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While Xia Hongyi was thinking this, another person in her bedroom was also having similar thoughts ‘I thought I had a really bad life considering I have never felt a mother’s love after 4 years of age but now here a person comes and talks about how his Clan has been ma.s.sacred. I should spend more time with father and brother before I am asked to leave for Frozen Cloud Asgard.’

Xia Hongyi then heard Ryusuke say, “As for why I don’t want to join a sect. Let’s say, I simply don’t feel like it. I mean yeah, I want to become strong but I don’t want to be restricted by a sect where they only have a limited thing to teach. I mean I can travel to different places If I am not in a sect, besides I am just joining the guards here temporarily before I move away.”

Xia Hongyi nodded as he understood him and said, “Alright then, just how much time do you want to stay as a guard here.” Ryusuke replied after thinking for some moment and said, “Well, I want to stay here for 6 months.” He was also thinking ‘6 months should be enough to leave a shadow of mine in Xia Qingyue’s heart. Oh man, I really want to see her right now but still it would be too soon. I have to have her heart completely so that she will do anything for me, that is it should be to the extent of leaving the sect and living a normal life. With the information I know about her, it shouldn’t be considered too hard.’

Xia Hongyi thought for some moments and said, “Well, I can’t put you on a normal guard duty as it would be pretty embarra.s.sing to a Nascent Soul Realm expert. So, how about you be a personal guard for my family for these 6 months. You can eat your food with my family and you don’t have to report to anyone to do anything.”

Ryusuke nodded as it was good deal for him, it wouldn’t hinder his plan on getting Qingyue and would instead help him. Now, he asked some food from Xia Hongyi and started eating it at a fast pace as he was quite hungry. After eating the food, he excused himself and asked for his own room where he could go and sleep. Xia Hongyi leaded him to his room where Ryusuke started to sleep comfortably.

After Ryusuke had started to sleep, Xia Qingyue opened her room and went out of the room, her father was pretty surprised when he saw his daughter outside her own room. It was pretty surprising as she wouldn’t come out of the house or rather her own room after the age of 13. He turned towards her and saw and coming towards him and suddenly hugged him. He was a bit surprised from such a reaction form his daughter as she had always had a strong leash on her emotions.

Xia Hongyi put his hand on the back of her head and said in a gentle voice, “What happened, my daughter?” Qingyue looked in her father’s eyes and said, “I am sorry father that I was being such a brat to you. I am really sorry.” His expression softened as he guessed that Qingyue must have heard Ryusuke’s words, he said, “Why are you telling me this, daughter.”

She said in a crying voice, “I heard his words, about how his Clan is ma.s.sacred. I thought what would happen if our Clan was to be ma.s.sacred and I alone survived. I then thought of our memories together, I was too caught in trying to reunite our family by making mother return here that I didn’t realize that I was breaking apart from my current family. I am really sorry father.” Xia Hongyi spent the night with his daughter in his arms as he laid her down on her bed and went back towards his room. He wasn’t happy that Ryusuke’s family had been ma.s.sacred but he was really thankful that his daughter once again started to open up to him.

Ryusuke was sleeping as all of this was happening but he already suspected that Qingyue would do something like this after hearing his words. After a whole night of rest, he woke up in the early morning and went outside to do some morning exercise.

For the whole month, he focused on conditioning his physique by jogging, push ups and also cultivating right after finishing his physical training. After a whole month of training, he had reached 10th level of Nascent Soul Realm and could breakthrough at any given time. He only remained at 10th level because he didn’t use cultivate after this.

After the month, he was given his first salary of the month, 3 Purple Profound stones that is 300 Yellow Profound stones. After the month, Ryusuke felt that he had enough Cultivation and started to work on his techniques. He asked for a leave from the Xia Manor and went in the forest.

He started gathering the Profound Energy in his right hand and soon a pure ball of energy was formed. He threw it at a nearby rock and as soon as it came in contact with the rock, it exploded. Its explosion wasn’t anything significant but still Ryusuke felt the power of the technique. It was the same as DBZ’s energy blasts.

After making an energy blast, he thought ‘Now, I should awaken my Sharingan. I can’t wait to see which type of Sharingan I have.’ He wasn’t sure about how to awaken his Sharingan, he knew it required some strong emotions to awaken it but it was due to Black Zetsu’s meddling. Otherwise, it wouldn’t require strong negative emotions to awaken it. he thought ‘I don’t have the curse of hatred. So, I should have a Sharingan awoken after I become strong enough.’ He started cultivating his Profound Energy and this time it took him about 15 minutes, to experience a breakthrough.

He finally reached True Profound Realm 1st level. And now, Ryusuke looked at the surroundings and was surprised that he could see much clearer than before. He stopped sending Profound energy in his eyes and soon the vision returned to normal.

He knew that he had awakened the Sharingan. He suddenly got a severe headache as he remembered that G.o.d said that he would instinctively know how to use it. He thought ‘So, he imprinted them onto my soul and now they are making themselves appear.’

He went in the market to test his Sharingan’s illusion. After reaching the market, he saw a group of boys running towards a boy of his own age. He looked towards them in the eye and said, “I, Uchiha Ryusuke command you, go away from here and leave him alone.” All the boys had weak will, so they replied, “Yes, Sir.”

Ryusuke looked towards the boy who was being chased, “What happened, why were they chasing you.” The Boy looked at him in a timid manner and said, “I can’t cultivate because I have crippled meridians and my father has died. So, these people want to bully me because I don’t really have any power in my Clan.”

Ryusuke understood who this boy was, it was Yun Che. He listened to his story and went away as he still didn’t want to bring any changes in the story. He went and found the group of children who were chasing him and ordered them, “Forget my previous order.” And with that they went and started bullying Yun Che.

He then returned to Xia Manor and asked Xia Hongyi to their library. The man was surprised that he wanted to visit the library. It was not like there were any important cultivation technique. Ryusuke replied, “It’s not any problem for me. I just want to have a general idea about the planet and this realm.”


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