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Chapter 2036: My Fiancée, Gu Ning

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Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning arrived when it was almost 6 pm. However, Xie Yiyi came to dine there with her friends today as well. She stood in the yard having a call and saw Leng Shaoting walking inside by chance.

The moment Xie Yiyi saw Leng Shaoting, she recognized him although it was just his side profile.

Seeing Leng Shaoting, Xie Yiyi was full of excitement, but she was displeased when she noticed there was a girl sitting next to him.

Who’s that girl? What’s her relations.h.i.+p with Shaoting?

Xie Yiyi only saw Gu Ning’s side profile and she had only met Gu Ning twice before, so she failed to recognize her.

Even if Xie Yiyi felt hurt when she saw Leng Shaoting being with another girl, she still couldn’t control herself and walked towards him. She wanted to know who the girl was and their relations.h.i.+p.

Her call was over at this time, so she walked towards Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning at once.

“Hi, Shaoting!” Xie Yiyi called him.

Hearing that, both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning stopped and turned to look at Xie Yiyi.

Xie Yiyi didn’t see Gu Ning’s face from the front until now and she immediately recognized her. Gu Ning was the girl who had unbelievable accuracy at darts.

How could it be her?

Gu Ning was also slightly surprised to see Xie Yiyi, but she didn’t think further about that because it wasn’t strange that Xie Yiyi knew Leng Shaoting.

“Hi, Miss Xie.” Leng Shaoting said to Xie Yiyi in a flat voice.

Hearing the way he called her, Xie Yiyi felt quite upset, but she couldn’t say anything about it.

She composed herself, turning to stare at Gu Ning. “Shaoting, may I know who this is?” she asked.

“My fiancée,” said Leng Shaoting.


Hearing that, Xie Yiyi forgot her manners and rounded her eyes in great shock.

She’s Leng Shaoting’s fiancée? When did Leng Shaoting have a fiancée? Doesn’t he hate women being close to him?

Leng Shaoting said that by himself, so it couldn’t be false.

All of a sudden, Xie Yiyi felt heartbroken.

Gu Ning could see that this woman called Xie Yiyi admired Leng Shaoting.

She didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, because Leng Shaoting didn’t bother to pay much attention to the woman although she admired him. If she felt jealous just because the woman liked Leng Shaoting, she would be too sensitive. In addition, the woman hadn’t done anything to her yet.

Gu Ning only gave her a glance then withdrew her gaze. She had no intention of greeting her.

“Miss Xie, we need to go inside now.” After saying hi to Xie Yiyi, Leng Shaoting was unwilling to pay more attention to her or introduce her to Gu Ning. After all, Xie Yiyi was unimportant in his eyes. Therefore, he walked away holding Gu Ning’s hand, leaving Xie Yiyi behind.

Gu Ning didn’t open her mouth until they walked away, but she deliberately teased him. “Oh, good for you. We just ran into one of your admirers in the restaurant. Look at her sad face! You must have broken her heart.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting held Gu Ning’s hand tightly. He squinted at Gu Ning and said in a low deep voice, “Speaking of the admirers, mine is barely comparable to yours. As far as I know, I always keep a distance from them, but some of them have already become your friends. Am I right, Ningning?”

Leng Shaoting wasn’t being jealous, but he was a little unhappy that Gu Ning had so many admirers by her side.

Gu Ning blinked with a guilty conscience.

“Well, just some friends. We don’t spend much time together normally. Even if we stay in touch, it’s all because of business.” Gu Ning explained.

“I know, or I wouldn’t be so calm now. I would have stopped you from becoming friends,” said Leng Shaoting with pride.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning snorted with laughter. She wasn’t mad at all and instead felt amused. It was rare to see Leng Shaoting being so childish, so it was quite funny.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were a good-looking couple, so many people were attracted to them. There were many who couldn’t move their eyes away from them. So when Gu Ning smiled, several men who focused on her were stunned.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was annoyed and pulled Gu Ning away at once.

Gu Ning understood why Leng Shaoting did that, so the smile grew broader on her face. “Don’t be so jealous!”

Leng Shaoting squinted and asked her, “Do you want to see other women staring at your fiancé with admiration all the time?”

“Of course not!” Gu Ning stopped smiling and said seriously. Since she was unwilling to see that, she couldn’t laugh at Leng Shaoting for that.

Before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived, Zi Beiying was already there with Mengda and Nan. They booked the same private room they had used last time. Because Zi Beiying said that she wanted to come here to eat roasted duck, Leng Shaoting told his friend to keep a private room for them.

“Hi, Shaoting!”

The moment Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning reached the front of the private room, they heard a male voice from the opposite private room.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning stopped at once. When they turned around, they saw a man about 40 walking towards them.

“Oh, hi, Zhuo, nice to see you!” Leng Shaoting called him.

The man was the owner of this roasted duck, Zhuo Zhonghong.

“What a coincidence! I have several friends who came here to have a meal today. They called me over,” said Zhuo Zhonghong.

Although Zhuo Zhonghong was the owner of this roasted duck restaurant, he had more than one restaurant, so he didn’t come here often.

After that, his sight fell on Gu Ning next to Leng Shaoting, then he asked, “Shaoting, may I know who this is?”

He asked that question, but he already had a guess. He had never seen a female by Leng Shaoting’s side, so the girl must be Leng Shaoting’s girlfriend.

He was greatly surprised when he saw that Leng Shaoting showed up with a girl, but he didn’t show his real feelings on his face.

“This is my fiancée, Gu Ning,” said Leng Shaoting, then he introduced Zhuo Zhonghong to Gu Ning. “Ningning, this is the owner of this restaurant. You can just call him Zhuo.”

Although Gu Ning was much younger than Zhuo Zhonghong and could call him uncle, she was Leng Shaoting’s girlfriend now, so she naturally should call him the same way as Leng Shaoting.

“Nice to meet you, Zhuo,” said Gu Ning politely to Zhuo Zhonghong.

When Zhuo Zhonghong heard Leng Shaoting’s introduction, he was shocked again.. He guessed that the girl might be Leng Shaoting’s girlfriend, but unexpectedly she was Leng Shaoting’s fiancée. After all, a fiancée was totally different from a girlfriend!


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