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Chapter 103: Brother, Transfer Some Money to Me

Very soon, Zi Yi looked through the entire alb.u.m of clothes.

The clerk hastily asked. “Miss, I wonder which item have you taken a fancy to?”

Zi Yi pointed at the alb.u.m and said, “The 3rd, 7th, and 10th set.”

The clerk was delighted and immediately remembered her selection.

However, Zi Yi had said, “Except for those sets, I want everything.”

Wait, what?

The clerk’s mind stalled for a second before she immediately widened her eyes and replied, “Of course, of course.”

Immediately after, she took the alb.u.m and was prepared to inform the manager about the order.

As soon as the clerk left, Qin Yuqiao had made her way back.

She smiled, sat beside Zi Yi, and asked, “Have you chosen?”

“I’m done.” Zi Yi nodded in response.

Qin Yuqiao asked, “This shop sells matching shoes and bags. Would you like to select a few too?”

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment. She indeed had to purchase a few pairs of shoes and nodded.

Just then, the clerk who left had returned together with her manager in excitement.

The manager peeked at Qin Yuqiao and asked Zi Yi for confirmation. “Miss, are you sure of the clothes you’ve selected?”


“Then… do you still need anything else?”

“I’ll choose a few more shoes.”

“Sure.” After the manager heard her, she personally led her to the showcase area where shoes were displayed.

Zi Yi chose seven to eight pairs of shoes in one go.

Qin Yuqiao did not expect Zi Yi to be so extravagant. She suddenly asked the manager. “How many clothes did she select?”

“15 sets.”


The manager realized Qin Yuqiao had not reacted. She called out to check that everything was okay with her. “Miss Qin.”

Qin Yuqiao nodded and said nothing.

After all the clothes and shoes were packed, Zi Yi took out her card.

The manager hastily said, “Miss Zi, Miss Qin has mentioned that she would pay for all your clothes and shoes.”

Zi Yi looked at Qin Yuqiao and suddenly a sentence floated across her mind: One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!

A random set of clothes here costs dozens of grand. Even for a young lady of high society, 15 sets of clothing along with eight pairs of shoes was not a small sum of money.

Qin Yuqiao smiled and said, “I found familiarity with you at first sight. These are only a few sets of clothes, please don’t fight over the bill with me.”

Zi Yi took back her card and said, “Thanks.”

After the clothes and shoes were packed, the manager personally led the clerk and carried the items into her car.

After the manager left, Zi Yi asked Qin Yuqiao expectantly, “Are we continuing with the shopping?”

Qin Yuqiao clutched her bag with both hands and smiled apologetically. “I have something on later and I’m afraid I can’t go shopping with you.”

Having said that, she thought about it for a moment and said, “Why don’t I invite you to my house for lunch tomorrow?”

“I have plans tomorrow.”

“Then let’s exchange numbers, so that we can keep in touch in the future!”

Zi Yi lowered her eyes, nodded, and recited her number.

After they said their goodbyes, they left in their respective cars.

Qin Yuqiao had only driven for a short while before she pulled over.

There was no longer a smile on her face. With her jawline tightened, she took out her phone and dialed a number.

After the call was connected, she said, “Brother, transfer some money to me. My card is empty.”

Qin Yi said something over the phone and Qin Yuqiao responded, “I have a sense of propriety.”

Two seconds later, she added. “Please help me investigate Zi Yi. I want detailed information about her. The more detailed, the better.”

After Qin Yi agreed, she hung up the phone as her eyes darkened.


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