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Chapter 1886 – Prosperous Silverwing

In the quiet hall, the Basic Teleportation Device activated, and magic arrays began to manifest on the ground. A short moment later, a silver, threefold magic array appeared above the Teleportation Device, glowing with a dazzling light.

The moment this threefold magic array appeared, the ambient Mana rapidly gathered to the Teleportation Device.

A pillar of silver light rose from the Teleportation Device, piercing through the ceiling and rising out of the Shop. Every player in Silverwing Town could see the commotion activating the Teleportation Device had caused.

As the silver light pillar rose beyond the clouds, it exploded. A silver light then rippled through the sky. In the blink of an eye, the ripple had enveloped all of Silverwing Town. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the silver ripple vanished.

“What just happened?”

“Was that some kind of magical attack?”

“Isn’t the airport in that sector? Did someone just attack the airport?”

As the light pillar and ripple disappeared, questions overwhelmed the town’s players. Some curious players started to make their way towards the airport to investigate.

Meanwhile, inside the large Shop…

s.h.i.+ Feng grinned as he looked at the operational Teleportation Device.

If an airport could attract players to a town, boosting its development, then a Teleportation Device would bring abundant wealth. This was especially true for Silverwing Town, a town in a dangerous place like the Ore Empire.

Hopefully, this thing’s teleportation range is a little longer. s.h.i.+ Feng immediately inspected the Teleportation Device.

In G.o.d’s Domain, Teleportation Devices’ range wasn’t fixed, even for devices of the same rank. The Teleportation Devices’ range varied based on its environment Basic Teleportation Devices’ teleportation range could cover anywhere between 500,000 yards and 1,000,000. The range was vast enough to teleport players across a small leveling map.

Meanwhile, the further the Basic Teleportation Device could reach, the larger Silverwing Town’s safe zone would be. After all, if enemy players attacked Zero Wing’s within the teleportation range, the Guild could send reinforcements instantly.

This was also the reason that other powers rarely attacked towns with Teleportation Devices. A single mistake could easily lead to utter annihilation.

As s.h.i.+ Feng called up the Basic Teleportation Device’s Attribute Panel, the system revealed the device’s statistics.

Maximum teleportation distance: 710,000 yards Maximum users at one time: 100 people

Teleportation cost: Every 150,000 yards per person requires 1 unit of Mana

One unit of Mana for every 150,000 yards with a maximum of 710,000 yards? Not bad. s.h.i.+ Feng was relatively satisfied with the Teleportation Device’s statistics.

One Magic Crystal yielded between 100 to 130 units of Mana. In other words, one Magic Crystal would be enough to teleport between 100 to 130 people across 150,000 yards. This cost was much lower than an ordinary Teleportation Magic Array. For example, the teleportation house in White River City cost one-fifth of a Magic Crystal to teleport one player from White River City to the Twin Towers Kingdom, which was 20 units of Mana or more.

After inspecting the statistics, s.h.i.+ Feng transferred 20 NPC managers from the Battle Arena to the Basic Teleportation Device. He also set this Shop up as Silverwing Town’s teleportation point.

As for the usage fees, he had set it at 80 Copper per 150,000 yards per person. Although the profits wouldn’t be astronomical with this price, even ordinary players would find it acceptable. This would no doubt attract many players to the teleportation service, which would, in turn, generate ma.s.sive income. At the very least, Silverwing Town’s Teleportation Device would earn him more than the Secret Stone Fortress’s teleportation service. Although the teleportation array in the fortress consumed far less Mana than this Teleportation Device, the fortress’s managers only received a portion of the profits after deducting the operation costs.

Once s.h.i.+ Feng finished with the Shop, he instructed his NPCs to open it to the public.

Many players had already gathered on the street outside of the Shop due to the airport, and after seeing the silver light pillar, even more players had joined the crowd.

The moment the Shop opened, a flood of players surged in out of curiosity.

“What’s going on? Silverwing Town even offers teleportation services to nearby areas?”

“I thought only fortresses have this kind of teleportation function?”

“This is wonderful! Traveling into the Ore Empire’s inner region to quest is such a pain. Now that I can just teleport there, I’ll save so much time!”

When the crowd of independent players discovered the Teleportation Shop’s function, their eyes glistened with excitement. Although the teleportation price was slightly higher than that in the Ore Empire’s fortresses, it was still within ordinary players’ budgets.

Moreover, Silverwing Town’s living standards were far better than that of teleportation fortresses. Not only was the town’s Mana density incredibly high, but it also had a Battle Arena, in which players could train. Silverwing Town even had the Transportation Firm, which offered high-ranked weapons and equipment The services Silverwing Town offered were no match for teleportation fortresses.

As news of the Teleportation Shop spread, thousands of players fought to use it. In the few minutes since the Shop had opened, it had generated 10 Gold in profit The Teleportation Shop’s money-making speed was simply frightening. At this rate, as long as there were enough Magic Crystals available to continue operation, generating 10,000 Gold in profit would be child’s play for the Teleportation Shop. Silverwing Town’s Teleportation Device was even more lucrative than Zero Wing City’s Four Towers of Elements.

Of course, s.h.i.+ Feng had expected this.

There were already more players using Silverwing Town’s teleportation service than those in Zero Wing City, which had decreased since the players who wanted to travel to the Ore Empire had long since done so. Moreover, most players visiting the empire were here to develop themselves. They’d likely remain in the Ore Empire for some time.

Furthermore, due to the airport’s recent construction, many players had opted to travel to the Ore Empire via airs.h.i.+p. This further reduced the number of players who used Zero Wing City’s teleportation services.

In addition, Silverwing Town’s teleportation service allowed players to teleport directly to the Secret Stone Fortress. Players could then use the Secret Stone Fortress’s teleportation service to travel to the Ore Empire’s inner region. Players who wanted to enjoy both Silverwing Town’s benefits and grind in the empire’s inner region would frequently use the town’s teleportation services. Including the players trying to enter the town each day, far more players would utilize the town’s teleportation services than those in Zero Wing City.

News of Silverwing Town’s teleportation service quickly spread throughout the Ore Empire. It was enough motivation for players that quested and grinded in the empire to s.h.i.+ft their base of operations to Silverwing Town.

Previously, not many players had settled down in Silverwing Town since it was so far from the Ore Empire’s inner region, making travel to and from inconvenient, but since s.h.i.+ Feng had resolved this issue, these players would naturally set up their base in the town. Although the cost would be slightly higher, the town’s benefits would make it worthwhile. The players operating in the Ore Empire’s inner region were at least elites, as well, so spending a few extra Silver Coins each day wouldn’t be a problem.

For a time, the number of players trying to enter Silverwing Town skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Blackwater’s upper echelons and Beast Emperor learned about this recent development, they wore gloomy expressions.

They had hoped that the various superpowers would gang up on Zero Wing, but not only hadn’t that happened, but Silverwing Town also had a teleportation function now. With this, Zero Wing’s control over the Ore Empire’s southeastern region would grow even stronger.

“Dust, the item you’ve mentioned is incomparably precious. It will definitely be difficult to acquire. If you have it, how confident are you of gaining full control of the Evil Dragonification Magic Array?” Beast Emperor asked the man beside him, Dust Edge, from his seat in the Evil G.o.d’s Branch Temple in Ancient Rock City.

He had planned to use the Dark Players and bounty hunters to whittle Zero Wing’s combat power and financial strength down, but now, this plan would likely fail. He also lacked the forces to launch a direct a.s.sault on Silverwing Town.

Although Blackwater was powerful, it had recently acquired the Crimson Flame Fortress. It was still in the process of reinforcing its strength and also lacked the power to destroy Zero Wing’s town.

Currently, Dust Edge’s Evil Dragonification Legacy was his only hope. Unlike nurturing Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, producing Evil Dragons only required rare materials and players.

“I can’t guarantee success, but I’m 80% confident I can gain full control over the magic array. Once I do, I’ll be able to create even stronger Evil Dragons. Including the Evil G.o.d’s Temple’s current forces, destroying Silverwing Town should be a breeze!” Dust Edge proclaimed, confidence s.h.i.+ning in his eyes. “We’ll wipe all of Zero Wing from the face of G.o.d’s Domain, not to mention removing the Guild from the Ore Empire.”

“Good. I’ll notify Blackwater and Dark Soul now and have them secure the item for you as soon as possible.” Seeing the confidence in Dust Edge’s eyes, Beast Emperor couldn’t wait to see the completed Evil Dragon.

Meanwhile, in Silverwing Town’s Candlelight Trading Firm, s.h.i.+ Feng had begun to rent out the Shops around the airport. He had set the rent at 3,000 Gold per month for small Shops and 5,000 Gold per month for large Shops. Naturally, there were a limited number of Shops available, so they would be rented out on a first-come, first-served basis.

The moment the Guild revealed the rental prices, the town’s interested merchant players were stunned.

“This is insane! Has Zero Wing gone mad for money?!”


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