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Chapter 738B – Breaking Ten Rings

The Radiance Temple Master was silent for several breaths of time. Then, she lightly said, “The Hidden Fog Sect’s dark star ice serpent is indeed formidable. Radiance Temple humbly admits defeat.”

Her demeanor was tranquil and indifferent.

The ordinary-looking Moonkeep Tower Master glanced at her and coldly sneered.

That woman still loved to put on acts and pretend. It really made her want to puke.

But, it was strange that the Hidden Fog Sect had become the greatest dark horse of this Beast King War. It was indeed unexpected.

Perhaps she could do something.

The Blue Origin Sect Master laughed out loud, “Sect Master Hu Fu, my state of mind was a little disorderly back then, so if I offended you, I ask for your forgiveness. To break through ten rings, cutting through the bright day to the darkest night, the dark star ice serpent’s strength is enough to enter the annals of history and be respected by future cultivators!”

Out of the seven great sects, the Blue Origin Sect was known for being friendly and having extensive contacts. Besides being extremely close to Radiance Temple, they were also connected with the other five sects. Even the cold and fierce Witchcraft Sect rarely came into conflict with the Blue Origin Sect. Naturally, there were reasons for this.

“You fawning groupie! a.s.s kisser!”

The Typhoon Mountain Master flew into a fit of anger once more. His chance had been stolen by the Blue Origin Sect Master once more. It seemed as if he were following behind him every time, picking up that person’s leftovers.

Once he returned he had to recruit a few sharp-mouthed disciples. Typhoon Mountain absolutely could not lose to this blabbering blowhard anymore!

“The Hidden Fog Sect has obtained the first place position. I am sincerely convinced!”

Even if he secretly cursed beneath his breath, he still said what needed to be said. The Typhoon Mountain Master knew how to clearly distinguish the priority of things.

Rumble rumble –

The platform that the Hidden Fog Sect was on suddenly rose up to a level higher than the other six. This indicated that they had obtained the right to the first day’s ‘bye’ and they no longer needed to partic.i.p.ate in today’s battles.

Constrained cheers of joy and exhilaration rose up from behind. They came from the almost one hundred supporters that were only here because of ‘close relationsh.i.p.s’. They were so happy they almost cried.

Who knew that these people, who were supposedly the most tragic characters of today, actually had the most ‘outstanding’ judgment? They had truly bet on the right treasure!

After determining that he had won the first place position, Qin Yu whispered several words to Hu Fu and walked away. When he walked past Yun Die, he glanced at her.

Yun Die respectfully bowed and followed behind him.

The Hidden Fog Sect Master quietly said, “Follow him. Ensure mister’s safety no matter the cost!” He naturally knew that all sorts of underhanded and secretive tricks were going to come their way.

He also knew that Qin Yu was the Hidden Fog Sect’s key to obtaining victory.

“Yes, Sect Master.”

Several Hidden Fog Sect experts bowed. That cold and barely noticeable middle-aged man who followed beside Qin Yu was also one of them.

The several people turned around and rapidly chased after Qin Yu.

In the distance, the Witchcraft Sect Master saw this sight. He furrowed his eyebrows and sneered inwardly.

If the Witchcraft Sect wanted to kill someone, pure numbers alone couldn’t stop them!

Elder Si cupped his hands together, “Sect Master, mister is…?”

After what just happened, the normally fierce and obstinate Elders were a bit more respectful.

The Hidden Fog Sect Master calmly said, “Mister has some matters he needs to deal with.”

He turned around and sat down, looking down at the arena. Now he stood at the highest position and could see the other six sects in a single glance.

Mister Ning Qin could leave, but they had to stay behind and observe the battles between the six spirit beasts. The more information they had, the higher their chances were.

This was the right granted by the first place position!

The journey back to the Hidden Fog Sect’s station went smoothly. Qin Yu beckoned his hand and ordered the Hidden Fog Sect cultivators to stand guard outside the laboratory. Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “Yun Die, if Zhou Li comes looking for me, do not tell her that I am Ning Qin.”

“Ah!” Yun Die was surprised.

Qin Yu said, “I will be honest with you. Before entering Sky Declaring Pavilion, I knew Zhou Li, but she doesn’t know that I am Ning Qin.”

He thought for a moment and said, “If Zhou Li continues to press you for my ident.i.ty, just tell her that I am Ning Qin’s secret disciple, understand?”

Yun Die digested this information. She finally obtained an explanation for her previous confusion. So this was the reason why teacher treated Zhou Li differently.

But why would teacher hide his status?

As questions filled her mind, she respectfully bowed. She suppressed her curiosity.

If she needed to know something, teacher would tell her. If she shouldn’t know something, she definitely shouldn’t ask.

Qin Yu lay back against a sofa. He waved his hand and said, “You can leave. I will be cultivating in seclusion for the next several days. Before the arena finals begin, do not disturb me if there is nothing important.”

Yun Die bowed, “Yes, teacher.”

Watching her leave the laboratory, Qin Yu pulled back his hood. He thought for a moment and then forced a smile. He suddenly thought that there was some inexplicable strand of fate connecting him and Zhou Li. Even in the distant Dragon City they were able to meet again.

Whatever. From the looks of things it didn’t seem that Zhou Li would speak about him to others. He could ignore this issue for the time being.

There were still several days until the finals began. Qin Yu naturally couldn’t waste this time. He had to refine the dragon blood and dragon soul and try to repair the damages to his body and soul!

The curtain fell on the first day of the arena battle. The Limitless Sword Sect, Radiance Temple, and Moonkeep Tower emerged victorious and entered the finals. The Witchcraft Sect, Blue Origin Sect, and Typhoon Mountain were defeated. Two days later they would compete amongst each other for first place in the loser’s bracket. The victor would be eligible to challenge one of the four finalists.

The long day of excitement in Dragon City seemed to have used up a great deal of everyone’s enthusiasm. As night arrived, the city fell silent. Of course, in some corners one could still hear the muttered curses of cultivators who came from far away.

For instance, the cultivators who supported the Witchcraft Sect. It was one thing if they weren’t able to obtain the first place position, but their spirit beast had unexpectedly been eliminated in their battle with Moonkeep Tower. It was truly disappointing!

In the quiet night, a troop came out from the Shadow Clan’s station. Zhou Li sat on an exquisite sofa, her eyebrows pressed together.

Moments later the Hidden Fog Sect’s station came into sight. Without requiring instruction, a cultivator from the Shadow Clan went ahead to notify them.

“Teacher really does account for all contingencies…” Yun Die thought to herself. She smiled and stood up, “Your Highness Saintess, welcome.”

Across from her, Zhou Li smiled. “To come visit in the dark of night, it is me who is being rude. I hope Miss Yun Die doesn’t mind.”

The two stood across from each other and chatted amiably.

After sitting down on two sofas, Yun Die recalled her teacher’s instructions. “Your Highness Saintess, I wonder what you came here for?”

Zhou Li hesitated for a moment and said, “I consider myself an old acquaintance of Miss Yun Die, so I won’t talk in circles. I wonder who the person who helped the Hidden Fog Sect win in today’s arena battle was?”

Her eyes were transfixed on Yun Die.

“Ahh…is Saintess speaking about my junior-apprentice brother? He is a disciple that teacher just accepted recently.”

Yun Die maintained her composure as she spoke, but she felt uncomfortable. Teacher, you were the one who told me to say this, so forgive me if I am being disrespectful!

Zhou Li’s heart skipped a beat. Things were really as she thought. Although she was a bit surprised that she obtained this information so easily, she wasn’t in the mood to think about it.

Zhou Li’s complexion clouded over. She took a deep breath and said, “Miss Yun Die, I wonder if Mister Ning Qin is present? I would like to greet him.”

Yun Die apologetically smiled, “My apologies, but teacher is in the midst of an experiment right now. He has pa.s.sed down orders that no one is to disturb him.”

As she thought about it she realized that the relations.h.i.+p between Zhou Li and her teacher was definitely out of the ordinary. She paused for a moment and said, “Miss Zhou Li, if there is some matter then you can tell me. I can relay your message to teacher when he comes out.”

Zhou Li said, “Miss Yun Die, can you tell Mister Ning Qin that Qin Yu is an old friend of mine. I once received his graciousness so I do not wish to see him risk danger and meddle in something beyond his station. Moreover, please express my respect toward Mister Ning Qin. At the Shadow Clan auction mister was able to reverse the winds and clouds with a turn of his hand and play with the seven great sects. The Shadow Clan feels nothing but admiration towards him!”

She stood up. “Then I won’t disturb Miss Yun Die’s rest anymore. I will bid my farewells first.”

She turned and left.

Watching her leave, Yun Die had a strange expression on her face. Qin Yu…wasn’t that the mysterious, secretive, and rarely seen Elder Senior-apprentice Brother who followed teacher from the start?

Could it be that Zhou Li knew another ident.i.ty of teacher? Or, could it be said that Qin Yu was teacher’s true name!?

With teacher’s Grand Expert boundary strength, why would he need to change his appearance, even changing his name to join Sky Declaring Pavilion? There had to be some other facts behind this.

Yun Die thought about it and couldn’t figure out the reason. She could only suppress her thoughts. But as far as she was concerned, there was no comparing how close she was to teacher as opposed to Sky Declaring Pavilion. She definitely stood on teacher’s side.

She let out a light breath. Only then did she slowly savor Zhou Li’s words. She reacted a bit. There must be a great misunderstanding between Zhou Li and teacher. Zhou Li even blatantly threatened her to her face!

From Zhou Li’s perspective, she was worrying that ‘Ning Qin’ was being disadvantageous to ‘Qin Yu’…but in truth, they were the same person, right?

Yun Die bitterly smiled. She felt some ‘complaint’ toward her teacher. If there was a problem why not just hash it out and get it over with? Why make things so complicated? Cough cough, loving and killing each other in all sorts of convoluted storylines, these sorts of things only happened in dramas!

Of course, this was only a temporary and minor complaint. If teacher did this, he definitely had his own reasons.

But she had to inform teacher of this matter. If Zhou Li suddenly lost her mind and blew apart what happened at the Shadow Clan auction, things would become troublesome.


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