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Chapter 1161 – Plunge

King Mystery’s complexion changed. He could clearly feel the giant s.h.i.+p being dragged forward. Its speed began to accelerate.

A vortex, an incomparably large vortex.

It was so large that when it turned, the sea water spun and roared. The sound it made could penetrate the terrifying darkness and enter their ears.

Instinctively, King Mystery had a thought. The vortex they were about to reach was the center of the Cold Sea!

What was inside? Could it be like the Nether Royal Bloodline and be hiding a fairyland-like paradise within?

But soon, fear and horror rose in his heart. He stiffened and immediately crushed that thought.

He could not enter this vortex. To enter was death…even if he was an Abyssal True King!

And what Qin Yu had been searching for was clearly this vortex. Did he want to die?

Qin Yu smiled. He looked at King Mystery, “Senior, there’s no need to risk your safety by killing me. Let me go.”

When the fingers let go of his neck, he looked down at Mian Ya in his arms. “This woman, please look after her senior. If possible, keep her on Nether Island. I believe that with your care, she will survive.”

King Mystery took a deep breath, “You want to go in?”

“Definitely.” Qin Yu was serene. “This vortex is what I’ve been looking for.”

King Mystery’s lips moved but he didn’t make any sound. This was because he knew that even if he asked, there would be no answer.

“Give her to me.”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. He placed Mian Ya on the ground and stood up with great difficulty. Then, he suddenly laughed weakly. “This isn’t good, I don’t have the strength. Please help me, senior.”

He lifted a hand and pointed in the direction of the vortex. “There it is. Hasn’t senior been wis.h.i.+ng to teach me a lesson all this time? This is the best chance. Go ahead.”

Without hesitation, King Mystery raised a leg and kicked. With a bang, most of the ice on Qin Yu’s body broke apart. He fell into the darkness like a stone.

Puff –

There was a sound so subtle that if one didn’t listen carefully, they wouldn’t realize that it was the sound of something falling into water.

King Mystery pressed his hands down and roared out loud. The Nether s.h.i.+p started to rumble. With a True King erupting with their full strength, the s.h.i.+p escaped the pull of the vortex and started to sail away.

King Mystery looked in the direction of the vortex, silent. He was indeed disgusted by Qin Yu and wished he could grind him to bits.

But he also had to admit that after confirming the existence of the vortex, Qin Yu displayed even more courage than he did.

“Brat, consider this kick an extra gift for the sake of your courage…although I don’t want to see you again, if possible, survive…at least if it’s like that, I will have a chance of finding out just what is inside the vortex at the center of the Cold Sea…”

What was hidden in the vortex at the center of the Cold Sea? If Qin Yu knew what King Mystery was thinking, he would definitely give a bitter smile.

Because besides darkness and cold, he couldn’t sense anything else at all. He was helplessly wrapped in the water as he sank down further and further.

There was no end in sight nor was there any hope. The freezing cold constantly destroyed the vitality in his body.

If he had to say something, Qin Yu would say that the cold in the darkness was truly and unusually terrifying.

If it weren’t for the shadow of a great sun hiding within his body right now, Qin Yu would have lost his life the moment he plunged into the Cold Sea.

But even the shadow of the sun couldn’t completely resist the invasion of the cold. This led to his inexorable march towards death.

And the speed of this march increased the more the vortex pulled him and the deeper down he went.

Kacha –

Kacha –

He could hear the sounds of his body freezing up. This sound reminded Qin Yu that he was still alive.

As for how long he could survive, that was an unknown…but in this situation, it surely wouldn’t be a long time.

If he could smile, he would certainly be bitterly smiling. But unfortunately for him, his entire body was bound in ice and he couldn’t even change his facial expressions.

The first to lose consciousness was his hands and feet. Then, the numb and sour feeling crawled inwards, spreading through his body little by little, eventually reaching his chest and neck.

Finally, the relations.h.i.+p between his body and mind was disconnected. His thoughts began to revolve slower and slower.

Was there a mistake in his predictions?

Was there no channel in the vortex, or was the channel hidden so deeply that the freezing cold would take his life before he found it?

Without the little blue lamp, even if an Abyssal True King leapt into the vortex they might not be able to last much longer than Qin Yu.

In other words, this was a dead end.

To sum it up simply in a more philosophical way – no matter whether the vortex existed or not, no one had been able to find the pa.s.sage leading to the bright world, and thus it didn’t exist.

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He thought that he really was going to die soon. At such a time, he actually had the energy to waste on pondering such questions.

In the end…he still failed!

Should he give up?

Before Qin Yu entered the Cold Sea, he knew it was dangerous. Moreover, he wasn’t sure whether he could really find the channel.

In this sort of situation he would certainly leave behind an escape route for himself. Before going out to sea, Qin Yu gave Old Fox an iron box. This was the escape route he set aside for himself.

Although he hadn’t sat on the throne of the Nightmare King for long, this didn’t stop him from utilizing the strength of the Nightmare Clan and forging a life-maintaining card.

According to the Nightmare Clan, this should be called the Box of Rebirth. Qin Yu wasn’t sure about its specific principles, but its cost was horrifying.

He was lucky that the Nightmare Clan was strong and rich enough. If it was a smaller abyssal tribe, then even if they exhausted every resource they had, they still might not be able to afford this.

But even such an expensive Box of Rebirth didn’t have a 100% guarantee. Because when it came to interfering with life and death, this was something that was always filled with unbelievable and uncertain things.

Qin Yu carefully researched the information on this treasure. In terms of success, it was around half-half.

In other words, once the Box of Rebirth was activated, there was a 50% chance that he would be directly reborn in Black City. The other 50% was that he would go to sleep and never wake up.

In addition, Qin Yu had another worry. It was that he wasn’t a native being of the abyss to begin with. He had no idea how effective something unique to the abyss like the Box of Rebirth would be on him, or whether it would have no effect at all.

In short, according to his own calculations, he had at most a 30% chance of completing the rebirth.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to prepare an even more formidable card for himself, but this was already the limit of what he could do.

In a desperate situation, a 30% chance of survival wasn’t small. But what if he succeeded?

The little blue lamp went through a great deal of trouble, taking the risk to plot against the abyss’ will, and finally succeeding in obtaining Old Turtle. And if he died here, Old Turtle would be forever lost in this vortex. It would be impossible for him to find Old Turtle again.

Qin Yu wasn’t willing to withstand such a loss. The little blue lamp said that at critical moments, his luck was strangely reliable.

Could it be that his luck had failed this time?

His thoughts slowed down more and more, so slow that he started to feel fear. This was because his consciousness could fall into a frozen state at any time.

And the Box of Rebirth was something he needed to stimulate on his own initiative. If he really did freeze, then he could only wait for death.

Although Qin Yu was still thinking about what would happen if it succeeded and how he wasn’t willing to withstand the cost of losing Old Turtle, the difference between dying and living was very large.

To paraphrase a sentence said many times before, everything was possible if he lived, and everything was over if he died!

Without experiencing the terror of straddling the line of life and death, a person would never understand how powerful the instinct to escape was. It was strong enough to topple anyone’s mind and will.

In the distant Black City.

Casting Sea’s giant s.h.i.+p had returned. The casualties were serious, shocking everyone.

Qin Yu and the others hadn’t returned. When Old Fox asked around, his expression became even more dignified.

He returned to his residence, holding the iron box in his arms, motionless.

Although Old Fox didn’t know that this iron box was the near mythical Box of Rebirth, it was without a doubt extremely important to the young master.

Shadowless Demon hid in the shadows of the courtyard, his green eyes s.h.i.+ning with a glossy light. Anyone who dared to intrude would welcome a frenzied attack.

The good news was that the courtyard was peaceful. No one tried to do anything.

One day, the box in Old Fox’s chest began to tremble.

His eyes widened. With a distortion in the air, Shadowless Demon appeared beside him.

As the two watched, the iron box that had just started to shake fell still once again.

Even so, in this short vibration, the iron box sent out a hidden aura.

This aura shocked Old Fox and Shadowless Demon. In silence, their complexions became incomparably ugly.

Although they hadn’t seen the Box of Rebirth that was known as a divine tool with their own eyes, as a knowledgeable and veteran Demon Commander powerhouse, they had heard some news.

That brief vibration just now had stirred up a surging aura of life. It was the exact same as the legendary Box of Rebirth.

But why had it stopped as soon as it shook…could it be that the young master’s rebirth had failed!?


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