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Chapter 1362: I Didn’t Do It

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At the same time, they were also worried that they might lose their jobs if the company got in trouble. If they lost their jobs, they wouldn’t have an income, and it wasn’t easy to find a new job at this time.

“Will the company be closed?”

“I hope not.”

“I thought it would be fine when we were forbidden to talk about it, but it’s still been exposed.”

“Although I don’t want to lose my job, they’re too arrogant and hateful.”

“I feel good that they’re been punished according to the law.”

“Does anyone know anything about the injured young man? He looked terrible when the fruit knife cut into his head.”

“No idea, but I hope he survived.”

“Me too.”


They worked for Libang Company, but they had principles. However, even if they were clearly aware that what Zeng Kai had done was illegal, they couldn’t do anything about it. They didn’t have power, wealth, or influence, so they could only stand aside.

Therefore, they hoped that the injured young man would be fine and that Zeng Kai would be punished. They didn’t care much about the HR manager.

Because a large group of policemen came in several police cars, many pa.s.sers-by were attracted to the scene and they took many videos when Zeng Lichang was arrested.

Many of them placed the video on their social media.

When the Libang Company got in trouble, Chang Bingjian couldn’t stay calm. He wasn’t seriously injured, but couldn’t move for the time being and had to stay in the hospital for a few days.

In the meanwhile, Tang Quanjun and several other officials of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection went together to Chang Bingjian’s ward.

Chang Bingjian was stunned when they showed up. He didn’t know what had happened. He thought that Tang Quanjun was still on a business trip.

“H-Hi, nice to see you here,” Chang Bingjian said in panic.

“Director Chang, you’re accused of accepting bribery and breaking the law, so we need to conduct an investigation,” said the head of the Public Security Department.

Chang Bingjian knew that it wasn’t good news, but he forced himself to calm down. “Great, I need to see who wants to slander me.”

It sounded as if he was really innocent.

Actually, all the other important officials had seen the evidence, but they still needed to finish the legal procedures.

After that, Tang Quanjun began to ask him questions. “Director Chang, Zeng Kai, the son of Zeng Lichang who is the chairman of Libang Company, injured a young man called Peng Xinghao with intent at noon yesterday. Peng Xinghao’s older sister, Peng Xiaoman reported it to the branch, but you refused to deal with it. Is it true?”

“Absolutely not! It’s a lie!” Chang Bingjian denied it right away. He even pretended to be mad. Chang Bingjian didn’t know that they already had solid evidence in their hands, so he still tried to get away with it.

“A girl named Gu Ning also showed up at the branch yesterday, and Zuo Anrong, the captain of the No.1 team, wanted to help her but was stopped by you. You threatened Gu Ning to shut her mouth and even pointed a gun at her,” Tang Quanjun continued.

He was more than happy to see the terrible situation that Chang Bingjian was in now, but he had to be serious on the surface.

“Nonsense! It’s ridiculous, and I’ve never done anything like that.” Chang Bingjian argued.

“Then why did the girl attack the police?” Tang Quanjun asked.

“Well…” Chang Bingjian didn’t know what to say. “You can check the surveillance cameras if you want to know the reason.”

Chang Bingjian believed that the surveillance cameras were already broken.

“The surveillance cameras are broken and we can get nothing from them,” Tang Quanjun said.

Hearing that, Chang Bingjian was relieved. “Since the surveillance cameras are broken, there is no evidence.”

“Do you mean that you still want to deny it?” said the Head of the Public Security Department.

“I didn’t do it. Why should I admit it?” Chang Bingjian insisted.

The head of the Public Security Department wasn’t in the same faction as the Chang family, nor the Leng family, so he stayed neutral in this case. However, the other officials from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection were the Leng family’s people.


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