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Chapter 328: Are You Itching For a Fight?

Doctor Zhang had also sat in the same car as them.

The moment Doctor Zhang heard what Leader Zhang said, she smiled and said, “Little Zi is so capable. Training military dogs is hard work itself. When I saw her for the first time, I even thought that she might not be able to handle the training intensity. I didn’t expect her to adapt so well.”

Zi Yi and a few military dogs turned to look at Doctor Zhang at the same time.

Doctor Zhang smiled in return.

Zi Yi said nothing and silently looked away.

The few military dogs had also silently withdrawn their gazes as they obediently stayed crouched.

Doctor Zhang found them too adorable and so, she asked, “Can I touch them?”

“You can try asking them.”

Thus, Doctor Zhang asked one of the military dogs, “Can I touch you?”

The dog she asked just so happened to be Feihu.

Feihu rudely barked at her.

“It says no.”

Doctor Zhang awkwardly laughed and did not continue to talk about wanting to touch them.

A while later, Doctor Zhang asked again, “Little Zi, have you done any preparations? It’s definitely going to be very dangerous when we arrive in the mountains.”

Speaking of this, she added, “I’ll prepare more antidotes for you then. A landslide just happened and there would definitely be many poisonous animals around.”

In fact, that was the most dangerous aspect. For people in the training camps, a landslide was not considered very scary. What’s scarier was to get bitten by a poisonous animal when they head inside, and they did not have an antidote with them. It was not easy to find medicinal ingredients to detoxify the poison and they could only wait for death.

The moment Doctor Zhang mentioned this, everyone in the car became serious.

XX Base was not far from Y Base. However, they could not take the mountain road in such weather and the car could only take a detour while they traveled on foot for three hours before they arrived at their destination.

When Leader Zhang alighted, he went to shake hands with a middle-aged man who had been waiting for their arrival.

The two of them exchanged greetings.

The surname of the leader of the Y Base was Tang.

Leader Tang was surprised when he saw Zi Yi. “Leader Zhang, why did you bring a student with you?”

After that, he said disapprovingly, “This is a dangerous situation and isn’t it simply making things worse by bringing a student here?”

After Leader Zhang personally saw Zi Yi’s stealth robot, he felt that she was omnipotent.

However, obviously, he would not reveal this to Leader Tang.

Moreover, he did not intend to let anyone know about Zi Yi promising him to make a few robots for their camp.

He merely said to Leader Tang and guaranteed, “Old Tang, you can rest a.s.sured. I have my own plans. At that time, she will only be responsible for leading a few military dogs to search for the survivors. We will also protect her and it will be fine.”

When Leader Tang wanted to continue to say something, Leader Zhang took the initiative and said in a serious voice, “Every second counts right now and we should stop discussing such an unimportant thing. It’s more urgent to enter the mountains and save people.”

Leader Tang’s expression changed when he heard what Leader Zhang said. “How can bringing a student into the mountains be an unimportant thing? If something were to happen…”

“Old Tang, don’t worry about it. I have my own plans.”

When Leader Tang saw how obstinate Leader Zhang was, he thought deep down, “In any case, it’s not a student in my camp. Just do whatever you like! Hmph!”

He informed everyone about the whole incident and where the students had run out from along with how they went missing.

“There was a heavy downpour that night and a few male students went downstairs to wash their clothes. They just so happened to meet a blind bear who broke inside. They were frightened and ran out.

Leader Zhang furrowed his brows. “Why didn’t they run in the direction of the dormitory.”

Leader Zhang was also depressed. “The psychological mentality of these students is too lacking. At that time, perhaps someone had taken the lead and ran away and the rest had also followed suit and ran outside.”

“We had sent people to chase them at that time and teachers from M.Uni had also followed over. However, we didn’t expect them to meet a group of wild animals the moment they went out. Our men and the teachers were separated from each other.”

Hearing this, Zi Yi hastily asked, “Was there a teacher named Dou Xiangling who had gone out to chase them?”

“Yes.” Leader Tang nodded affirmatively. Dou Xiangling had a beautiful appearance and she also radiated an aura as if she was brought up in a good family. She was the focus of attention everywhere she went.

Zi Yi’s heart clenched tightly and even her expression turned ugly.

Leader Zhang consoled her. “Little Zi, don’t be anxious. Leader Tang has dispatched so many people but they have yet to locate them. They must have found a safe place to hide in.”

Zi Yi did not get consoled by his words. Instead, she became even more worried.

“I need a laptop.”

Leader Tang revealed a confused expression. “Why do you need a laptop?”

“Old Tang, why are you talking so much nonsense? Just bring it.”

“Heh! Old Zhang, is your skin feeling itchy? Are you itching for a fight?!”

Seeing that they were about to start a fight, Zi Yi reminded them. “We are pressing for time. Are you sure you want to continue wasting time?”

Old Zhang and Old Tang: “…”

Were they getting lectured by a young lady?

Doctor Zhang, who had been spectating the scene from the side, walked over and asked, “Leaders, when will we be setting off?”

Only then did Old Zhang and Old Tang give up the debate while Old Tang said, “Immediately.”

Old Zhang added, “Bring the laptop first.”

Old Tang glared at him and ended up having his subordinate fetch a laptop.

Zi Yi took it and quickly started to tap on the keyboard.

Old Tang was anxious. “Old Zhang, what are you planning to do? It’s fine that you brought a student here, but are you sure we should be wasting time here?”

“We are not wasting time.”

Old Zhang motioned to him. “Take a look first.”

Old Zhang and Old Tang each stood at either side of Zi Yi. Doctor Zhang was also standing near them and watching the laptop in her hands.

When an image appeared on the screen Old Tang exclaimed. “Why do I find the image familiar?”

Before Old Zhang managed to speak, Doctor Zhang cried out in surprise, “Student Zi has actually connected to all the satellites located in the mountains near Y Base and created a 3D image!”

Old Tang: “…!”

After a while, Zi Yi pointed to an area and said, “We’ll look for them in these two areas.”

Zi Yi circled two small areas. “According to the trajectory of the landslides and flow of debris in the mountains, the wild animals will escape in this direction. It is certain that the students and teachers were chased and thus, they will run in these two directions.”

Zi Yi’s a.n.a.lysis made Old Zhang and Old Tang speechless, as they could not find any fault.

After she said that, Zi Yi looked towards the two of them.

Old Zhang and Old Tang looked at each other and Old Zhang pointed at the screen and said, “Our men shall look in this area.”

Old Tang said, “Then my men will take this area.”

After it was decided, they both left to give out orders to their men.

Doctor Zhang looked at Zi Yi with a surprised expression. “Student Zi, I didn’t expect you to be so good at programming too.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and modestly said, “I’m not that great.”

Doctor Zhang smiled and said, “Now that two areas have been identified, it’ll be easier to search. In this case, there’s no need for the group to be too scattered.”

Zi Yi merely continued to nod.

Just then, Leader Zhang called for both of them and pointed at a young man and said, “He’s your leader, Yang Jiangbo.”

After the introduction, he said to Yang Jiangbo in a serious manner, “Take good care of these two ladies. If they lose a single strand of hair from their heads, I will take care of you when you return.”

Yang Jiangbo immediately stood at attention and said while he guaranteed, “I promise not to let them lose a single strand of hair from their heads!”


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