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Chapter 325 Xu Jinchen Challenges Gu Ning

Si Ming was displeased and retorted, “Xu Jinchen, how could you say that? You must know me well since we’ve been close friends for so long!”

“Exactly, because I know you so well, I can’t promise that you won’t do the same things!” Xu Jinchen deliberately annoyed Si Ming then turned to others. “Alright, it’s already 4:30 pm. Let’s leave for the Fenglin Mountain Villa. It’s a bit far and it’ll be terrible if we get caught by the rush hour.”

“Xu Jinchen!” Si Ming was mad, but no one comforted him.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove in the same car, Si Ming and Chen Meng shared another one, and Xu Jinchen, Xu Qinyin along with Qiu Yuxin drove another one.

Once they were in the car, Leng Shaoting said seriously to Gu Ning, “Ningning, I promise I’ll never cheat on you, or ever beat or abandon you.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb. They were just joking, but Leng Shaoting took it seriously. Gu Ning wanted to comfort him, but suddenly changed her mind and teased him. “Who knows! You previously said that you have no interest in dating or a relations.h.i.+p, but now you have me as your girlfriend,” Gu Ning said what Xu Jinchen didn’t dare to say previously.

Leng Shaoting immediately explained, “It’s because you’re the girl that I want!”

“Maybe you’ll say the same thing to another girl,” Gu Ning


“I won’t!” Leng Shaoting promised with determination.

“How can you know that? You can’t foresee the future,” Gu Ning said.

“I won’t!” Leng Shaoting repeated with sincerity.

Gu Ning didn’t want to hurt him and she didn’t want to make him unhappy.

“Fine, I trust you for now, but if you dare to do it one day in the future, I’ll make you pay for it.” Gu Ning pretended to threaten him.

“I’ll prove it to you.” Although Gu Ning just said that she trusted him for now, Leng Shaoting was cheered up already. He also understood that it was impossible for a person to unconditionally trust another one, so he would prove it by his actions.

Fenglin Mountain Villa was a little far from downtown. Normally, it took half an hour of driving to get there when there was no traffic jam. Luckily, they left early and avoided the rush hour, but they met many red lights on the way, so they spent 40 minutes on the road before they arrived at Fenglin Mountain Villa.

Fenglin Mountain Villa was built halfway up the mountain in an ancient style, and there was a stream that was one or two meters wide around the outside of the mountain villa. The stream flowed down from the top of the mountain and then pa.s.sed through the mountain villa. In the mountain villa, there was also a 10-meter high waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall was a pool about 10 square meters in size, and there was a spinning water-wheel next to it. If felt like they transmigrated to ancient times the moment that they walked into Fenglin Mountain Villa.

Fenglin Mountain Villa was very famous in the capital for its beautiful views and delicious food. Many rich people and the authorities were frequent visitors here. However, it wasn’t very large, and there were only 18 private rooms and no dining hall. Therefore, guests had to make a reservation beforehand. Fenglin Mountain Villa was always popular, but its owner had no intention to expand it, because he preferred to keep its rarity. What most rich people liked was precisely the rarity.

Gu Ning and the others decided to have a tour around Fenglin Mountain Villa first, after they parked the cars in the parking lot, because it was still too early for their dinner reservations.

“Gu Ning, would you mind if we had a compet.i.tion of kung fu for fun?” When they walked to an empty gra.s.sland, Xu Jinchen proposed. He was very curious about Gu Ning’s level of kung fu. An ordinary girl couldn’t have gotten control of two suspects with guns with their hands empty. However, Xu Jinchen didn’t believe that Gu Ning could be better than him, because he had been trained strictly in the army for so long, and had fought against terrorists on the battlefields.

On the other hand, Gu Ning was merely a common high school student. She might be good at fighting ordinary people, but was hardly comparable to professionals. Xu Jinchen had no intention to beat Gu Ning down. Instead, he was just curious about her level of kung fu.

Before Gu Ning could respond, Si Ming and Xu Qinyin started to criticize Xu Jinchen. “Xu Jinchen, how can you take advantage of a young girl? Aren’t you afraid that Shaoting will tear you apart?”

“Exactly, Jinchen, you’re a man! How can you fight against a girl!”

Qiu Yuxin disagreed with Xu Jinchen’s proposal, but she thought that Xu Jinchen had to be doing it for a reason. Qiu Yuxin was indeed right.

“Come on, you know nothing about Gu Ning at all! She’s excellent at kung fu, and we will just be competing for fun. I won’t hurt her. And Shaoting didn’t say anything yet. Why do you all have to be so angry?” Xu Jinchen argued.

Hearing that, both Si Ming and Xu Qinyin looked at Gu Ning with surprise. Then they looked at Leng Shaoting, who didn’t seem like he was going to stop them.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “I haven’t fought in a long time, and I kind of miss it. Let’s do it!” Since Gu Ning agreed, Leng Shaoting wouldn’t stop her. Si Ming as well as Xu Qinyin remained quiet, while Chen Meng was full of antic.i.p.ation. He was waiting to see Xu Jinchen fail.

Xu Jinchen and Gu Ning then took off their coats.

“Do you want me to hold back some strength?” Xu Jinchen asked Gu Ning, in case she would be hurt.

“No, thanks.” Gu Ning directly rejected. However, in case Xu Jinchen would intentionally hold back his strength to protect her, Gu Ning said to him, “Use your full strength please, or you probably won’t win!”

Hearing that, everyone but Leng Shaoting and Chen Meng were shocked.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll hurt you?” Xu Jinchen asked. Maybe Gu Ning was much better than he had thought.

“Ha-ha, you can try!” Gu Ning laughed a little.

“Very well,” Xu Jinchen replied. “Let’s begin now.” After that, the compet.i.tion began. In the beginning, neither of them used their full strength because they just did it for fun and didn’t want to hurt each other.

Xu Jinchen had thought that he could easily get control of Gu Ning within seconds.


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