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Chapter 1383: I’m Not Blind!

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Although they didn’t know whether the girl was still alive or not, they had to bring her back.

Xu Jinchen unconditionally obeyed Leng Shaoting’s orders, so he listened to him even though he was worried about his safety. Therefore, Xu Jinchen stood up and ran towards the cave at once. He was injured, so he couldn’t move smoothly, but it wasn’t a serious problem.

At this moment, the man had no time to catch Xu Jinchen because magical power mattered more to him.

“Tell me, who are you? Why do you have a pill of magical power?” the man asked.

“Follow me if you want to know the answer,” Leng Shaoting said, then ran to the top of the mountain.

The man knew that Leng Shaoting did it on purpose, but he was willing to follow him. He didn’t think Leng Shaoting was a match for him, and he believed that he could get more magical power from Leng Shaoting. The pill was made by pure magical power after all.

If he couldn’t get the pill from Leng Shaoting, he would turn back to catch the young girl, which was super easy in his eyes.

As a result, the man chased Leng Shaoting.

Xu Jinchen took out his phone at once and turned on the flashlight.

Because the cave wasn’t large, Xu Jinchen soon found the young girl in a corner. She wasn’t injured, and was only unconscious. Xu Jinchen carried her up and left without hesitation.

When Xu Jinchen walked outside, Leng Shaoting and the man were already gone, but he had no time to care about them and climbed down the mountain right away.

Halfway down the road, he ran into Gu Ning and looked astonished. “Gu Ning? What…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Gu Ning asked, “Where is Shaoting?”

“He led the enemy away,” Xu Jinchen said.

“Great, you can go back now,” Gu Ning said, and quickly ran ahead and soon disappeared from Xu Jinchen’s sight.

Xu Jinchen was stunned, because he couldn’t figure out why Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was here. He couldn’t figure out the reason, so he gave up. Anyway, with Gu Ning’s help, Leng Shaoting would be fine.

He had to take the young girl back first.

When Leng Shaoting and the man reached the top of this mountain, they stood next to the edge of the cliff and there were only five meters between them.

Leng Shaoting didn’t know there was a cliff, and he simply wanted to win more time for Xu Jinchen. Unfortunately, there was no way ahead of him now.

“Tell me, where did you get this pill?” the man asked again.

“I can’t,” Leng Shaoting said.

“How dare you try to fool me!” The man was furious. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him to get the answer from Leng Shaoting’s mouth, so he wasn’t surprised. “Great, let’s see how long you can insist on saying that!”

After that, he attacked Leng Shaoting and Leng Shaoting fought back with full strength.

Nevertheless, the man was a member of the Evil Practice after all, so he was stronger than Leng Shaoting. Leng Shaoting kept withdrawing and was injured.

Although the man was also injured by Leng Shaoting, Leng Shaoting’s injuries were more serious than his.

The next second, the man hit Leng Shaoting’s abdomen with his fist, and it was too late for Leng Shaoting to avoid it. However, Leng Shaoting wasn’t injured afterwards, instead a strange power from his abdomen pushed the man away.

“Ah!” The man felt a great pain like he was burned by fire. He was pushed away and directly fell off the cliff.

Leng Shaoting was stunned by the scene, and didn’t know why the man was suddenly pushed away. At the same time, he felt uncomfortable in his abdomen and covered it at once.

Gu Ning saw Leng Shaoting fighting against the man when she was at the foot of this mountain, so she ran towards them as fast as she could. When she was about to arrive, she heard the shout and when she used her Jade Eyes again, she found the man falling from the cliff and saw that Leng Shaoting was fine.

Gu Ning was relieved and ran to Leng Shaoting right away.

“Shaoting, are you alright?” Gu Ning asked him with concern.

“Ningning, what are you doing here?” Leng Shaoting was surprised to see Gu Ning here. He was very uncomfortable, but did his best to pretend to be fine in case Gu Ning was worried.

“Are you alright?” Gu Ning asked him again, then immediately put her magical power into his body.

“I’m fine.” Leng Shaoting smiled at her.

“I’m not blind!” Gu Ning was displeased.

Leng Shaoting understood that he couldn’t fool Gu Ning, but he still tried to look relaxed.

With the help of Gu Ning’s magical power, Leng Shaoting felt much better. Leng Shaoting didn’t know what had happened to his abdomen, and he didn’t tell Gu Ning either because he was unwilling to worry her.

When Leng Shaoting was fine, they climbed down the mountain together. They didn’t care about the man at all.

“Oh, how did you run into the man of the Evil Practice?” Gu Ning asked later.

Leng Shaoting then told Gu Ning what they had been through.


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