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Chapter 436: Zi Yi and Aisha

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Li Xia also took out her phone and checked the school forum after hearing the comments from the people around them. After she took a quick glance, she hastily showed Zi Yi her phone. “Look, this foreign girl is really pretty.”

She then said, “But she’s not as pretty as you.”

Zi Yi looked at the photos on the phone and narrowed her eyes.

Since she came knocking on the door on her own accord, then she had better not blame her for being rude.

She then looked away and calmly signaled to Li Xia. “Eat.”

Li Xia originally had something to say, but when she saw that Zi Yi did not seem to be interested, she put away her phone.

However, after lunch, they were met with a group of people heading in their direction.

The two people standing in the middle seemed to be surrounded by several others. In particular, everyone seemed to be rather enthusiastic towards the foreign woman.

Li Xia was a little surprised as she looked at the group of people coming over. “Zi Yi, why did that dance teacher come to our school? Also, the female student next to her, isn’t she the younger sister of the Head of Marketing Department who chased you some time ago?”

Zi Yi merely casually responded and continued walking ahead.

Li Xia hastily followed.

When they were about to walk past the group, one of the female students next to Aisha said, “Teacher Aisha, she’s Zi Yi.”

Aisha walked over to Zi Yi and quietly sized her up before she said with a smile, “h.e.l.lo, Student Zi. Nice to meet you.”

Zi Yi looked at the woman in front of her and merely nodded without returning her a verbal greeting.

Someone was unhappy with Zi Yi’s cold response. “Student Zi, Teacher Aisha is greeting you. Why aren’t you responding?”

Zi Yi looked at Aisha’s smile and the coldness within her eyes. She leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Don’t smile if you don’t feel like smiling. You look ugly this way.”

Aisha was bewildered at her words and Zi Yi stood up straight after she said that.

The smile on Aisha’s face only stiffened for a second before it returned to normal.

She said in an enthusiastic tone of voice, “Student Zi, I’ve heard about you. You’re very amazing and I specially asked them to bring me over to get to know you. I hope that we have a chance to collaborate in the future.”

“I don’t like to dance. I don’t think we will have any chances to collaborate in the future.”

“Not liking it doesn’t mean you can’t dance. Student Zi is so pretty and I believe your dancing can definitely amaze everyone. Why don’t you join the dance club?”

“I’m not interested.”

Zi Yi was about to continue walking away after she said that, when Chu Xiang’s mocking voice sounded.

“Teacher Aisha is a foreigner and based on your behavior, other people would think that M.Uni students are rude and without manners.”

Zi Yi looked at Chu Xiang and asked, “What are manners? You mean acting like you, where the both of you make use of each other?”

Her words caused Aisha and Chu Xiang’s expressions to change.

Yet, other people around them had confused the meaning behind their expressions.

What did Zi Yi mean?

Aisha immediately reacted. She asked in a puzzled and sad tone, “Student Zi, do you dislike me? Why would you say such words?”

Aisha had such an appearance that one would have the urge to protect her. Compared to the cold and sharp Zi Yi, the public opinion would definitely lean towards the former.

“Student Zi, Teacher Aisha only wants to get to know you. How can you say that?”

“That’s right. Zi Yi, you went overboard.”

“Don’t say that about Student Zi.” Aisha spoke up at this point in time. “But is it possible that Student Zi really dislikes me?”

Zi Yi looked at Aisha who was pretending to be weak and laughed. “Teacher Aisha, don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike you… I dislike all of you.”

Having said that, Aisha looked at her with a stunned gaze. Zi Yi continued to speak. “I heard that your grandfather and my boyfriend’s grandfather are good friends. You had repeatedly mentioned to my boyfriend’s grandfather that you would like to marry my boyfriend.”

Her words caused the spectators to be in a daze.

What’s with this situation?

Aisha did not expect Zi Yi to be so unpredictable. The words she had planned beforehand were useless. Moreover, the gazes of everyone looking at her seemed to be strange.

Aisha’s heart clenched tight and she hastily explained.

“Student Zi, you misunderstood. My grandfather and Brother Lu’s grandfather are good friends. It was Grandpa Lu who invited me to stay at their house. Besides, I’ve known Brother Lu since a young age and our two families have made marriage arrangements since then.”

Everyone present: “…”

Why do her words sound like Zi Yi was stealing her beloved one?

What’s with this sudden messy situation?

“Tsk. So you’re intending to use the arranged marriage to force my boyfriend to marry you? Since that’s the case, you’re still hoping that I would treat you in a friendly manner?”

She then swept her gaze across the crowd.

With how direct Zi Yi was, everyone did not know what to say.

Chu Xiang sneered. “Aisha and Second Brother are well-matched in terms of looks and family background. Moreover, they have feelings for each other. You’re merely from a small family and your reputation is pretty bad. Do you think Second Brother’s family would think of you as a prospective partner?”

“Have feelings for each other?”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and took out her phone as she slowly said, “Why don’t I ask the other party involved?”

Aisha and Chu Xiang’s expressions turned bad.

Based on their reaction, the group of students started to defend Zi Yi.

“Student Chu, what’s with your words? We are in the 21st century now and you’re still talking about a well-matched family? Zi Yi is pretty and her grades are stellar. How does she not deserve her boyfriend?”

“That’s right. If we are talking about being well-matched, I feel that Zi Yi and her boyfriend are the best matched.”

“I think so too.”

Zi Yi looked at their crumbling expressions and she revealed a mocking smile.

Weren’t they planning to embarra.s.s her?

Do they honestly think she’s a white rabbit who dares not to refute them and has trust issues with her boyfriend?


Aisha obviously wanted to try and save her reputation. Even her voice sounded choked. “You’ve misunderstood. I didn’t mean that?”

“You didn’t mean that?” Zi Yi interrupted her and stopped her from talking. “Are you telling me that you’re here today to tell me that you don’t like my boyfriend and you intend to tell his grandfather that you want to cancel the arranged marriage?”

Zi Yi was somewhat concerned about the arranged marriage and she decided to ask the other party involved tonight.

Aisha pursed her lips and remained silent.

The other students looked at Aisha and at the thought that she had purposely come looking for Zi Yi, they knew that she had deliberately created this scene.

Chu Xiang looked at Aisha who was ashamed and annoyed. She thought of her phone that was recording the conversation and the corner of her lips curled up as she said to Aisha, “Teacher Aisha, let’s go.”

Aisha took one last glance at Zi Yi before she turned around and left.

Zi Yi looked at their departing backs and revealed a smirk.

Just then, Li Xia’s voice sounded from the side. “Zi Yi, does that Aisha really have an arranged marriage with your boyfriend?”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“Could it be that she deliberately created that story to make you misunderstand and exert pressure on you?”

“It’s likely.”

After she said that, Zi Yi left while everyone was staring at her.

Li Xia hastily chased after her and asked, “Zi Yi, then what are you going to do? She must have come to our school as a dance teacher on purpose, all so that she can embarra.s.s you.”

Zi Yi glanced at Li Xia whose brain was very imaginative and asked, “Then what do you think I should do?”


Li Xia honestly had no idea what Zi Yi should do.

However, the spectators who had witnessed the entire scene had started to gossip.

“I didn’t expect such a drama-like scene to be enacted in M.Uni. Say, Aisha is obviously a n.o.ble lady from a good family and yet, she deliberately came to M.Uni to a.s.sume the position of a dance teacher. Could she be here to make things difficult for Zi Yi?”

“Definitely. Right now, there are many people who like to pretend to be white lotuses, but in reality, they are sinister and have evil intentions. Otherwise, they would not have mentioned that their families are well-matched.”

“This type of person is so scary!”


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