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Chapter 289: Where Did This Thick-Skinned Person Come From?

“But she will hate him at the same time because she loves him.”

Qiao Jiusheng’s words accurately reflected Ji Yinbing’s att.i.tude toward Yan Nuo.

When Fang Yusheng heard this, he felt upset.

Whether it was Ji Yinbing or Zhuang Long, both were his friends. He hoped that they could be happy. If they could live happily together, that would be for the best. But if Yan Nuo chose Weila, then Fang Yusheng could only wish that they could live better in the future.

However, if Yan Nuo chose Weila, Yan Nuo would probably regret it for the rest of his life.

Seeing that it was almost midnight, Fang Yusheng quickly switched off the lights and said to Qiao Jiusheng, “It’s getting late. Ah Sheng, you should sleep.”

Qiao Jiusheng nodded. She slowly turned over and fell asleep on the left side. Fang Yusheng slept on her right side and hugged her waist from behind. Before she slept, Fang Yusheng would usually hug her. However, after she fell asleep, the two of them would separate.

The next morning, Fang Yusheng was woken up by Aunt Jin ringing the doorbell.

Seeing that Qiao Jiusheng was still asleep, he hurriedly got out of bed and shuffled to open the door with his slippers.

Aunt Jin stood by the door, exuding a chilly aura. She held a plastic bag in her hand. Inside the bag was an old hen whose belly had been ripped open. Although she had worn a black woolen coat, she still looked chubby.

Fang Yusheng opened the door and invited her in. As he opened the window, he said to Aunt Jin, “Aunt Jin, you’re here quite early. What time did you get up?”

Aunt Jin said, “I woke up at five. I had to rush over to stew some chicken for Madam. This old hen will taste good only after it has been stewed for a while. I’ll stew it now and finish the soup before lunch. The time is just right.” Aunt Jin took off her scarf and carried the old hen to the kitchen.

Fang Yusheng tidied up the curtains. He saw that Ji Yinbing wasn’t awake yet and thought she was still sleeping.

He walked to the guest room and tried to open the door. In the end, he succeeded.

Not locked?

Fang Yusheng opened the door and was surprised to see the folded bedsheets.


Fang Yusheng quickly walked to the bed and picked up a piece of paper on the bedside table. On the paper, only two sentences were written in English.

“I have to go! Don’t worry about me!”

Fang Yusheng put down the piece of paper and touched the bedsheets. He realized that they were still a little warm. He walked out of the room and asked Aunt Jin, “Aunt Jin, when you came, did you see a woman in a white down jacket? She’s a mixed-blood girl.”

Aunt Jin thought for a moment and nodded. “Yes, I did. At the entrance of the district. She was carrying a suitcase, right?”


“Young Master Yusheng, is she your friend?”

Fang Yusheng nodded and didn’t say anything else.

He picked up his phone and called Ji Yinbing. The call went through, but she didn’t pick up.

When Qiao Jiusheng woke up and found out that Ji Yinbing had already left early, she sighed. “Is she avoiding Yan Nuo?”

Fang Yusheng nodded. “Yes, Yan Nuo might rush over after last night.”

Just as Fang Yusheng expected, Yan Nuo arrived at noon.

Without even calling Fang Yusheng, he went straight to the apartment. He could always easily find traces of Fang Yusheng. Aunt Jin ran to open the door when she heard the doorbell. Aunt Jin was only 1.6 meters tall and had worn flats today. She had to raise her head high to look at Yan Nuo.

“Who… are you looking for?” Aunt Jin had once scolded a shrew in the village. She was a fierce aunt who looked like she could hold her breath for an hour. Yet, when she saw Yan Nuo, her tone was a little weak.

It was not because she was timid, but because this man was too big and his expression was too cold.

It was obvious that he was not someone to be trifled with.

As the saying goes, a coward fears a tough man, and a tough man fears a crazy man. No matter how awesome Aunt Jin was, she couldn’t be compared to Yan Nuo, who was very sinister.

Yan Nuo stared at Aunt Jin for three seconds before saying, “May I know if An… Yusheng is here?”

Aunt Jin got even more suspicious. “Why… are you looking for Young Master Yusheng?”

Yan Nuo honestly said, “To pick up my girlfriend.”

Aunt Jin’s expression changed. “Shameless!” She was no longer afraid of Yan Nuo.

“Where did your thick skin come from? You came to our house to look for your girlfriend? Pfft! Why didn’t you take a p.i.s.s and look in the mirror? How dare you s.n.a.t.c.h our Young Master Yusheng’s woman like this? How dare you!” Madam and Young Master Yusheng were a match made in heaven. No one could think of ruining them.

Yan Nuo was speechless.

“Aunt.” Yan Nuo’s gaze turned cold.

Aunt Jin, who was still valiant and spirited just a moment ago, felt her legs go weak when Yan Nuo called her Aunt.

She didn’t even dare to look at Yan Nuo’s cold face.

Aunt Jin weakly lowered her head. Yan Nuo stared at the fat aunt in front of him, his eyebrows twitching. However, his rationality told him that he shouldn’t lower himself to the same level as this aunt. “Is Fang Yusheng here?” Yan Nuo spoke again, his tone vaguely threatening.

“Yes.” When Aunt Jin saw that Yan Nuo was about to enter the house, she hurriedly closed the door and ran back to the dining room. She told Fang Yusheng, “There’s a big guy outside. His face is so cold as though he just took it out from the freezer. He keeps asking if I know Young Master Yusheng.”

When Qiao Jiusheng heard this, Yan Nuo’s face flashed across her mind.

Fang Yusheng put down his chopsticks and patted Aunt Jin’s shoulder. He told her to eat first and ran to open the door himself.

When the door opened a little, Yan Nuo did not care who was inside. He stretched a leg in to stop the door from closing again.

Fang Yusheng stared at the leg for a second before fully opening the door. “You’re pretty fast.” He could not be bothered to look at Yan Nuo and turned to enter the house. Yan Nuo followed him and walked in. He glanced at the dining room with a dark expression. When he saw Qiao Jiusheng, he expressionlessly nodded at her as a greeting.

Qiao Jiusheng stiffly smiled at him.

Yan Nuo quickly retracted his gaze and went straight to the guest room. When he opened the door, he saw the neatly folded blankets in the guest room. A crack finally appeared on his cold face, and he was shocked. “Where is she?” Yan Nuo asked as he looked at the empty room.

He could not believe it. The moment he saw the empty room, he felt as if his heart had been p.r.i.c.ked by a needle. The pain was not sharp and was stuffy. However, he felt empty in his heart. His heart, which beat regularly, seemed to have slowed down.

Yan Nuo turned around and saw Fang Yusheng behind him. He lowered his head to look at him and asked, “Where’s Yinbing?” There seemed to be a hint of helplessness in his cold voice.

Fang Yusheng said, “As you can see.”

The corners of Yan Nuo’s lips twitched. “She left?”

“Yes,” Fang Yusheng said. “She left early in the morning before I even woke up.”

Yan Nuo was silent for a moment. He seemed to be asking Fang Yusheng but also seemed to be asking himself. “Is she avoiding me?”

“‘Could it be that she’s avoiding me?’” Even at this moment, Fang Yusheng wasn’t going to let him off easily. “She doesn’t want to wait for you. She knew that you were coming and ran away early.” Not only was he not going to let him off, he even stabbed Yan Nuo in the heart.

Yan Nuo’s expression was terrible. “What did I do wrong?” He was confused.

Fang Yusheng was shocked. “You don’t know what you did?”

Yan Nuo glared at Fang Yusheng and sternly asked him, “What do you know? What did she tell you?” Something must have gone wrong.

Fang Yusheng took a few more glances at Yan Nuo. Seeing that the brute really didn’t know anything, he couldn’t help but sympathize with him.

“The child is gone,” Fang Yusheng said.

Yan Nuo was stunned. “What do you mean gone?” He suspected that he had heard wrongly. “Whose child is gone?” He subconsciously looked at Qiao Jiusheng in the dining room. Her stomach was so big, how could the child be gone?

Fang Yusheng’s expression turned complicated as he said, “Yinbing’s child is gone.”

Yan Nuo was stunned.

“Child…” His face turned pale. “You said that she was pregnant with my child?”

It was Fang Yusheng’s turn to be dumbfounded. “You don’t know?”

Yan Nuo seemed to have thought of something. He said, “I’ll look for you next time.” Then, he strode towards the door, pulled it open, and left.

He really came and went like the wind.

It had been less than ten minutes since Yan Nuo had come.

Aunt Jin and Qiao Jiusheng looked at each other, not knowing what had happened in the past few minutes.

Fang Yusheng walked to the balcony outside the living room. He bent down and placed his arms on the railing, looking down. He saw Yan Nuo walking out of the building’s entrance. Without turning back, Yan Nuo walked toward his car like a shooting star.

The car sped out of the neighborhood, afraid that others would not know how anxious the owner was.

Fang Yusheng quietly said, “I hope that you get a happy wife soon.”

He turned back to the dining room and met Qiao Jiusheng’s puzzled gaze. He said, “It seems like Ah Nuo still didn’t know about Yinbing’s pregnancy.”

Qiao Jiusheng was shocked.

“Then that child…”

“Weila.” Fang Yusheng’s face was cold when he said Weila’s name. “Men are usually ruthless but when it comes to ruthlessness, it’s usually women that triumph over men.”

“That’s right.” Qiao Jiusheng thought of her sister, then thought of Weila. She could not help but click her tongue. “In this day and age, only a few girls are kind like me.” Glancing at Fang Yusheng, who had a strange expression, Qiao Jiusheng said, “Yusheng, you have to cherish me.”

Fang Yusheng looked at his good girl with a faint smile. He touched his ring and suddenly said, “There aren’t many good girls who dare to climb into a man’s bed now.”

Qiao Jiusheng’s face darkened. Thinking of the stupid thing she did last year, she was speechless.

Fang Yusheng also knew that this matter was not something to be happy about. He quickly straightened his face and said, “However, there aren’t many good girls who dare to casually rescue strangers.”

These words made Qiao Jiusheng’s expression finally turn better.

“Fang Yusheng!” Qiao Jiusheng muttered. When she heard Fang Yusheng ask her what she was talking about, she immediately changed her words. “I said that this chicken soup is delicious.” Since Ji Yinbing had left, the two of them had to finish the chicken soup.

Fang Yusheng took a sip and nodded. “Mmm, it’s not bad.”

Fang Yusheng thought that Yan Nuo would be able to win Ji Yinbing’s heart.

In the end, when he logged into the “OK” app at night, he saw Zhuang Long howling alone in the group chat.

Zhuang Long: [Breaking news, breaking news!]

An: [!]

Seeing Fang Yusheng come out to ask, Suzanne also appeared.

Suzanne: [What is it?]

Zhuang Long: [Yan Nuo is seriously injured. We don’t know if he is dead or alive.]

Suzanne: [What?]

An: [What happened?] We only saw each other just now. How did Yan Nuo get injured?

Zhuang Long: [To keep the beauty, Ah Nuo shot himself and almost hit his heart!]

An: […] My goodness, this trick of self-injury is really… good!

However, the price is rather high.

Suzanne also felt incredulous: [Is he stupid?]

Zhuang Long: [That Yan Nuo guy can shoot a head from a thousand meters away. With his accurate marksmans.h.i.+p, do you think he will miss? If he wants to hit the enemy’s left nostril, he won’t hit the right nostril. I won’t believe that he will miss.]

Zhuang Long: [This trick of self-injury is brilliant.]

Suzanne felt that Zhuang Long’s words made sense, so she asked: [Then has Yinbing forgiven him?] It seemed like Suzanne also knew about Yinbing’s miscarriage.

Zhuang Long: [Not yet. Yinbing brought a scalpel with her. She operated on him on the spot and called Sister Shuang. Ah Nuo has been brought back to India, and Yinbing is on a plane to America.]

An: [Is she determined to not forgive him this time?]

Zhuang Long: [Women are scary when they are ruthless to others.]

Suzanne: [She’s probably in despair.]

Fang Yusheng watched as Zhuang Long and Suzanne continued to chat, but he didn’t say anything. The bedside lamp cast a hazy light on his eyelashes. When it landed on his dark green eyes, it became a few streaks of bright light. Fang Yusheng thought for a moment and decided to call Yan Yu.

Yan Yu picked up the phone, her voice as cold and harsh as her brother’s. “An?”

“Sister Yan, how is Ah Nuo now?”

Yan Yu snorted. “He’s courting death. He shouldn’t live.”

Fang Yusheng knew that she was speaking out of anger, so he didn’t dare to speak recklessly.

He waited a moment before he heard the words, “He won’t die.” No wonder she’s a woman of the underworld. Her boldness is just different.

Fang Yusheng was relieved. “That’s good.”

“I heard that Bing Bing had a miscarriage?” The tone of her voice finally softened, but there was still a threatening chill in it.

Fang Yusheng didn’t hide anything and told her about Ji Yinbing.

Yan Yu gritted her teeth and said, “Weila…” Her tone was vicious.

Fang Yusheng could hear the murderous intent in her words, so he smiled.


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