right, this was the King’s Palace.

It was only after Qin Yu moved here that he discovered the name of this place. These groups of palaces were specifically constructed for the late Nightmare King.

Old Fox and Black Astral glanced at each other, amazement on their faces. The treatment that Qin Yu received was simply mind-boggling!

Did he marry into Bluetile Courtyard? But even if this was true, that wasn’t a reason for his current status, right?

“Excuse me, are you two Old Fox and Black Astral?” A smiling demon appeared in front of them.

Demon Commander level!

And a strong one at that. Although he couldn’t compare to Black Astral, he made him feel a sense of threat.

When two nodded, the demon’s smile brightened, “His Excellency Qin Yu has already been waiting for a long time. Please follow me…that’s right, my family’s Clan Elder and Sir Cloud Billow are also waiting in the hall.”

After entering the great hall, the two old demons’ eyes flew open when they saw Qin Yu sitting on the seat of honor.

They could accept that Cloud Boundless was sitting on a lower seat. After all, this was Qin Yu’s dwelling and he was the temporary master of this place.

But Cloud Billow was pouring wine for Qin Yu…were they seeing things?

No, no, they weren’t seeing things at all…but with Cloud Billow’s current status, how could Qin Yu just sit there and let him pour his wine…

Insane! This was definitely insane!

At this moment, even though Qin Yu hadn’t done anything at all, his figure within their hearts started to wildly inflate.

Because the trace of uncertainty that had formed after Feature left had completely disappeared in the blink of an eye.

His Excellency was worthy of being His Excellency. In front of him was the dignified successor of the old King’s lineage, someone who might seize the throne of the Nightmare King in the future.

“We greet the young master!” Old Fox and Black Astral stepped forward and bowed.

Qin Yu looked at them. He felt that there was something wrong with the manners of these two today.

As if…they were even more respectful than before.

But he had no time to delve into the thoughts of Old Fox and Black Astral. Qin Yu smiled and said, “Rise.”

He turned and looked at Cloud Boundless. “Clan Elder, these two are my close confidantes. You can absolutely trust them.”


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