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Chapter 658 – Awakening from a Dream

The teahouse was open as usual. It was just that it gradually became Qin Taiping and his wife managing it. Qin Yu and Ning Ling enjoyed the pleasure of taking care of their grandchildren. Every day they spent most of their time playing around with the little children, watching them learn how to crawl and then run around all over the place. Soon, these grandchildren began to race past them. Every day they smiled from ear to ear.



The two children were especially sweet with their words. This was particularly true when they were in trouble. They would run over and grab the legs of their grandparents. After successfully finding backers, Qin Taiping was left clenching his teeth, but there was nothing he could do.

The old couple loved their grandchildren to the point of spoiling them and couldn’t even say a single harsh word towards them. Of course, the two children weren’t truly naughty; they only loved to play around. What they loved the most was to help their grandmother do around the house and then cling to their grandfather’s legs as he told stories. The strange worlds he described, the heroes and villains who used supernatural arts to control the wind and rain, all of these stories sounded as if they were true.

Qin Yu lifted his hands and wildly gesticulated. “The great bird spread its wings and they were thousands of feet wide. It was like a dark cloud covering the heavens. Golden feathers, golden eyes, golden claws, it was like a burning ma.s.s of flames. It dove down from the skies, grabbing the beasts that fled on the ground. When it whipped its wings, strong winds rose up and giant trees were split apart and sent howling into the distance.”

“What an incredible bird!” Qin Qingqing said with wide eyes. She had a shocked expression that was also filled with a bit of fear.

Qin Anan puffed out his small chest and loudly said, “Big sister, don’t be afraid, I will protect you!” He had a strong and dignified expression for a little boy, one that was cutely earnest.

The sun was high and the skies were clear. The warm sunlight s.h.i.+ned down. Qin Yu patted the little boy’s shoulder and praised his courage.

Ning Ling was picking vegetables right now and preparing for lunch. When she looked at the sight in front of her, she often laughed.

Children grew up fast. It seemed that in the blink of an eye, Qin Qingqing and Qin Anan would be starting school. They would be learning under the most talented teacher in town, Scholar Yan.

This was a no nonsense, no smiling, and extremely rigorous scholar. When he looked at the two children kneeling in front of him, he said, “If you want to learn from me, then you must understand that learning and knowledge involves not only literacy, but even more being able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. In the future no matter what you do, you must abide by your own moral principles.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Qin Yu stood in front of a window, looking carefully at his grandson and granddaughter as they attended school. Then, he smiled and left. He was carrying a robe in his hands, a fish hung on each side.

He would make a fresh and fragrant bowl of soup for Ning Ling each day. This was a promise he made to her and he had never once forgotten about it.

“Qin Yu, are you making fish soup again?” A tired old woman smiled and commented as she lay back against a bamboo chair. Most of her teeth were missing. She subconsciously glanced to her side, but the bamboo chair beside her was already empty.

At the beginning of this year, during a heavy snow, the old man had pa.s.sed away in his sleep. He had died smiling, no pain or sadness on his face.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded, “Aunty, these two fish I caught today are very large, so I’m sure it will be tasty. Once I’m done cooking, I’ll bring a bowl to you.”

The old woman smiled and nodded.

The water was boiled and the fish were gutted. After so many years, his actions were incomparably quick, as smooth as pa.s.sing clouds and flowing waters. By the time the fish soup was prepared, only an hour had pa.s.sed.

Qin Yu took out two bowls and set them down, and then he took out another portion for those little fellows Qin Qingqing and Qin Anan. Next, he prepared another bowl and carried it down. “I b.u.mped into the aunty next door just now. I’m going to take a bowl of fish soup over for her. You can drink yours first.”

Ning Ling said, “Alright. But hurry up, the fish soup isn’t good if it goes cold.”

Qin Yu nodded. He lifted the bowl and walked out, smiling as he said, “Aunty, the fish soup is ready. Drink it before it gets cold.”

Looking at her lying back in her bamboo chair, the old woman’s eyes were closed as if she had gone to sleep. But, no sounds came from her. Her expression was peaceful but her breathing had stopped. Like this, beneath the warm sunlight, she had died.

It was a funeral!

The old woman had lived a good and kind life. She had many good connections in the small town and lots of people attended her funeral. As her coffin was lowered into the earth, Ning Ling’s eyes reddened with tears. She turned and dove into Qin Yu’s arms.

“Birth and aging, sickness and death, this is the samsara of the world, a law that no one can change. Aunty pa.s.sed away peacefully and she must have reunited in the underworld with that uncle by now. I’m sure they are happy.”

Ning Ling quietly said, “You have to promise me that when we’re old, you have to follow after me.”

Qin Yu held onto her, “Okay.”

Time pa.s.sed, year after year. Small changes constantly occurred throughout the small town. New buildings were constructed in empty areas and some buildings became dilapidated after losing their owners.

This year there was a great snow storm. It was vast and deep, as if it would never end. Layer after layer of snow piled up on the ground. Cold winds howled outside with freezing temperatures, but the inside of the building was cozy and warm. The red charcoal pieces quietly burned in the hearth.

On a bed, a silver-haired Ning Ling smiled as she spoke to her son and daughter-in-law. Her expression was calm and relaxed. These years couldn’t be considered too splendid, but she believed that she had been an acceptable mother-in-law. She didn’t embarra.s.s her son nor did she ever cause trouble for her daughter-in-law.

A young boy and girl, around 17-18 years of ages and sharing similar features, lay down at the end of the bed, worried expressions on their faces.

Their grandmother had become sick at the beginning of winter. Her condition had gone up and down but she had never fully recovered. Her illness became much worse several days ago. She had fallen unconscious for several days before finally waking up this morning.

Fortunately their grandmother looked to be in good spirits. With this, Qin Qingqing and Qin Anan felt much more relaxed in their hearts. They comforted their grandmother, saying, “You’re in very good condition for your age. I’m sure you will be able to make a full recovery soon. Grandmother, just wait, once spring comes and the flower blooms we still have to go to the fields and pick vegetables with you. The both of us love to eat the steamed vegetables you cook the most!”

Ning Ling nodded and laughed. She glanced at her granddaughter and grandson, affection and love on her faces as she nodded and said, “Alright. Grandmother will definitely take you two.”

Qin Yu had been sitting in front of the hearth fire. He finally stood up and coughed, saying, “That’s enough, your mother needs to rest. You go back first; I’ll look after her.”

Qin Taiping was already 40 years old with the temperament of a scholar. He hesitated a little and said, “Alright. Father, we will head back first. The wind and snow are heavy outside. If there are any problems then just ring the bell and I will immediately come over.”

Qin Yu nodded. Once he found an umbrella to help block out the snow for them, he delivered them out.

Qin Yu walked to the bedside. He held Ning Ling’s hands that were thinner due to her illness and said, “Old lady, there’s nothing for you to worry about. I’m here.”

Leaning on the bed, Ning Ling smiled and nodded, “At least you haven’t forgotten about your earlier promise to me about letting me leave first.”

Qin Yu traced her face. “Of course. My promises to you will always be true.”

“Old man…in truth, I don’t want to go yet…I still feel as if my life has been too short…I wish I could stay with you longer…” As she spoke, tears streamed down her face.

Qin Yu rubbed her hands. “Don’t be afraid. In our next life, or in the life after that, I will always be with you. I will find you wherever you are. Don’t worry.”


Ning Ling’s ruddy cheeks began to turn white and her eyes began to darken. Her surroundings started to blur.

She knew that the end of her life had come.

As she stood on the edge of life and death, images appeared in her mind. The memories she had temporarily forgotten about in the world of her dreams began to return.

Qin Yu sat beside her bed and smiled at her. “Rest well. Once you wake up, I’ll be by your side.”

Ning Ling smiled. She slowly closed her eyes. Qin Yu lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Even though we have aged with the years, you remain you, the most beloved person in my heart.

The hearth slowly went out. The cold air from the outside rushed in and the room soon became chillingly cold.

A layer of frost formed over Qin Yu’s body. He was like a sculpture that sat at her bedside, staring warmly at this woman he had spent a lifetime together with.

Shua –

Another Qin Yu stepped out from his body. This Qin Yu still had an incomparably old appearance. But, when this Qin Yu touched the ground, all of his old age seemed to reverse. In a single breath of time, he was restored to the appearance of his youth.

“Then let this Qin Yu forever stay in your dreams. To live with you and to die with you.”


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